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  1. Well I learned something new this morning thanks buddy
  2. Well I've noticed by using the LEDs that were labeled "Canbus Ready" I have never had a hyperflash issue and for the price I got them for and the quality of led I purchased I'm quite happy. Canbus LEDs if I'm not mistaken, have a small microcontroller onboard which notify if one is burned out or no longer functioning on many vehicles. Anyways to each is own. The ones I have run cool, and were nicely priced and perform well. I can't ask for much more than that.
  3. Yeah those plug and play resisters are a pain in the rear. I've known a couple buddies who had them literally catch on fire after using them for the problem you have. I bought a pair on Amazon this year and although the harness was wired nicely it heated up like a damn toaster element. I've noticed that there are bulbs that are anti hyper flash but in your circumstance you just need to get Canbus LEDs. That'll solve your problem with the hyper flashing without adding anything else.
  4. So I was having a random multiple misfire in my '03 silverado the other day so I took my truck to my mechanic friend. He scanned it and said I needed a 02 sensor according to the scan. So I bought 2 new delco sensors but he didn't give me the code, and I'm unsure whether I need to replace the upstream or downstream sensors. Will his Snap-On code scan tool save the code he found so I can call him and find out what it was even after he cleared it in my truck? I'm just trying to figure out which set to replace. Thanks
  5. I took it to my buddy's and he scanned it with a snap on scanner. Its saying bad 02 sensor. I'm wondering which 02 sensors to replace as they aren't very cheap. I'm assuming I should replace the upstream set would that be correct? Would downstream cause a misfire as well? Thanks
  6. I'm throwing a random multiple misfire only when or shortly after the truck is going downhill or stopped at a intersection where the front is lower than the rear. Within seconds it will misfire. Spark plugs are new oem, plug wires are all new oem and fuel filter was just replaced recently. Any help is appreciated
  7. I'm looking for the fuse that controls the dimmer switch/illumination so I can put a fuse tap there for an aftermarket gauge. I've checked my manuals and there isn't any mention of a location for this particular fuse. Anyone know it's location on a 20p3 Silverado? It'd help me out a lot.
  8. Update: For other members looking for a switched 12V (ignition on only) power source inside the cabin fuse box: The SEO ACCY fuse (10A) is unused according to factory service manual. This is on a 2003 Silverado It provides switched 12V power. Hope this helps someone. It's the one below my finger in the picture
  9. Not looking to tap in under the hood. Looking for a switchable fuse inside the cabin. Thanks for your input though.
  10. (If this post is too long I apologize, please scroll to last sentence for my question) Thanks for replying, my truck didn't come with a trans temp gauge or factory trans cooler. I've seen the replacement clusters you speak of which run roughly $200 where they send you a complete replacement cluster with the option of LEDs to the color your choice, an optional replacement bezel and for an additional price they send you one with a OEM trans temp gauge in it which is supposed to be plug and play. They have one that you order and send yours in as the core. Another company has you send your cluster in to be soldered with new LEDs with the same options available as above for a slightly lower price. Pretty dang cool... Since I already have an electric trans temp gauge (Autometer) on my work bench I'd like to install that in the Silverado. I've read a bit about using Retained accessory power, put there for upfitters that's located by my left foot in the center of cabin near the parking brake for ignition switched accessories. But I plan on using that down the line for accessories that draw more power like Auxiliary lights, amps, etc. I was just wondering which fuses in the interior fuse box are switchable with the ignition and not always hot. More specifically I'm wondering where others are running their aftermarket gauges to for switched power?
  11. Alright so I've got the routing planned out for the sender. My question is with a 2003 Silverado can i simply use one of those "add a link" fuse holders to tap into the interior fuse panel for wiring if an electrical aftermarket gauge (autometer)? If so which fuse is for constant and which could I use for switched ign power?
  12. Will some folks have a listen and please offer input it seems to originate from below glove box
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