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  1. Why did you buy your GM?

    The salesmen told me I could pull tons of women with it. I said that’s great and all but I only need to pull a small 1200 pound trailer. He must have had a thing for big girls.
  2. I just hit the Little Caesar’s a few blocks from my house. No ordering needed. Quality meets or exceeds that of Dominos.
  3. What parts are leather

    I’m pretty sure they don’t use vinyl on the upper trim levels. Not sure if the storage console and doors on my LT are vinyl or leather come to think about it. But I use leather cleaner on it regardless.
  4. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    She can buy it her self lol
  5. What parts are leather

    If you have the truck shouldn’t you be able to see what’s leather?
  6. Not sure but they do have an option for catted y-pipes. Never had to run my cars through emissions.
  7. At that cost why not just get the Texas Speed long tubes and y-pipe together?
  8. First road trip

    As long as you guys are happy getting Aveo-esque gauges in your $40k trucks that's all that matters
  9. First road trip

    35-40k for a new truck and you get cheap looking trinkets like that. Obviously I cared since I said they looked bad. Guess I should have said IMO that way nobody got offended.
  10. First road trip

    Dang GM really made the gauges look bad in these T1s
  11. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    That's right. I work nights and work 3 nights one week and 4 the next. She works part time on weekday mornings after I get home from work. If we end up needing a 2nd car I'll get a beater, or make her walk to work since it's only 1.5 miles away
  12. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Yes to Flex Fuel. Wife and I are going down to 1 car for the foreseeable future.
  13. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    I got the truck with 30,050 miles so I'm not sure what the previous owner used. 22k with me and only E85. I am curious how it looks but just not worth my time now that it'll be gone soon.
  14. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    I've got 52k miles, only run E85, don't drive like my gramps. No misfires or anything. Never run fuel cleaner or catch can. If I was keeping the truck long term I'd probably get a catch can and clean the valves (if needed) but I've decided to sell the truck in a few months.
  15. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Interesting video. I've seen others of his and they're very informative. Next I would like him to explain how you look like you are 25 but have grey streaks in your hair

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