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  1. This event is coming up soon! We still have some space left! Use this link to submit your deposit. http://www.blackbearperformance.com/calendar.asp
  2. Gotcha, we will be happy to help if you have any questions with the AutoCal.
  3. Answering Emails

    Hello, I sent you a PM to get your details to check on that email for you.
  4. Sorry to hear you are not able to make it. We would be happy to help with one of our other tuning options. The AutoCal is the same quality tune as our in person tune. Really the only difference is Justin (the tuner) is not sitting with you tuning while you drive, everything would be emailed back and forth.
  5. We are happy to announce a second day has been added! The event will be held on Dec 15th and 16th! Space is still available, use the link below to submit your deposit. http://www.blackbearperformance.com/calendar.asp
  6. We are happy to announce this event is CONFIRMED! We still have space available. http://www.blackbearperformance.com/calendar.asp

    It's that time of the year again! We are happy to announce our Black Friday Sale, for one day only, Friday the 23rd! Save on AutoCal tuning, performance parts, and much more! If you have any questions you can message us here, email [email protected], or call 877-809-4070.
  8. Black Bear Performance Custom Tuning is coming to Concord, Dec 16, 2018! *The 15th will be added if there is enough interest. - 1998-2016 GM Vehicles - Concord, NC - $100 deposit, $250 balance at time of tune (total $350) - Discounts Available For details, please see http://www.blackbearperformance.com/calendar.asp Black Bear Performance is your premier GM V8 Car, Truck and SUV custom tuner with over 15,000 customers served.
  9. Time slot emails are going out soon! We still have some space left for this event!
  10. With the AutoCal one of the features is that you can put it back to factory settings when you take it in for service. We use every effort to ensure that there is no trace of the tune using GM's current method of tune identification. To date, we haven't had any issues with warranty on these trucks. Plus there is the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act that protects you as well, they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that whatever modification you made is exactly what caused the damage, to deny your claim.
  11. We are happy to announce our Ft Worth Tune Event is confirmed! We still have space available! To submit your deposit use the link below. http://www.blackbearperformance.com/calendar.asp
  12. We still have space available for Ft Worth. Submit your deposit today!
  13. If you would like, send us an email, [email protected], and the tuner can review your situation. On a 6 speed, the shudder with the transmission is very common, as is a downshift clunk coming to a stop. We are able to help address both of those issues for you. We would tune your vehicle with our AutoCal. The AutoCal as mentioned above will allow us to see your specific vehicle data and provide you custom tune files via email.
  14. Turning

    We appreciate that!
  15. Turning

    Brian, we would be happy to help with tuning, we would tune your vehicle via our AutoCal, it will allow us to see your vehicle data, and provide you custom tunes via email. You can call 877-809-4070, or email [email protected] for more info.

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