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  1. I like this idea for sure. The Cargo light/reverse light mod is what I would do first. It is easy and the most useful and PM me if you need the diodes. Next, KN filter. Enjoy !
  2. Great looking truck and trailer. Well done. I love Airstream's !!
  3. P0446 - Help Please

    I got this code on my AT shortly after buying it at 30K. I literally had an appointment at the dealer. I was out on a deer hunt on a country road and floored it. Had never got on the truck since I had bought it. Got to about 100 mph and took it down. Looked down, check engine light went off. Blew the soot out of it I guess. Service tech said it could have been a number of things, clogged filter, valve, etc. Said it is a tough code to figure out what to replace. All I know is it has never come back on. 39K now. Good luck, go haul ass and see if it works............LOL. 4W
  4. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    Interesting comment in the gas pedal. Mine on the Sierra is massively stiff compared to my old Titan. Weird but have gotten used to it.
  5. Really good info here Dcarl, very much appreciated as I have a 2" front level stock shocks at the moment and have been looking for feedback on Eibach vs. Bilstein. Thanks !!
  6. I had the first experience with it last week as well using a 16ft trailer to load a deer blind. Worked great once I learned how to use it.
  7. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    I owned one of older model Titan's for 14 years. 228K and it was time. I had it leveled with mud tires and it was a great truck for me. Thought about the new ones with the 100k warranty but just really wanted to go in a different direction. The only way I like the look of the new ones is if it is lifted. I absolutely have no regrets, I Love my All Terrain.
  8. Totally disagree man. There are so many computers on these new vehicles if you have one electronic hiccup it pays for itself.
  9. Hi, I'm new

    Welcome from down here in Tejas!
  10. My All Terrain

    Sorry man love your truck but that new look is just no bueno. If it’s what you want and like congrats but that look is not for me. Enjoy the new ride!
  11. Cool looking front end on that truck.
  12. 33x12.5x20 will work great with no rub
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    How many miles on those Ranchos?
  14. 40-42 for me on my LT All Terrains.
  15. Mpg

    Run 33’s Toyo AT2’s. Yesterday no wind some hills got 18.1 on trip back to DFW 2.5 hours. 5.3L 8speed AFM on.

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