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  1. I have a dash icon light, the switch itself does not illuminate , I tested the yellow wire that goes to the engine bay and it has no power . So then I need to add a wire to the relay prong labeled 87a ? currently have as follows 30 - 12 v battery power w fuse 85 - yellow trigger wire 86 - ground for relay and light 87 - power to light i ran a power wire from battery to light to test its ground and it works . so it seems that the problem is the switch trigger wire. thanks for the help
  2. Yea , not bashing him just saying that im using his harness, sent him a message earlier today so well see when he replies, maube he can walk me thru it.
  3. I am using Gamboa harness , followed video and harness tabs instructions double checked all my wiring in and outside . But the light switch does not seem to be triggering the relay, I watched the video and he says put the trigger wire in to #86 on relay but the diagram he has on the vid and the videos showed him putting the trigger wire in to #85 I’ve tried both and there is no juice going to the lights , I have power from main wire to relay , my ground is good and the lights work if I put power to them. The oem switch was bought new and it activated the Icon on the dash . anyone had this issue any suggestions ??
  4. Hey man , I finally got around to install the light bar w your factory switch harness but im having issues, I have the factory switch , ive followed your video for the connectors for your harness and have double checked it, the dash light indicator lights up but the trigger wire has no juice. ive double checked just about everything even got a new relay but there is no power coming from the yellow wire that goes to the relay ( trigger) . any suggestions on how to check that or trouble shoot the reason there is no power to that wire when i turn on the switch? thanks in advance. 

  5. I did a search but couldn't find any concrete information , my truck is a 2016 Midnight Edition Z-71 I want to place the largest bar possible behind the grill, what fits best as far as size , curved , straight etc. show me what you got Thanks in advance
  6. I jjust want soemthing for when hanging out .
  7. The other day i was waiting for some people and was sittingon the tailgate and was listening to music off my phone and then I started wondering what if I coudl add some speaker in the bed with a switch to trun on and off for when not in use or driving . has anyone done this ?
  8. What lights did you use for the interior ? I was thinking of doing something like that conected to the dash lights so it can dim and also put a switch in between for when I want them off altogether .
  9. I used the trailer plug wires, i really didnt want the bedlights to come on unless i really need them on so wired off the trailer plug and placed the switch in the taligate jamb.
  10. Yes i did have the spray on liner, if fits perfect. I just drove the truck today and holly crap!!!! the dampening of the bed makes it feel like a total different vehicle. now the bed doesnt sounds like a large tin can when i hit bumps. Highly recomended.
  11. I’m thinking of getting one too I really don’t want to start messing w a tune yet
  12. Just got my bed rug in and installed it took about 30 minutes to do so and it just looks bad ass . Next is a roll in hard cover to replace the soft one I have .
  13. Hmm tempting but the sierra letters :-( messaged him we shall see . Thanks
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