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  1. I got am update for my GMC (OnStar) app yesterday. I just thought that I would mention this and see what you guys think about the updated app? I think it is much nicer now and also a few more options available.
  2. Yes, It is an E350. I used to have a BMW 530i, it was an awesome car but I am picky about keeping things in working order on my vehicles and it was something all the time with that car.
  3. Hello Guys, I did my part to help stimulate the economy and try to compliment my luxury truck with a luxury car. Now my only problem is trying to decide which one I want to drive when I get up in the mornings....
  4. Here is what I use to plug my hole. Sorry for the angle but as you can see no room to get behind for a better picture.
  5. I got the ones in the GM accessory catalog and in my opinion are nicer than the Weathertech or Husky.
  6. Not sure if this is the case for you but, avoid parking under power line and trees. The parking lot at work has a power line running across it and people have learned to avoid those spaces that the lines cross. We also have a problem with birds seeing themselves in the side mirrors. They can make a real mess. I keep my mirrors folded.
  7. Thank you very much. I get a lot of compliments on the truck. By the way, it is leveled. It has the Rough Country leveling kit installed.
  8. I agree that the crew cab with a 6.5' bed is a rare bird compared to the 5.5' bed. When I bought my truck I wasn't really in the market for the longer bed but as soon as I saw the truck I had to have it. I worried all the way home with it that it wouldn't fit in the garage, but it did fit. The only problem is the door has to be open to walk around the truck.
  9. I believe that it is worthless and stupid to buy Factory nav and not update it. But then again, I get picked on because I am so anal about my truck. Everything must function as intended and all service has to be done on time along with keeping it spotless.
  10. I believe that Apple car play and Android auto is a great alternative to factory navigation but it does have it disadvantages when you loose your cell signal. At that point $100.00 doesn't seem so bad. Nothing wrong with having a backup plan.
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