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  1. Like others have said, it depends on your budget. If you want to do something very affordably, just have a good muffler shop cut out the stock muffler and put something less restrictive in. I had them remove the stock muffler and flapper and install a Flowmaster 50 series Delta flow. It has a much better sound than stock but doesn't get your attention at all or ever get obnoxious. Can hardly tell it's not factory when you're cruising. Most guys that change exhaust want something a lot louder than this but it is exactly what I was looking for. Find a good exhaust shop that can advise you on how to get the result you are looking for.
  2. Just had a Flowmaster Series 50 Delta Flow installed yesterday. Just a direct replacement of the stock muffler and removed flapper. Sounds exactly like I was shooting for, still muted and not at all obnoxious, but can now actually tell it is a V8! I didn't want much noise inside at all and it is great, you can hear it but it's not intrusive. No drone at all, except of course when V4 activates and then it sounds terrible but that is going away as soon as my Range AFM disabler gets here. I was a little worried that the 50 Series Delta Flow would be so quiet that you could hardly tell the difference from stock, but that's not the case at all.
  3. I would love to replicate the sound of the factory exhaust on the pickups with the Denali package. It's obviously very muted but you can at least hear that a V8 exists! Does anyone have ideas on how to achieve that? I toyed with the idea of just removing the resonator and flapper but after doing some research, it sounds like you will likely get a drone doing that. I will be getting a Range AFM delete soon so the V4 sound won't be an issue.
  4. Yup, my '17 with 20" factory wheels and tires rubbed on the UCA. I just put a 1.5" leveling kit on, don't know if it will make it worse or not. If it becomes a problem, I will look into spacers.
  5. Yup, just checked my '17 with 20" factory wheels and stock tires. Rubbing on the UCA, just like the pics above show.
  6. 1.5" Motofab leveling kit. 275/60/r20 Yokohama Geolander tires. Before and after pics.
  7. That's beautiful! What lift and tire size is that?
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