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  1. Maybe print out some "how to" instructions and sell them here on the forum. Do it one time then print them out as needed. I'd happily pay $50 or so for them.
  2. I had the airaid 200-285 on 2014 5.3L and liked the sound it gave. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the filter housing relied on the hood to create a seal. I know it wasn't a very good seal either because the filter would get dirty in no time flat. On my current 2016 5.3L Sierra I have the Cold Air Inductions Intake and love it. The filter housing comes with a lid to actually seal off the air filter from the rest of the engine bay. I just cleaned and re-oiled the filter after 20K miles and it was not very dirty at all. Also, I think the sound it gives is a little more
  3. Sorry guys! For some reason I wasn't getting notified about replies to this post. Yes, they are still available.
  4. I ended up going with the morimoto Xb fog lights. These have never been opened. They run $70 new. Selling them for $45 w/free shipping. Here's a link https://www.vleds.com/5202-6-xte2.html
  5. Did you ever find out where the rattle was coming from? Mine developed the same rattle after hitting a pot hole. Sounds like it's coming from exactly where you described.
  6. GM recommends adding 2oz of PAG 46 oil to your AC system when replacing the condenser. GM doesn't give the specific weight of the oil you should use, but every place I called or looked up online said it was PAG 46. You can add it through the pressure gauges you rent from Auto store. This is the perfect time to add UV dye to your system. Get the PAG 46 oil with the UV dye in it.
  7. Anyone selling a 2014-2015 Non-SLT to SLT headlight harness they're not using anymore?
  8. Every other GM truck I've had has run at 210. Plus this didn't start happening until I got coolant system flushed. Before then, it was running at 210 when warmed up. My truck will get to 210 if I'm driving very aggressively, but for the most part it stays around 190-195.
  9. I've ordered the thermostat but have not had time to switch it out yet. I've been keeping a close eye on coolant level and it has been normal this whole time. The engine temps haven't really been fluctuating, it just stays below 210 all the time. Hovers around 190 for the most part. I'm going to dealership to get recall work done on Friday, so I might have them do a pressure test to make sure there's not a small leak or crack I'm missing. I read on a Corvette forum from a guy that had a situation like mine and it turned out to be a hairline crack on radiator just befor
  10. I can cover half the shipping? But you can still keep the morimoto and sell it because I have extra everything. I learned my lesson after both relays gave out while driving during the night lol.
  11. I'll take them for $400 shipped and you can keep the Morimoto kit as I have my own.
  12. I have 117k miles on my truck, so I seriously doubt the dealer will work with me, even if I show him the TSB. I guess it's worth a shot. The weird thing is that this all started right after I got the system flushed. I noticed it when driving it home from the shop. I know for a fact that it didn't do this before the flush. I always glance at my gauges while driving (something my dad drilled in my head when I was younger). I'll definitely check for leaks when I get though.
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