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  1. I just bought one for my Sierra from the dealer. Truck had 34k extended additional 125K on bumper to bumper and power train to 159K for $ 3134.00. This was at Classic GMC in Arlington TX. Finance Mgr took 1K off retail and told me they make 500 bucks on these and employees get it 400 bucks cheaper and they make 100 bucks on them. Very straight forward negotiation when I started to ask about their margins on these.
  2. Never ran them heard they perform well but are noisy as all get out on pavement. Lots of threads here. I just bought my AT with Toyo AT 2’s and I have been more than impressed in mud and slop. No snow but there are some good YouTube vids on them. I would hit YT for Duratrak info too.
  3. The 2016 and up lights are kick ass looking. Nice job truck looks great.
  4. Both look great but honestly I like the look of the 20’s better. Great job by a hell of friend to come help you get the look you wanted.
  5. That’s exactly the problem I had, my first order of diodes simply were so thin it would not make a good connection. So the Chanzon were the ones that worked correct? I will give these a look. Thanks !
  6. 2017 Sierra All Terrain 2.5 inch Fab Tech level.
  7. Drove it this week about 500 miles on my last deer hunt of the year and no code or check engine light has come back on. Nothing to report yet.
  8. I do have a question relative to this topic. My 17 Sierra All Terrain already has a 2" level on the front. It sounds like based on that, I would not need the 5100's. Is that correct and does the 4600's not have the different settings. Please educate me. Thanks, 4W
  9. Tenneco makes the Pro Comps as well.
  10. Yeah wouldn't that have been just a new seal kit?
  11. I’ve been in mud and dirt hunting since I bought this truck. We’ve had so much rain here in Texas. My gut is some some mud or something may have impacted the system.
  12. Interesting you say that. Asked him about battery life span and he told me it’s all over the board. Some go 100K some are dead off the transport truck. I’ve always been an Interstate guy what are your thoughts.
  13. Went and met my service advisor today. Indeed the codes are stored in the memory but they cannot duplicate the readings unless the code is active with check engine light on. He said there are various reasons this code showed up. There could indeed be an issue or even a battery power modulation issue where the code got tripped accidentally. The truck has 30-35 computers working at the same time and he is seeing this more and more where the battery is modulating power to different sources and can hiccup. Nice guy and will keep info here if the code reappears.

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