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  1. Jake, I am running these tires and love them. Can't really comment on heavy winter weather here in Texas but they have been outstanding in mud. We had a wet winter last year and they performed great. They ride well and getting 17-20 mph on highway depending on conditions, even with their weight. I would not hesitate buying another set. They look great and I am rotating every oil change. 4W
  2. Welcome man, good looking rig. The Bilstein's are much better than the Ranchos. Night and day. I have mine leveled up front and just did the lowest setting. Good luck and enjoy the truck. Lots of good folks here on the forum willing to help. 4W
  3. No worries man. We all like different looks for sure.
  4. Man I don't know. That tire is 34.5" and I really think you would get rub with that height with only the 2" level. I run 33x12x20 AT2's on mine with that level and am all good. I think that is a roll of the dice IMO. 4W
  5. Quick update for everyone. I bought my truck used. It originated in Canada. What I noticed when I got it it, was a layering of light sandy dust on the under carriage, lower engine parts and other areas. This obviously was the sandy salt that they coat roads with up there in the winter. When I got the tailgate panel off, the entire assembly was coated in this dust. Bottle of air wouldn't even help. I had to take a hose and spray off the entire assembly. Waiting for it to dry and will lubricate with lithium grease. Thanks for all who replied, this saved me a trip to the dealer as all the rods etc are fine. 4W
  6. Mine acts the same way. Just went and messed with it and it unlocked twice manually with the key but won’t from the fob. Weird
  7. Thanks Mike I’m not sure how to pull that panel. Are taking about where the handle is?
  8. On 2017 Sierra. Really weird it’s always been a bit tight to open I lubed a couple of days ago and now won’t unlock with FOB or with key. Any ideas? If not looks like I’ll use my extended warranty for the first time. Thanks. Merc
  9. Blanco, I will check both of those. I am much more level know with the 2" drop. In terms of how I am loading the ATV, I will put it on there more balanced and to the rear this next time out. I may go run if here over the long weekend to experiment, but yes, it is always the same ATV, same load. Thanks !
  10. I bought one for my 2017 off Ebay. Vendor was CoverKing. It was like 35 bucks and works great.
  11. Cool man I did not know that. It is interesting I was towing the same way with the same hitch before the shock and strut switch. I am going to try a few things over the weekend and if it does not work I will get a new hitch. Many thanks man ! 4W
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