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  1. I got lucky and found some on CL for $200.
  2. Fabtech also claims your front track width will stay the same while the BDS will push it out a bit, which will require back wheel spacers to even out.
  3. Are these power fold/memory tow mirrors? Do I still need Pgamboa's harness if I have DL3 mirrors?
  4. Would a std paint shop be the place to go for this or is this more specialized?
  5. Thanks for the info. I thought the 6112's came with springs? I've been thinking about doing this switch but wanted to see what the reviews were first. Currently riding on stock ranchos.
  6. I have a Century Camper with remote lock. Century and Leer are made in same plant so I'm sure they use the same locking mechanism. Your camper should have a 1 yr warranty so hopefully your Leer dealer will order a replacement lock. I wasn't having the same issue as you, mine simply just quit working, but they sent a replacement and it's been working fine since. When I received my new lock I opted to installing myself because the dealer wanted to charge me. I'm glad i did because the packaging contained the vendor information for the lock. So if I have problems again I can go straight to them. So whoever may need it in the future, go to www.loadnlocksystems.com
  7. I wanted the longer bed too but it was hard to find and in the color I wanted. Ended up settling for the short bed. There are times I which it was a bit longer but they're times I appreciate the turning radius of the short bed as well.
  8. If I have color matched caps already, will the caps fit these mirrors?
  9. I have a Century cap ultra sport. On my second cap now, first one leaked from drivers side window and century replaced under warranty. Unfortunately, the new one leaks from the passenger side window, even after the TAG East plant manager assured me they were sending me their best of the best. My contact with plant mgr has since gone cold so I'm not sure what my option are at this point. Been dealing with this mess for almost a year now. The Century dealer I purchased cap from is not a high volume store so that has also presented a time delay when dealing with warranty issues. Century would not send my replacement 'til dealer had another customer order cap. Overall, I've been pretty disappointed but I don't think everyone has shared my experience. TAG owns Century, Leer, Raider and Snugtop. Hope you have better luck than me.
  10. are these still available? will be driving through weekend before Christmas. Might be interested.
  11. how much for tires? I'm located in savannah. Might be interested in CAI as well.
  12. I like those stock 18's. Trying to decide if I want to switch from the oem 20" snowflakes to these. Good looking truck.
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