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  1. Thanks for the write up!!!! It was very detailed and along with the diagrams and parts numbers, this will make the job so much easier for many people like myself!
  2. Just received 8 new injectors from the same guy! Thanks for the lead! It's nice to that each set of injectors are flow tested and matched! Now I have to decide if I want to tackle this myself or pay someone! It's literrally Hot as Hell in Geaogia right now!
  3. Thanks so much! I'll be ordering these tomorrow. Question, do they come with the seals installed on the tip of the injectors? Was it a pain to switch these out? I watched a Youtube video and the Tech made it look pretty easy. I've turned a few wrenches back in the day but the only worries I have is with the injectors being stuck. I would hate to have to replace the rails too. Thanks again!
  4. I can't find OEM injectors anywhere. Do you have any experience with Echlin Injectors from Napa? I want to replace all 8 myself but they say I need a special sizing tool for the seals....is this true?
  5. Any luck on locating injectors? My 2015 5.3L has at least one bad injector...I plan to change all eight. Hard to believe there are no other mfg's making these. There should be a recall. This will be my last GM vehicle.
  6. Did you replace with OEM Air shocks? How are they holding up if so?
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