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  1. I don't have any problems with my 2018. Actually I think it's one of the best vehicles that I have owned. Got it new in July 2018 & has 33,000 now. I tow two trailers with it, both have elect brakes, so far all is working well. Maybe the newer trucks have been designed better. I did get a notification of a possible recall for a brake problem, called the dealer & they said they will notify me when to bring it in to have it checked. I have the factory brake controller & it works better than any after market unit I ever had. Thanks for the heads up.Coming up to roc at christmas maybe we can meet up & talk trucks.
  2. Are the 6L80 transmissions the same in a 2018 silverado & the 2015 camaro ss 6.2. The camaro trans runs 12 degrees cooler. Do they have different trans thermostats. I have driven both over the same course, same out door temp.
  3. thanks for the response flying fool. looks like you have a bike, me too. have two toys besides the 2018 sllverado. The 1st is a 2015 camaro SS & Number 2 is a 17 Can AM RT Limited. Live in Florida for the winter & the 1000 islands of new york in summer. Merry Christmas
  4. Hey guys, does anyone know if the 6L80e in a 2018 1500 is the same transmission that a 2018 HD has, both with a 5.3 engine. If the transmissions are the same then why does the 1500 have a transmission thermostat & the 2500 does not. I have been told that reversing the trans thermostat will not harm the transmission, why then is it there. Heat kills a transmission & I don't want to kill mine by doing the wrong thing. If anyone out there has deleted theirs & driven with the deletion for a long time please respond to this.
  5. Have a 2018 silverado 5.3 with the 6 speed & 308 rear. I pull a RV weight of 6000 loaded & have added a trans cooler for a 24000 gvw truck. The tranny has its own thermostat that i have reversed it via a utube vidio & runs much cooler easily 25 deg. My big concern is will this prevent the torque converter from locking up. At what temp does it lock up. Was told by the owner of a transmission shop 160 deg. He also said if lock up does not occur the trans could burn out the clutches. Have been told that one of the computers controls lock up & that happens when transmission temp has been reached. Is that lock up temp really 160 deg. What is the real deal
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