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  1. Depends on how much rake you want, but 2" should be sufficient. I have 5100's all-around, with the front at full and a 2" RC block in the rear. Front before: 36 1/4" Front after: 38" Rear before: 39" Rear after: 39 7/8" There's still almost 2"s of rake.
  2. I ordered them off Amazon, like 6 sets. I used to for the gazebo I have for my Green Mountain smoker, my trailer and for the truck bed. Love them. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HSF66JO
  3. It's unfortunate as people are idiots and I try to park far, far away from them. Lowe's on 64 is terrible conglomerate of idiots that can't park or drive through the parking lot. I hate also having to park in the city lot at Bicentennial park as people drive through there way too [email protected] fast. I am also glad it wasn't anything major to fix and it's only money... Good luck.
  4. Need some help. I am looking at purchasing the Westin HDX Drop Steps or the N-Fab Black Podium steps and wanted to get some feedback from y'all. Do either or both mount to the frame or the rocker panel? How long have you had them and are they holding up well? Would you buy them again? Also, how is the width? I have large feet, size 13 and don't want to have an issue with them fitting on the steps. I am tired of having rain or snow on the OEM and about bust my a$$ trying to get into the truck with the plastic step pieces. Thanks!
  5. Yes appreciate the feedback as I am looking at these steps and the N-Fab Black Podium steps. Haven't yet decided as I am still looking on the forum to see if any others have purchased them. DEV1ST8R, did you end up purchasing the Westin HDX's?
  6. Winjet Taillights

  7. I took the GM wire harness and added some waterproof LED lights off amazon and then spliced together.
  8. Winjet Taillights

    Yes still available.
  9. I ceramic coated my windshield so I use mine a lot less than never. lol
  10. What do you mean lip wheel? The specs are in my signature, 20x9 Fuel Vandal's wrapped with 285/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers.
  11. I actually bought the bed lighting kit from GM as I had a $100 off coupon. I just used the wiring harness from the kit and then bought some led waterproof lights from amazon. I cut off the ends from the harness and wired them to one end of the led lighting, so they’ll come on with the cargo light switch. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HSF66JO/ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I just took the lower piece off my valance today. After reading this thread thought I was going to have to cut it, but the '17 Silverado's have two piece valance's with about 10 screws.
  13. Pictures or it didn't happen.. lol Today I took off the bottom part of the front skirt and finally installed my LED lights in the truck bed under my Backflip. Before: After: Bed lighting:

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