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  1. You gotta get that sucker up to 70 mph and assess for vibration. Otherwise sounds like a solid truck.
  2. New 2018 vs 2019 dilemma

    RST is by far the best package. And you can load it up like an LTZ unlike the LT. Center console, sunroof, back seat storage compartments etc...
  3. New 2018 vs 2019 dilemma

    See if you can hang on one more year for a couple reasons. A) the problems associated with new model will be identified B) the 2019s will be discounted as 2020s will be hitting lots C) maybe if you can swing it, go for a 2020 as some kinks, if there ended up being any, would be corrected
  4. Silver Trim Options

    I dont think any door/console trim kits match the brushed aluminum on the dash. Sierra's have either different types of wood trim or the all terrain carbon fiber. Chevys have wood grain, synthesis, or reverse tartan (on Z71s), which is kind of like a mix of synthesis and carbon fiber.
  5. Katzkin seat covers

    Installing leather won't void any warranties. Also it doesn't matter what order you do the remote start or seats. Good luck!
  6. No heat issues so far. I have the Morimoto Elite 35 watt 5500k Silverado Spec kit installed.
  7. Yeah, the 14-15 LTZ/HC low beams are projectors. They are not really HID projectors but the HID kits work fine in them. Some swear by doing a retrofit with real HID projectors but I'm running HIDs in the stock projectors and it works great. Would it be brighter with real HID projectors? Maybe, probably. But it's fine with the stock projectors and 100x brighter than with the halogen bulbs.
  8. I have no way to know this for sure, but I don't think Laura likes trade ins. They have a million new cars there and I don't know how many people go there looking for used. Everyone I've ever known that has gone to Laura either sold their car on their own or traded it into CarMax or CarSense and got a decent trade value that way, thrn flew out to Laura to buy.
  9. Sell your truck to CarMax or autosense as long as they give you a good deal, then fly out to Laura.
  10. It WOULD be nice to get rid of the DEF/DPF systems on tbe HDs though!
  11. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Take a trip out to Laura GMC, they have alot of 18 SLT NHTs
  12. I think the best chrome/painted mixed front end is the current high country. The chrome grill doesn't look bad at all with the painted bumper.
  13. Morimoto HID problems

    So the one ballast being bad caused the other one to not work? Did it make the other ballast go bad too or would replacing only the bad ballast fix the entire issue? Sounds like this is what happened to me. The left side light would go out intermittently but always come back on if I cycled the light switch. Over the last few days the frequency of which the left light would go out increased, until yesterday both pooped out and neither will come back on.
  14. Morimoto HID problems

    Do you just use the OEM input on each side for power to the ballast? No HD relay harness or connections to the battery?
  15. Morimoto HID problems

    Sounds good guys. Great suggestions. I'll be talking to TRS on Monday

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