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  1. New 2018 GMC

    You have exceptional taste!
  2. I love the way mine looks and the fact that there are not many around. Negatives are: Very tight fit in my garage. Most parking spaces are not long enough to accommodate the longer length.
  3. Here is my Crimson Red Tintcoat,,, Not Cajun but it is red. Here is my buddies Red Hot Silverado.
  4. Just my opinion

    What are you talking about "a decade ago"? People are getting ready to loose their jobs here in America because GM is getting ready to close plants. Obviously if it were your job you would feel differently. That is what is wrong in this country, people have no loyalty, its all about me me me!
  5. First GM says that they are going to close plants in America and keep plants in other countries open. Then they announce that they are killing off several sedans and then they introduce the new butt ugly Silverado HD. I think that all of this combined is going to hurt sales. Don't get me wrong, I love my truck but I am almost embarrassed to own it with all of the discussion at work about how GM is selling out on America after they took bailout money from all of us Americans and then turn around and close American plants.
  6. Show your tint

    This picture was taken the day I had her leveled.
  7. I bought the mats on the GMC accesories site in Coco. I had Weathertech in a previous vehicle and the GMC mats are much better quality.
  8. New ride

    This is my buddy's new truck. I still have my GMC.
  9. My buddy text me today and asked me if I could give him a ride to pick up his new truck after work. This is what he came home with. I have told him about this forum so hopefully it will not be long till he joins the family here.
  10. Mud flaps

    They use existing holes except for 2 holes I applied touch up paint to those holes. My truck rarely sees a raindrop much less a salty roads. By the way I try to live my life with “the glass half full”attitude instead of “the glass half empty” attitude. But thank you very much for trying to rain on my parade.
  11. Mud flaps

    I used my loyalty cash to put toward a set of OEM mud flaps. I really like the way they look. These mud flaps are larger that I expected and seem to be really good quality.
  12. Idiot scratch

    Wow, sorry to see that. I'm sure you have a sick feeling in your belly. Some of these wheel repair guys can work miracles with this type or damage. They make their rounds to dealerships maybe you can make arrangements to meet one of the at your local dealer to get that taken care of.
  13. I’ve had mine 2 years with no problems and my fobs still look new. But I would not suggest eating them. By the way if you have an iPhone and are worried about products made in China you may want to ditch the iPhone too.

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