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  1. Also had some sun and she got a bath. In addition she got a new key fob and chrome lettering on the truck bed caps,.
  2. Wish I could help, but it's not apples to apples, but close. I put a 5" RC bracket lift on my '17 and have bilstein's in the front at stock height and Fox in the rear on 20x9 19mm offset, fuel rims and 285/55R20 tires. When I got the tires, I only had the bilstein's up all the way and 295's rubbed. I will go 295 or 305 when new ones are needed. I also have WeatherTech mud flaps on. Again, not completely the same, but I do not have issues with rubbing or excess mud flung up on the panels/doors. The truck does not sag at the rear either, the angle I took the picture was horrible. LOL The 5" bracket lift is around $1100. Might find a deal here or there too. GL
  3. I installed my birthday present from the girlfriend this past Sunday. Looks good, but thought it'd be a little bit brighter, but I'm good with it.
  4. Thanks for the info. I ordered mine and it's already shipped. Thanks!
  5. Damn dude! I didn't need to see this, as I always wondered about other type replacements for the fobs. Too bad they didn't make a CNC machined aluminum instead of the injected plastic. Hardest decision of the day, what color combinations... LOL
  6. @huntr1117 I am a little inept when it comes to electrical. What kind of wiring harness do I need and where'd one get it? Sorry for all the questions. @TXGREEK Thank you sir for the pictures.
  7. Can you or @TXGREEK provide me the link to the post you're referencing? Thanks.
  8. Looks really good. How did you wire them up, to brights or a separate switch? I am debating getting the oem switch for aux lights to wire mine. About how long did it take you? Did you just mount it like the original guy in this thread or? I have a '17 Silverado so as much insight as you want to share would be helpful as I may have to do this setup also. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I purchased some turn & running amber lights with a courtesy light function. I understand that the white courtesy wire will plug into the grey wire at pin 23, which is the dome light, but can someone tell me what wires I would hijack to get the turn signal and running amber light from the block underneath the driver side? Thank you.
  10. I'm sure it can't be any worse than factory with the bugs. I have issues with that thing and getting Carplay to initiate/be recognized on a daily basis. However, I'd probably hit my head on the window after spending that much and it not work as designed. lol After watching some of the install video, there a lot of things that either have to be modified, or don't work the same, i.e. new microphone, new gps for navigation and some speaker that needs to be plugged in. Think I'll pass and suffer with factory for the head unit, but thinking of still procuring the upgraded camera to plug into the factory unit.
  11. I was just browsing ADC Mobile's website and I'd almost be willing to switch my radio out with the Gen II "T" Style unit with the Bose adapter and upgraded camera. You end up getting a larger screen 12.1", plus better video for the backup camera. Downside is $1,644.00+ free ground shipping. If you've already spent about $1K, this doesn't seem to much more for what you're getting. May need to think about this. https://www.adcmobile.com/product/gen-iii-t-style-radio-for-2014-19-gm-trucks/
  12. I just put this in last weekend. I just used the self-tappers and it worked awesome, plus I didn't over-tighten them either. I also have a spray-in bedliner, which I doubt helped nor hindered, but I think it may have gotten better contact of the bracket than to the metal bed itself.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, paid enough for the underseat storage that I am not cutting that **** up. lol I don't really need that much bump anymore anyways, as I had the non-Bose setup with the other truck, just wasn't sure if it was a different setup for adding it to the Bose system... I can figure other things out to do to the truck that won't be that much, or better use out of. haha
  14. Mine are going on 5 years and haven't seen that issue. I wonder if maybe it has to do with the different climate I am in compared to you, NC compared to VT.
  15. How much different is the kicker sub sounding to the Bose? I am debating this upgrade for my '17 but not sure if it was worth it or not. Does it fit in the same factory location as the Bose sub? I have the rear seat storage, so I cannot get one that goes under the 40 side of the bench seat. Thanks.
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