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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Well folks I have had a build up of anticipation in reading these threads about the Bilstein's. I will only say they have so far exceeded expectations. The dampening is just so much better than the Rancho's, much less bounce in every setting I drove in today. They do seem to keep the truck much more stable when taking on the road. I was only able to hit some thoroughfares up to 55 or so and drive the bumpy busy streets that I travel and it was night and day. Cannot wait to get them off road and see how they feel in that scenario as well. Putting the Ranchos on CL tomorrow. Maybe I can get someone to buy them. Bottom line..... money well spent. Just do it, don't wait. 4W
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    Mine are getting installed today. Can't wait to pick it up and drive it.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    Seems low, it will need to be aligned and honestly, there is not a dude at the Kwik Car i have gone to that I would trust doing that install.
  4. Bug Sheild

    I bought mine used and it was already on my truck. It's a 17 and the front end is immaculate. I highly suggest getting one.
  5. 33x12.5x20

    I have a 2" level on mine and have that size tire but on a stock wheel, no rub. The offset could be an issue.
  6. I have a 17 Sierra All Terrain. At 35k I bought a 6 yr 125k for 3100 through my Dealer. 159k with bumper to bumper and powertrain was pretty sweet. I too keep my trucks like you do.
  7. The shop I go to quoted me 320 labor plus 100 for alignment. 4 wheel parts quoted about the same at 415.00 total with alignment. I am doing the rears.
  8. The only way Tundras look good is leveled or lifted with AT tires. Stock it is one ugly truck. Plus they just suck gas.
  9. Solid take right here.
  10. Grab the 2018 while you can with that great looking body style. The 19’s are just NOT good looking IMO. 4W
  11. Good luck man, that does suck. I hope they can figure it out for you.
  12. Great looking truck Eddie welcome! I got mine in late November and love it. The board here has many helpful people on all kinds of topics. There are a couple of easy mods I would do, search for those or PM me. Enjoy the truck!
  13. Wheel Locks

    Bought mine from the dealership and are a deterrent for sure. Pros will get if they really want to. Will keep the creeps and scumbags off your wheels.

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