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  1. like the others said, probably the condenser. I replaced my condenser this past Saturday.
  2. I didn't understand the issue either when I had it. My turn signals, with LEDs worked fine as long as the parking lights weren't on (i.e. at night) Like I posted earlier, I had to add a third resistor to the black and green wires in between the two LED bulbs. That worked for the hyper flashing with parking lights on, but then, some of the LEDs stopped working intermittently. After that, I had had enough and went back to halogens
  3. Can someone confirm that the PAG oil is 46 viscosity? Called service department and they had no idea. They said the bottle doesn't say what viscosity it is, only that it's universal. Pace performance has the GM part # and in description it states PAG 46. So that's a little reassuring.
  4. Can you verify that the oil to use is PAG 46?
  5. Add me to the list. 97k miles and A/C started struggling to blow cold air. I checked condenser and sure enough, leaking from the same spot as everyone else. I'm not even going to attempt to ask dealer with 97k miles. I'll be changing it out myself this weekend.
  6. Drying Towel

    You need to try Optimum "No Rinse", you will not be disappointed. It's a sure way to avoid water spots. You can even add an ounce with your current soap to help the water sheet off your panels better so you don't have too many water spots. https://www.autogeek.net/optimum-no-rinse.html
  7. I also use the Meguiar's MT300 for my truck. If I was a full-time detailer, I'd go with the Flex XC 3401.
  8. I have the same setup on my 2014 Sierra and within 1 year, one of my relays went out. Then, within 2 years, the other relay went out. It was easy for me to troubleshoot because all I had to do was switch relays and if the one light not working, worked and vise versa, I knew it was the relay. Yours will be a little harder to troubleshoot due to both your lights not working. Maybe double check power and ground connections at the battery? Seeing you got them from Theretrofitsource.com, their customer service is extremely helpful and the parts come with a 5 year warranty. Plus, their shipping on replacement parts is pretty fast. I'd give them a call and see what they can do to help you troubleshoot the problem.
  9. I think most people agree that anything higher than 3" would require new Upper Control Arms because the stock ones would probably wear out within 10K miles. While I don't have the 3", I have had the 2" leveling kit installed on my 2014 Z71 4X4 for the past 40K miles and haven't had a single issue with it. Also, I just bought new tires after getting 62K on them, so the leveling kit didn't wear the tires out prematurely either. There are quite a bit of people with these leveling kits installed and I rarely come across a forum post about issues caused by them. So I'd say go ahead and get one because chances of something happening are very slim. Hope this eases your mind a little and helps make your decision a little easier.
  10. Just hit the middle "check" button on the steering wheel and the cruise notification screen will go away. Actually, any time the DIC shows a notification, it will go away by pressing that.
  11. I'm so annoyed by noises in my truck, my wife always refuses to answer me when I mute the radio and ask her "do you hear that?" . I'm really glad GM got rid of the doors that went all the way to the roof line. I don't know how many times I greased the weather stripping on that 08 Sierra to make the squeaks and rattles stop!
  12. Well, I'm officially an idiot. So after buying a borescope that connects to my phone via USB and taking all the vents off and searching in the ducts, it turns out there was no coin in any of the them. I had my daughter and wife take turns sitting in the middle seat and listen while I shook the truck side to side. After a few turns listening, their opinion of where the sound was coming from changed to up above. So I decided to take the panel off the top console not expecting to find anything. Instead, I found a loose screw rolling around. I felt like such a fool lol. I could've swore my daughter put a coin in there because at that same time I had stopped her from dropping a candy wrapper down there. Plus, she was playing with some loose change I had in the console. So I owed her a big apology with an ice cream lol. Sorry if I left some of you in suspense for how I got the coin out lol.
  13. I'll be tackling this this weekend, so I'll keep you guys posted on my results.

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