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    2017 Silverado CC Z71
  1. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Well I went from a midsize to full size. I owned a 2016 Colorado CC SB. What I liked about It was easier to fit in parking lots/garage/gas mileage. It did lack interior space for Pets/ Kid but it was doable. Also with our camper it wasn’t pleasant to haul around but again it was doable. I probably would still have it if it wasn’t a POS. Lots of quality issues with it and I couldn’t take it! Ended up finding a Used 17’ Silverado CC SB with next to no miles on it, optioned the way I would want it if I would have ordered one. Downside it barely fits in the garage and it’s like turning a boat in parking lots. Gas mileage is about 2.5 mpg off the Colorado. If the next house has a smaller garage or we sell the camper I’d probably go back to Midsize. I might get kicked for this but I do like the gladiator just with a diesel option.
  2. Bushwhacker Trail Armor

    On the hole two reviews this has gotten, no one mentioned screws. Only thing mentioned was 3m tape. 🤷‍♂️ I do like the door sill portion for sure. Linex for the rockers or as they call it “chip guarding” starts at $1500 FYI.
  3. Looking for door sills for my truck and stumbled across these. Just curious if anyone has seen them or has them. https://www.autotrucktoys.com/p/bushwacker-chevy-silverado-trail-armor-rocker-panel-and-door-sill-protectors/
  4. Leaving team GM with heavy heart

    👍 More tech, more shit to break. I’ll pass.
  5. Leaving team GM with heavy heart

    Biggest downside to FCA other than reliability is there resale value is total crap. Obviously all vehicles are depreciating assets but FCA is among the worst.
  6. Anything you hate about your truck?

    1.Ice Possible notification 2.GMs AFM 3.its not a diesel
  7. Got me good

    I’m a flat lander and I’d love to try this. 😂
  8. Paint Chips in Bumper

    Yep, same issues. Previous owner must have loved to tailgate. I decided to have the entire bumper sanded down/repainted. The useless touch up pen got it though the salt belt winter. Once it’s repainted I will be getting the 3M protectant. Shop I’m using is charging $900-ish to redo bumper and the 3M protectant I’ve been quoted bout $250 to install. Could be worst, it could be a plastic bumper. 🙄
  9. No regrets! I didn’t realize how rare the Standard bed was until I started looking. Even fits in the garage by 3 inches thankfully. On the the down side it can be a PITA to park in tight parking lots or crowded lots.
  10. Window tint

    Here’s mine the back is stock and front is 20% to match.
  11. I have a Westin Deflector on my 17’. I haven’t noticed any fluttering issues. One issue I and so many have run into is the screws that come with some of these aren’t long enough. Get a RANGE if you don’t want to go full tune to get rid of AFM.
  12. Thanks! Maybe I’m jumping the gun. This truck has not seen travel trailer yet. Ours is only 26ft. Now the Colorado I had previously wasn’t happy at all.
  13. Very nice write up! Here’s a few questions I have; how difficult is it to adjust the shocks once they're installed as in changing to different settings? Also has anyone towed using this set-up yet? I’d love a little lift or atleast level but need some rake for hauling the camper around. If it was easily adjust this set-up would be prefect!
  14. 2017 Silverado Stock Items

    Stateline IL (Rockford region)
  15. Leaving team GM with heavy heart

    Yea...I owned it about one and half years, think it was in the shop more than anything. First shot of unloading that thing I took it. All my issues where suspension and cosmetic. Must have been built on a Sunday during the NFL playoffs.

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