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  1. Finished the install last night on the 2nd to highest perch. Big o tires charged me $100 to swap the springs. Ouch! Definitely need alignment as now as now it kind of wonders but I’ll het that taken care of in the next week or so. Pretty thank you happy with the results. Will report long term soon.
  2. I was wondering that too but it seemed too suspicious. New air filter is in and truck is running smoother than ever.
  3. Sitting at Big O who is swapping the springs now. Having seen them up close, y’all are on point suggesting bringing them in! The removal was fairly straight forward and thankfully there was a lot of info here what to do/expect. What is is the torque on the strut mounting bolts? What about that sway bar bushing thing? Thanks!
  4. Clean as far as I can tell. Who knows...Sketch. they are a reputable dealer. I got my 2018 last June for 42.1k when MSRP was 62.3k. They are are a certified OE dealer/service but have several brands and thus the automall name. Im not worried about it-the filter was clean-but was like a huge WTF moment. Likely an an inside job. Why? I’m not sure.
  5. I bought it from kendall Automall in Idaho
  6. Incentive probably poor word choice..more like a concession.
  7. The brand stated "FRAM" made in Canada and then "Fiat" It was orange in color - classic Fram air filter. The AC Delco has a black silicone around it. I threw it out. It was a proper fit but why was it replaced? Truck only had 300 miles so it's not like they needed to replace it if that was the case. There was a $100 accessory credit you could get at the time so I asked that they give me parts instead. I got several oil filters, cabin and air filter, and some o-rings for the oil plug. Basically enough so I could do my own oil changes for some time.
  8. Sounds good. Likely, I'll see what they are able to do for me.
  9. Bought the 5100's. I put the rears on while I wait for the front to be delivered. The rear substantially addressed the bobble head feeling as well as helped with increased traction around corners when starting from a stop as it keeps the rear wheels more plated. It does cause a little bit more jarring on rougher roads but for the most part, the benefits outweigh the cost. I am happy with the result so far. I will be installing the fronts tonight on the 3rd setting (1.25"?). Hope the install goes smooth as I haven't changed springs in some time and plan to use those cheap rentals from Autozone or similar.
  10. I checked my air filter at 22k miles to see what it looked like. I was given a new AC Delco (GM OEM) filter when I bought the truck as a sort of incentive. I decided to replace the filter since it was at no cost to me. Well...come to find out, the filter in there is a FRAM filter--not the OE filter that was supposed to come with the truck. WTF? It even said "FIAT" on the filter. Not sure when it was swapped out but likely from the dealer when I bought it "new." When I bought it, the truck had 315 miles on it and obviously was used for something prior to getting into my hand. BTW: The cabin air filter was extremely dirty so I will have to check that more often--this is a highway queen so it's not like I have been surfing dirt roads.
  11. Well I got the rear 5100s installed. They work. I’m happier with the ride. Can’t wait for the fronts to get delivered. My OE suspension was not nearly worn out but it was obvious it doesn’t compare to the 5100. Worth the $375.
  12. I am thinking about this even with a 1.25" lift. Cheap insurance against CV issues.
  13. I am hoping it helps eliminate the rolling oscillations. I don't want a much stiffer ride but the bobble head and loose feeling is less than ideal. I am a SLOW driver in the truck because it just handles poorly and braking and traction are not designed for racing around. It's utilitarian at best. I ordered the 5100's on Amazon and will give them a shot. I could have saved a few bucks had I waited a few weeks but I wanted to get this done while the weather was good and I had time available before going to Moab. 80% of folks like the 5100, the others I think had high expectations that it didn't meet. I am hoping for at least a marginal improvement so I can say it was worth the cost. I really wanted the 6112/5160 but can't justify 3x the cost for a truck that doesn't see off road--nor would it be good for trails.
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