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  1. We are in the process of moving to a new office. Please make sure to send us an email before you send us PCM's or ECM TCM's, so that we can get you our new mailing address. Thank you!
  2. We have some Scan Cables!!! Normally there is a waitlist for our V1 cables for our Scan Cable Tune option, but right now we have a few in stock, ready to go! Use this link to submit your deposit https://www.blackbearperformance.com/services.asp#scancable
  3. We would be happy to help. I just sent you a message.
  4. Effective Monday April 11th, our AutoCal V3 base price will be increasing from $649 to $699. We have absorbed rising costs for quite some time now, however recent spikes in inventory and shipping costs are forcing this move. If you have been on the fence about this option, you still have a few days to get one at current pricing! We appreciate your business and understanding. If you have any questions please let us know!
  5. It is taking a long time to get superchargers. We have one in stock ready to ship. The customer who ordered it canceled at the last minute because of the wait time. But now we have it and it's ready to go! Whipple kit Truck/SUV - 2004-2006 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L. Here is the link to it on our website. http://store.blackbearperformance.c...23L-TruckSUV--2004-2006-48L53L60L_p_1359.html
  6. Thank you GM-Trucks.com forum for your continued support!!! We look forward to serving you in 2022!!!
  7. We still have some AutoCal V3's left before we sell out of them. Today is the last day they will be on sale!!! We only put them on sale once a year!
  8. The deals on our EFILive AutoCal V3's are live, we are taking $49 off! Give us a call or email and we will do all we can to get the best prices on performance parts as well. Finally everyone who makes a purchase on Black Friday will have a chance to be randomly selected to win free BBP swag with their order!
  9. It's that time of the year again! We are happy to announce our Black Friday Sale! Time to save big on our AutoCal V3's!
  10. We use Chrome so I cant test it on Firefox, give us a call 877-809-4070 and I can help, or try this link https://blackbearperformance.3dcartstores.com/AutoCal-V3-Tuning-System_p_1467.html
  11. Unfortunately, with the tuners workload and schedule and so on, we are not holding tune events anymore. We still offer in person tuning here at our Hayden Idaho location and we always offer custom tuning solutions by mail or email.
  12. The EFILive AutoCal V3's are here! Those who have already ordered, we are shipping them out now. You will get an email from Stamps.com with tracking information soon. Those of you who have not ordered yet, order now because they will sell out again! https://blackbearperformance.3dcartstores.com/AutoCal-V3-Tuning-System_p_1467.html If you have any questions call us 877-809-4070, or email [email protected]
  13. Thank you so much for the review, we really appreciate it!
  14. Thank you everyone for your interest, this has been SOLD.
  15. Not sold yet, we have people that are interested, we are just trying to figure out the shipping for the y pipe.
  16. This fits GM Truck/SUV 2014+. Here is the part # 28602201 you can check it out. Its a sweet deal!
  17. We are selling this personally, Magnacharger TVS2300 for a 2014+ DI, 5.3L or 6.2L, only $4000 + shipping, used for 10k miles!
  18. We are selling this personally part #28602201 used Kooks long tube headers 1 3/4" x 3" PLUS catted y pipe only $750!
  19. Thanks for contacting us, unfortunately we are not able to tune the 2021 models. Also if we are ever able to tune it the 2017 and newer 8 speed TCM's are locked so it would be engine only tuning.
  20. We have one more V2 Scan and Tune tool for sale. This one includes GM tuning support + Dodge Cummins tuning support. ***Please note this does not include any custom tuning from us.
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