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  1. 2016 FRS 1/4 mile time-15.3 seconds per Caranddriver my 2016 l83-14.82 soooo......
  2. Lol a 200hp FRS that a stock 5.3 would pull on.
  3. State your goals and people can lead you in the right direction. Or just research it and make your own informed decisions.
  4. Whipple includes their own intake system with their kits so don’t bother doing it before. They also say your truck needs to be on the factory tune in order to upload their programming but I guess if you have someone tune the truck with HPtuners you don’t need to use theirs.
  5. How’s it feel up on that high horse? Is your truck even running yet
  6. They’ve had this dudes truck for a year. I’m no professional but that seems a little excessive. It’s been two weeks since the engine was put back in (again) and no update. Did it grenade something else?
  7. Double cab standard bed=crew cab short bed. Seeing as those are the 2 most common configs on these trucks I’d reckon it’ll fit the OPs.
  8. You’ve had the truck for nearly 3 years and have had a couple minor issues. The fuel trim code could be bad gas. I’ve only had one engine code on my 2016 and it was a lean fuel bank code when I had to put 2 gallons of cheap gas in my truck to make it back home. Battery life is variable also. Nearly 3 years out of one ain’t bad and yes some vehicles will toss out random error messages when the battery starts to go. Just ask me what kind of messages I get when the battery in my Saab starts to die lol
  9. Still waiting for a new home
  10. Bump. Will consider reasonable offers.
  11. The Autobahn seems to be working ok. Fast and slow traffic. Slower traffic moves out of the way. Way it should be.
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