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  1. There aren't. You could, however, change out the door and console trims to "synthesis" which would match the radio and vent bezels.
  2. Off road carbon is what is in the Sierra all terrain editions. Reverse tartan is in Silverado Z71s.
  3. Yeah the dash trims are just silver, or brushed aluminum if you have a Sierra. They dont make dash trim to match the console or door trims.
  4. Are you looking for the carbon fiber design on the Sierra All Terrains or the design on the Silverado Z71s? They both look kinds carbon fiber ish but are different.
  5. Yeah if the dealer has it done by a third party then you'd get their warranty. But if you get a truck that was sprayed at the factory (the ones with the Chevy and GMC logos embossed on the front of the bed) it would only be under the 3/36k warranty.
  6. Factory liner is not LineX. The factory liner is only covered by the 3 yr 36000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. LineX has lifetime warranty. My 15 didn't come with the factory liner, and I got LineX. Glad I did, seems like a superior liner, the whole tailgate is sprayed (unlike factory), and it has the lifetime warranty.
  7. 1500 MAX Tow vs 2500HD 6.0

    Frankly it doesn't sound like you even need the max tow 1500. But if it's the truck you want, go for it. You'll have plenty of room to tow heavier if you want to. The 2500 6.0 is a great engine but you'll be spendibg alot more on fuel.
  8. I figured they had a way to see. But in my experience they don't care. I've always been treated well.
  9. I honestly don't think the service dept knows whether or not you bought it there. Maybe they do, and I'm sure it's easy for them to find out, but I don't know that they even care to look. I've taken my truck to a different dealer since I bought it, and no one ever said a word and I've always been treated very well with curtosey and competency by the service dept. If they do know I didn't purchase it there, they don't seem to care at all.
  10. AC question

    I'm still under warranty. I'll take it to the dealer. Thanks guys!
  11. AC question

    Thanks for your help. Yeah they start when AC comes on. The air is pretty cold when it's stopped or idling, it just gets a colder when moving or giving it gas. Its not an emergency and I think I'll just make sure it doesn't worsen. It's been like low to mid 90s here so it's working hard.
  12. AC question

    Forgive me, but how do I tell this?
  13. AC question

    I have a 15 Silverado and live in Houston where it's been in the 90s. I notice when my truck is on park or not moving such as at stop light, the AC blows cool air but not extremely cold. However, when I start driving, the air gets very cold. To be clear, the air coming out when I'm stopped or idling isnt warm or hot by any means, it's simply not as cold as when I'm moving. Is this normal?
  14. 2015 LTZ purchase

    Sounds like the Z71 truck is a nicer truck
  15. 2015 LTZ purchase

    I have a 15. 33000 great miles. Like others said, drive it up to 75 mph and make sure it doesn't vibrate. Mine doesn't, most don't, but just be sure. Nice looking truck.

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