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  1. So after researching dropped trucks 14-18 silverado 4x4 trucks with stamped steel /aluminum arms I cant seem to find the mcgauphys #34204 drop spindles with upper control arms. Any help would be appreciated greatly
  2. For sure need uca with the stamped steel spindles
  3. Thank for the tips for anybody who gives a damn about the 4x4 I'm swapping to 2wd wheelhubs and pulling the cv shafts so quit that. My other option would be to swap to cast steel arms and toss the stamped steel that way my spindle would work. It seems like the guys who drop trucks with cast arms don't need to swap uppers?
  4. I am Thinking of changing from stamped steel arms ( same as aluminum ) to cast steel lower arms because i have cast drop spindles and upper arms .... Not sure if sway bar will bolt up
  5. Hey guys I have a 2018 4x4 ( stamped steel ) silverado I bought a used drop kit and found out my 2" drop spindles are for cast arms only. When I talked to Jason mcgauphy he told me with the stamped steel arms I'll also need a new upper control arm when installed the drop spindles. Have any of you 4x4 guys ran spindles struts and stamped steel control arms without swapping uppers? Right now I have a 2/2" drop with struts and shackles
  6. I have the air raid Mia tube to keep stock box and filter
  7. has anybody cleaned up their engine bay I mean wire tucks or removing items to make it look more clean or show worthy I don't have a show truck and I don't mean detailing the engine bay and im looking for more then I removed the spare battery tray anything you've removed id be intrested in seeing what you've done thanks guys
  8. thanks for all the help guys I've decided na is way to much money it would be smarter to buy that 40 000$ built motor and trans but im going to be looking into turbos and superchargers to produce some bigger numbers much easier and affordable
  9. 1000 lbs would be worth it I've seen these guys saying they've removed little piece here and there loosing unto 180 pounds lol . thanks ill look into it
  10. this couldn't be broken down any better I've claimed I know about airride and hydraulic suspension along with custom metal fabrication. I guarantee I can school your ass all day with knowledge about geometry and the 1 million possibilities for setups . and yes I did learn most of my shit off a forum that doesn't exist anymore I truly needed and relied on that back in the day. now many builds later I can build my own frames and design every little aspect. well im pretty much back to the basics when it comes to engine mods. im not looking for everything you know and every little trick ill learn that shit along the way clearly. but thanks to two people on this website they've guided me in the right direction. I thought I had a l85 which was providing no information "you people" act like I didn't try that first lmfao hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha one other thing how many of these trucks are out there extremely modified and daily driven? not that many if you think about it . all I wanted to know is if it was possible to build a engine NA and everybody freaks out
  11. this is exactly what I wanted thank you very much I knew there was. at least 1 person on this website that actually knew information ?
  12. its looking like na is a waste of time and to expensive a supercharger maybe the route to go for daily driving and less maintenance compared to turbos
  13. 6.2 has an extra 60 hp and its heavy but yet again I'm just learning I know its a bigger motor u can bore it out blah blah
  14. These trucks are to new and not enough info about reliable parts so yes I'm asking for opinions and sets ups people do and dont like ect. And all .motor will wreck a 5500 lb truck how? I come from the custom frame and suspension world not modifying engines thanks keyboard warriors FOR YOU INFO therea only 1 local guy boosted pushing 1000 hp with a 16 gmc . So how the **** is 1 guy gunna have all the info if I listen to everything he has we would have the same build....... another thing I'd like to know is what also needs to be switched I know stock cats need to be replaced with high flow . What other random crap like that needs to be considered
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