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  1. Sell your truck to CarMax or autosense as long as they give you a good deal, then fly out to Laura.
  2. It WOULD be nice to get rid of the DEF/DPF systems on tbe HDs though!
  3. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Take a trip out to Laura GMC, they have alot of 18 SLT NHTs
  4. I think the best chrome/painted mixed front end is the current high country. The chrome grill doesn't look bad at all with the painted bumper.
  5. Morimoto HID problems

    So the one ballast being bad caused the other one to not work? Did it make the other ballast go bad too or would replacing only the bad ballast fix the entire issue? Sounds like this is what happened to me. The left side light would go out intermittently but always come back on if I cycled the light switch. Over the last few days the frequency of which the left light would go out increased, until yesterday both pooped out and neither will come back on.
  6. Morimoto HID problems

    Do you just use the OEM input on each side for power to the ballast? No HD relay harness or connections to the battery?
  7. Morimoto HID problems

    Sounds good guys. Great suggestions. I'll be talking to TRS on Monday
  8. Morimoto HID problems

    Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, what seems weird for me though is that only one side was acting up for the past few days, but it would only go out some of the time and would always come back on if I turned off the headlights and turned them back on. But tonight, boom, both went out and will not come on. Can a bad ballast or igniter on one side cause the other side to fail? Or does it sound like the HD relay?
  9. Hi guys Put the morimoto elite 35w kit on my 15 silverado a few months ago. A few days ago, I had an issue where the driver side light would go out while driving, but would fire back up if I recycled the light switch. I contacted TRS and they suggested swapping the ballasts first, then igniters second to try and troubleshoot. I havent been able to get out to do it yet as I have had a really busy schedule. I was going to do it this weekend. Then tonight, both lights went out about 30 second after starting the truck and will not come back on. Its heading into the weekend so I wont be able to get in touch with TRS until Monday. Any ideas or experiences with these symptoms, and any suggestions for troubleshooting in the meantime until I can talk to TRS? Thanks!
  10. Swap out Chrome bumpers?

    Honestly, your truck looks sweet. You may prefer the painted look, but in reality you'll pay an arm and a leg to get them painted. Then you'll be paranoid looking for and discovering paint chips. If you get it wrapped that's even more money spent. Chrome gives you no worries.
  11. Swap out Chrome bumpers?

    You'll either have to have them painted or trade someone, but not too many are looking to go chrome so that might be hard. Getting it painted is probably how you're gonna have to go.
  12. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    AC seats, memory seats, power passenger seat, LED headlights, front parking assist sensors, heated steering wheel, 6.2 liter option, power fold mirrors
  13. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Go for the LTZ or SLT!
  14. There aren't. You could, however, change out the door and console trims to "synthesis" which would match the radio and vent bezels.
  15. Off road carbon is what is in the Sierra all terrain editions. Reverse tartan is in Silverado Z71s.

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