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  1. Rough Country level. Looks like Crimson Red Tintcoat is a popular color!
  2. I finally added some vent visors today. I have been going back and forth about whether I wanted them or not then I saw a set of the ones on the GMC accessories site installed on a truck at my local dealer. I liked the way they look better than some I have seen. To me they look smaller and do not stick out as much as some. Anyway so far I like them but I have not driven the truck since I installed them to see if they cause wind noise. I am going to let it sit for several days to let them seat and hopefully all will be good.
  3. Here is a before and after of my latest mod. there were 3 holes behind the Tractor Supply emblem so I had to think of something to cover the holes.
  4. My truck makes the same sound when switching to and from high beam. I also have a Fiat that make the same sound.
  5. I have had my truck since June of 2016 and I have been waiting on the day someone hits it. Well it happened last Friday. I was went out to lunch with my sister and the we stopped by Lowes to pick up a few things. So it happed one of the two places, but of course whoever it was did not find it necessary to leave a note. Anyway they hit the rear bumper and pushed it in and over but fortunately there was not paint damage. I took to a local body shop that my dealer recommended. They were able to realign the bumper and only charged me $142.00. although I can think of several other ways I could have spent that money. This morning I gave her a bath and parked her back in the garage where hopefully she is safe from other drivers. I did not take any pictures because it is not something I want to remember.
  6. On a 1 thru 10 scale I think the new Sierra is a solid 9. There are a few things I would have liked to see such as a pano sunroof and adaptive cruise control. With that being said I am really pissed of because I really wanted to hate the new truck so I would not be wanting to trade my baby for a 19!
  7. I like the box a lot, it is coated to match the spray in bed liner. It is not the highest quality box but it suits my needs just fine.
  8. If anyone out there has debadged your GMC and want to get rid of the tailgate badge please let me know. I have a toolbox from Tractor Supply and I want to remove the Tractor Supply badge and use a GMC badge to cover the holes. I know they are available on Ebay but they are quite pricey.
  9. We had our first real snow since I got my truck today. But I just could not bring myself to take her out and get her dirty and salty so we both played hookie from work and have spent the day laying around being lazy.
  10. This was my choice. I bought them from my dealership and they fit great. My wife has Weather Tech in her car. They feel hard, slippery and cheap compared to the ones I bought plus I hate the ugly Weather Tech logo that they have.
  11. I installed this in my truck today. I had a hard time making up my mind which one to buy but this seemed like a pretty good mid price option. Any others here have any experience with this camera? It's a Uniden iWitness DC115
  12. I was trying to show the little chrome button on the door handle which usually indicates keyless entry. (there is a button on all four door handles on the truck shown in this video).
  13. I picked up some plastic crates at Lowes to help keep my new toolbox neat and organized.

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