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  1. Yep, I’m located in Northern IL. Between more idle time and winter blend, my avg is down to about 21.5. Down from an avg of 24.5 with a mix of city/rural driving.
  2. I’ve only plugged in a few times. Mainly if it’s going to be close to zero and the truck is sitting. (Thanks Covid) I’ve only gotten the wait to start light once for a few seconds and that was at -12. The 3.0 uses electronic dampeners. Once you shut the truck off the dampeners close retaining the engine heat. My truck sits outside for 10-12hours a day at work and haven’t had an issue. There is also no winter blanket available unlike the HD’s in the past.
  3. I guess I’m old school, I’ve always done this with new vehicles. First oil change at 3k or 50% of usage left. Too many variables on a new engine. I’ll gladly spend the money on a extra oil change if it means a longer longitivtiy. Never know how long you’ll own that vehicle. By the way oil changes on these are not bad at all!
  4. Mine does this too,m. I just thought it was normal since it’s normally being auto started in the garage. I guess next time Its in for service I’ll have it checked since I was just they’re today.
  5. I have the same cover installed its not completely water tight but I also have the multi-pro tailgate which seems to leak more often with multiple covers. I do have a gasket installed along the front which helps it stay mainly dry except for hard down-pours. If you want 100% water proof unfortunately your looking at the hard tri-folding covers or aluminum roll ups.
  6. It’s actually 22K in lease payments and a 34K lease buy-out.
  7. Congrats! I’ve got the same the color, you’ll love it.
  8. I’ll reserve judgement until i actually see it. That and how much the prices increase for a sedan like interior. I looked at the new Rams before settling on a Sierra I liked the interior of the Rams but I don’t buy based on interiors especially on a truck. I like the “boring, outdated” black plastic interior for the simple fact it’s easy to clean and hides dirt/dust and imperfections from being used as an actual Truck.
  9. Nows the time to upgrade, if you can find one to your liking on the dealer lots. In our area Trade in values are sky high. I traded a 17’ I bought two and half years ago for a 21’ 3.0. They gave me almost 34k for the 17’. I got a 62k 3.0 for mid 40’s, if I choice to buy out the lease. Only thing you need to watch is the interest rates especially on the 21’s depending on your area.
  10. Take one out you’ll love it! I had a 17’ 5.3 that I Traded for the 3.0. The 3.0 does have a slight exhaust sound when your driving. I’d say the sound is more noticeable while driving then outside. I thought I would miss that v8 sound as well however over the past month and half I haven’t missed it once. Towing wise I can still tow 8500lbs, only 500 less than my 17’ 5.3.
  11. I’ll have to give this a shot. I’m in northern IL so January/February are usually the coldest and most miserable two months of the year around here. Truck is garaged at night but sits outside work 12-14hours a day.
  12. I was thinking going with this one; https://dmaxstore.com/products/?route=product/product&path=2290_2493_3488_3491&product_id=415 however I like this amsoil for the pure fact of convenience one 8oz bottle covers 20 gallons.
  13. Has anyone in the Salt belt or Canada starting using a winter formula yet? If so what’s your take on using a winter formula with the best results on these BabyD’s?
  14. Thus far i still Love my 21’ Sierra 3.0. Rides fantastic gets Great gas mileage, hauls the family and mutts just fine. Has more luxury and safety tech then I’ll ever use. Makes my old 17’ seem like a 1998.
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