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  1. First post is to say you’re going to Ford. Nobody cares, bro.
  2. Curious how long you’ve had it Ziebart’d. I’ve not seen any good things about their undercoating. Typically see that it traps moisture inside and speeds up the corrosion process
  3. Going to use one vehicle. Won’t have any car payments. Not buying another truck. Selling the truck and pocketing that money each month. Will then be able to save enough money next year to pay cash for my next vehicle in late 2020.
  4. I’d guess 27-28. Close to mine but it’s twp years older. Is the SLT like the LTZ of GMC? If so then maybe 30.
  5. I’m in Ohio an hour north of Cincinnati.
  6. It’s 3 months short of 4 years old with 53,000 miles so that’s roughly 13,000 miles annually. But an honest thank you for the advice. I may hold off on any extra expenses on it. May go ahead and list it sooner rather than later and see if anybody jumps on it before winter time.
  7. Don’t have the stock exhaust or else I’d go that route. Might try to find one cheap. Would just be doing pads. Can do the work myself. The intake valves I’d only do if they were seriously built up. The dents are so minor I had trouble finding the one on the front today. Not as popular in my area. Range in my area from 26-32 depending on trim/options. Thanks all for the input so far.
  8. I’m gearing up to sell my truck in a few months. It will be 4 years old on November 2, 2019. I purchased it December 2017 with 30,300 miles. Only 6,000 miles since October 2018. Nothing wrong with it I just want to get out from the payment to save for a new vehicle. I’ve got a rough idea of price from Autotrader listings and KBB. I’d like to know what a potential serious truck buyer would value it at. So here’s the nitty gritty. 2016 Silverado Double Cab LT Z71 53,200 miles (now drive roughly 500 per month) L83 Flex 6spd Factory stuff: 20 inch 5 spokes Rear sliding glass Trailer hitch 8inch radio screen Adjustable pedals Chevy floor liners LineX Spray in bed liner Maintenace: 275/55/20 Hankook Ventus ST RH06 tires about 9,000 miles. Front, rear diff, transfer case changed with Amsoil July 2018, maybe 11,000 miles on it. Amsoil Transmission fluid (12quarts) changed July 2019. AEM dry flow panel air filter (cleanable) KN cabin filter (cleanable) Will be installing new brake pads and Koni shocks next month, nothing wrong with the current ones just want to get ahead for the next person to have peace of mind. I also always run E85 but will be pulling the intake manifold to check intake valves. Will have them professionally cleaned if needed. Replaced PCV hosed in March, Blackbear said their was a possible leak when they looked at my tune logs. Also have PCV valve to install. Aftermarket stuff: Corsa Sport Exhaust Blackbear performance tune (AFM is off) Truck runs really smooth. The transmission tune from Blackbear has greatly improved driveability. I still have my stock files if the next owner wants to go back to stock. Radio touch screen was replaced with new unit when I purchased it due to a dead zone. Haven’t had any recalls on mine and no vacuum pump or A/C issues. Paint is in good condition. Front bumper has very few rock chips. One dime sized dent on the bed rail on the passenger side and on the driver side on the side of the hood. They are very minor dents. Might get estimates repair them. Thats what I can think of off the top of my head. I am going to list it at $28,000. Just wanted an idea of what others would list it at. Thanks in advance.
  9. I gave you my well informed opinion in your Flowmaster/Borla/Corsa thread so I was trying to assist. Then you started like 4 more threads on the same topic. I didn’t insult you in anyway so not sure why you felt the need to disrespect me like that. I’ve only been here a few months but I think my reputation shows I add something to this community. You’ve got multiple pointless threads about something you should make your own decision about instead of wanting your hand held through the entire process.
  10. My opinion is that you don’t need a new god damn thread every day this week about your exhaust.
  11. When I bought my 2016 at the end of 2017 it had an 1-2 inch area across the entire top of the screen where the touch screen would not function. Noticed it on my test drive and had it on the invoice to be replaced after purchase once the parts came in. Possible yours had dead zone as well. My sales guy touched one are and said it’s working fine until I showed him the dead zone. Got a brand new unit a week later and no issues since then.
  12. Corsa Sport exhaust. Have it on mine with AFM in use and disabled. Doesn’t drone.
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