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  1. No box works fine. For 2007-2018 Silverado/Sierra’s… $225 shipped from 01085
  2. No you don’t need to buy a license. It’s all set for you to use on your truck. You have to restore your stock tune before you sell it. Otherwise it’s “linked” or “married” to the last truck it tuned.
  3. Un married and ready to go. $200 shipped....
  4. The in town drone believe it or not. Highway was fine but certain rpms I hit when driving was too much for me.
  5. For sale is a Carven Progressive series cat back SS exhaust for 2008-2018 Ex. Cab/double cab. reg bed. Or crew cab short bed. I had to reuse the front clamp to install my stock exhaust back on but they can be had at NAPA cheap. Was installed for 5000/6000 miles roughly. $450 shipped.... Pic's were here too big to upload so will have to resize them. Or I can email or text them to you also.
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