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  1. All I would need is someone with power passenger seat to go out and compare how far it goes back compared to the driver seat.
  2. Hi guys I have a 15 LTZ. Just noticed the power passenger seat doesn't go back as far as the driver's. Can anyone confirm or deny this is normal? Thanks!
  3. Probably ballast. My passenger side did the same thing. Was the ballast. Replaced it and never had the issue again.
  4. I didn't think AT4 is the lowest trim for buckets, console, crew cab. I think you could get that in an SLT and maybe even SLE, but I'm not sure on the SLE. If it must be leather you probably need SLT. You could look into a Silverado RST as well.
  5. I noticed on some trims there are blank switches below the climate control if you don't have all the options. Are these functional? Ie can they be wired to something and be used?
  6. Hi guys I have a 2015 Silverado with projectors and the separate reflector high beams. I just put in some led bulbs in the high beams to compliment my hid lows. I noticed that when shining the highs against a wall, the right high beam shines lower than the left. I experimented with adjusting the headlights and found that the screw does adjust both low and high beams. The problem is that if I adjust so that you high beams are even, then the right side low beam is too high. I figured it's more important to have properly aimed low beams, especially running hids. Has anyone else run into this or have any suggestions? Perhaps it has to do with the fact I'm using LEDs as opposed to halogen bulbs which the housing was designed for. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Memory seats, front park assist, heated and AC seats, LED headlights instead of HID, LED tail lights
  8. What he said. . If there's residue from the old tape left on the flip just use some adhesive remover and scrape it off. Then use the half inch 3m tape, fits perfect along the area of the flap where the old tape was.
  9. Are those hid or LED high beams? They're crazy bright!
  10. 2015s never had HIDs or LEDs. Only halogen.
  11. I have a similar situation. Granted it's been cold here, but my temp drops to 195 or so when cruising down a hill off the gas, but goes back up to 210 when I get back on the gas. Is everyone else's right at 210 all the time?
  12. Started noticing this winter that my temp gauge doesn't stay right at 210. When I press the gas to accelerate it will climb to 210, but when I let off the gas to coast, it comes down to just above the first mark before 210. I don't know that it's done this before, it very well could've, but I'm just noticing now. It's winter where I'm at and generally cool to cold outside. I am still getting heat in the cab just fine. Is this the sign of something going bad or the beginning of a problem? Or is this normal? Thanks!
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