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  1. I jjust want soemthing for when hanging out .
  2. The other day i was waiting for some people and was sittingon the tailgate and was listening to music off my phone and then I started wondering what if I coudl add some speaker in the bed with a switch to trun on and off for when not in use or driving . has anyone done this ?
  3. What lights did you use for the interior ? I was thinking of doing something like that conected to the dash lights so it can dim and also put a switch in between for when I want them off altogether .
  4. I used the trailer plug wires, i really didnt want the bedlights to come on unless i really need them on so wired off the trailer plug and placed the switch in the taligate jamb.
  5. Yes i did have the spray on liner, if fits perfect. I just drove the truck today and holly crap!!!! the dampening of the bed makes it feel like a total different vehicle. now the bed doesnt sounds like a large tin can when i hit bumps. Highly recomended.
  6. I’m thinking of getting one too I really don’t want to start messing w a tune yet
  7. Just got my bed rug in and installed it took about 30 minutes to do so and it just looks bad ass . Next is a roll in hard cover to replace the soft one I have .
  8. Hmm tempting but the sierra letters :-( messaged him we shall see . Thanks
  9. I'm looking for an OEM roll bar doe anyone have one or has any hook ups for a decent price ?
  10. I'm looking for a pedal commander, anyome that just got a tune and has no use for it anymore? I really don't want to do a tune as I still have warranty. Thanks
  11. any news on this ? I been thinking about a better looking steering wheel . I was even thinking about a corvette steering wheel.
  12. Drove it this morning and I hear a fluttering sound . NOT a fan of that sound. was hoping for a different type of noise. :-(
  13. I used this one Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips, LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit with On/Off Switch and Fuse -Super Bright LED, IP67 Waterproof -for Trucks, Trailers, Pickups, RVs, Vans and Cargos (Cool White, 6000K) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711FYXSM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_I2srCbPSWVYD4. I tapped in to the trailer light connector quite easy to do actually .
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