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  1. I think its high. I paid $37,500 out the door for my 2017 LT Allstar 4x4 CC back in June, brand new. Only difference between it, and the one you are looking at is the heated seats/leather. You're only a few of hours away from where I am. Check out Terry Labonte Chevrolet in Greensboro. They are a high volume dealer, so they are usually priced reasonable.
  2. I used the following Harnesses: Metra 71-2107 Metra 70-2057 I spliced these into each side of the amp harness, used power and ground wires also, but bypassed the amp harness, spliced into that for the amp power. By doing that, I didn't cut a single factory wire. Cut a hole in the side of the upper glove box and mounted it in there. The only negatives is I have to keep the amp turned down due to door chimes and the infotainment voice being loud AF.

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