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  1. Tunes most often Change the way the throttle opens based on throttle position gives the illusion of being faster. Rather than progressive throttle it’s now maybe linear or, the most like of scenarios, digressive. you can only extract so much power out of an air fuel ratio with out changes to intake, exhaust, fuel injection.
  2. Can I say that I love the long antenna because it is a height marker for the top of the truck? Like a curb feeler for the roof. It gives me just enough time and space to react before I smack the roof onto something. Saved me one already and for that, I will keep it. I can say I never see it while driving so it is hardly a bother.
  3. It’s true about the trade off. I’ve gotten used to the stiffer ride but overall, the handling has improved. The rear end is more planted and thus I have much less wheel spin/chirping when making a turn from a stop or on an off camber. Im happy with it but it is definitely more rough riding. I miss the smooth sailing over the tar strip and the like but when I hit a big bump or rough terrain while in a turn, I’m glad to have the 5100’s. Overall, I’d say it was worth it for what I was seeking. I bought a truck expecting a truck ride. If I wanted the caddy feel, I’d kept it stock. Maybe some progressive shocks vs digressive would be better for those who want a more comfortable, yet compliant ride.
  4. This sounds about right. I was idling stuck on Highway 50 in Tahoe and it was burning through fuel at an alarming rate (considering how large the tank was, only having a half tank of fuel left, and knowing we would be there for several hours). In my V6 Lexus, it is probably closer to .5 gph (1/3rd the rate). We encountered a closed road with no turning back, idled the motor for 10 hours, and used a quarter tank of fuel or so.
  5. I was wondering if it would fit well where your Fastrak is mounted. Then again, with how big the suction mounts are, likely it wouldn’t fit there? Trying to get ideas before it comes in so I can order the right mount/hardwiring kit.
  6. Like the title says: how do you have your radar detector mounted? Do you have it hard wired? If so, where did you tap the power? Just ordered a Uniden R3 and am looking for ideas on where/how to mount it discretely. TIA!
  7. Finished the install last night on the 2nd to highest perch. Big o tires charged me $100 to swap the springs. Ouch! Definitely need alignment as now as now it kind of wonders but I’ll het that taken care of in the next week or so. Pretty thank you happy with the results. Will report long term soon.
  8. I was wondering that too but it seemed too suspicious. New air filter is in and truck is running smoother than ever.
  9. Sitting at Big O who is swapping the springs now. Having seen them up close, y’all are on point suggesting bringing them in! The removal was fairly straight forward and thankfully there was a lot of info here what to do/expect. What is is the torque on the strut mounting bolts? What about that sway bar bushing thing? Thanks!
  10. Clean as far as I can tell. Who knows...Sketch. they are a reputable dealer. I got my 2018 last June for 42.1k when MSRP was 62.3k. They are are a certified OE dealer/service but have several brands and thus the automall name. Im not worried about it-the filter was clean-but was like a huge WTF moment. Likely an an inside job. Why? I’m not sure.
  11. I bought it from kendall Automall in Idaho
  12. Incentive probably poor word choice..more like a concession.
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