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  1. Trim ring is from spigen.com. Black Friday deals had em for $10/ea.
  2. Glad to see I’m not the only one after this setup. I did this to mine back in Nov, only I chose to conceal the cable through the rubber liner 90degrees down from the chargers output. I ran the wiring through the lid to a PD charger inside the center console that’s keyed to the ignition. I also 3m taped(w/ 3m adhesion promoter) for bonding, then added a trim ring to take away some of the “puck” look. Next time I have some clear coat mixed up I plan to paint the trim ring to match the plastic surround. To finish it off, I have a 3D textured 3m skin coming for the MagSafe charger that will match the leather of the console. I recommend the cplay2air module(I’ve got mine inside the glovebox) which will allow your CarPlay to work wirelessly while using this style setup. ??
  3. Little lighting upgrade. A lot easier to see when b/u with 20% tint on side windows. Also illuminates b/u camera much better
  4. Omar69845: I carpool with a buddy who has a ‘18 LT with the front 4 channel amp and single sub(Passenger side), compared to mine w/ the Bose and dual subs, night and day difference. I run competition stereos in my other two (toys) trucks and having the 2 kickers in my daily is totally worth it IMO. If one of them blew/went bad tomm, I would order a replacement the same day. Jaychevy81: worth sacrificing the under seat storage!! I store all my towing, straps, hitch rec, tire patch kit/compressor, etc. in a Milwaukee Packout box that I keep strapped in the bed (I have a Bak Revolver X4-Hard Tonneau so it is secured)
  5. For the left side of the 2nd enclosure, existing bracket was utilized, a cut down/shortened coupling nut on top of the exposed factory seat bolt with bolt and lock washer on top to secure bracket-lines up perfectly. On the right side of 2nd enclosure, removed the supplied bracket and made my own bracket/support. I did wire both subs to independent switches so I am able to run both, either/or, or none, but honestly Ive only turned off one at a time when my daughters sleeping in her car seat.
  6. I have the Bose system w/o the Bose sub in my ‘18 LTZ, I installed a pair of the 10” kicker sealed enclosures that I got brand new at half price, they fit like a glove and have awesome output when running 2. Minimum current consumption on the factory charging system. Very pleased with the sound for being a “factory” stereo.
  7. Looking for a clean set of tri mode running boards to go on my 18 Silverado CC. Located in Wisconsin and willing to drive (within reason) to pick up.
  8. Wish we were closer to one another, I would take those tri mode boards off your hands today! Sure freight would be ridiculous from AZ to WI
  9. No t-splice harness, military splice in left kick panel. Harnesses in kit are sized pretty appropriately, grounds to factory bolt in left kick also. I pulled RAP for my switches/relays from left side dash fuse panel as the way they come from kicker is a signal sense turn on for the amps and I found that they would like to stay on constantly(unnecessary power consumption/battery draw) which I’m not a big fan of
  10. 2x Kicker VSS Substage Enclosures 10” with the Bose system(front bench seat). Designed for Right Rear seat only but simple enough to modify for the left rear seat also. Added Illuminated billet push button switches/relays to allow for bypass of both, independent operation, or simultaneous operation. Pretty impressed by the output! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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