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  1. Yep all for the proclaimed Mpg gain . I had a Colorado before this and that Valance was gone on day two, that one was a lot easier to remove and wasn’t as complexed.
  2. Sorry no pics, I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. Ive already reattached it with some zip-ties for now. Basically 70% of the clips aren’t holding anything as the plastic was ripped away.
  3. I Finally joined the Valance-less crowd! Ended up ripping half of it off while doing some light off roading. Wouldn’t even call it that, caught it on a dam tree stump. GM can stick there over 700 bucks for a 75 bucks worth of plastic! Thank God for zip-ties. Any suggestions for a non-GM replacement? I’ve thought about tearing it completely off but need a remedy for the front license plate I’m required.
  4. It finally happened! looking for the Front Valance that will fit a 2017 Z71 w/tow hooks. I would need the “filler piece” as well, don’t care if it’s Chrome or not.
  5. Well since we’re all stuck inside except for those of us that must work, decided it was a good time for some Mods! 2.5” strut RC level N3 RC rear shocks R20 Go Rhino Boards 33” Allturo Tires I’ll get better pics when it’s stops pouring! Yes, it does fit in the garage by about 3” front to rear. Now to find some fender flares.
  6. Recon all the way, haven’t had a single issue with them other than the price of course.
  7. It’s more to prevent rock chips and other things from hitting the body. I normally don’t keep my vehicles long enough for them to start rusting away.
  8. Sierra flares will not work, I’ve looked into it. Chevy does have one similar to that of the Sierra on there website. It looks very similar to the ones found on the Colorado z71. Just not sure it’s enough coverage.
  9. Show those fender flares! I’m looking for some options and with that Opinions. I just can’t decide between a bushwhacked Style OE or a Extend-A-Flare type. Truck will soon be getting a RC 2.5 level w/1” Blocks in the back. Currently still riding on factory 265/65/18 tires until fall. 18” rims will be staying. I will not go crazy on tire sizes as to avoid rubbing, not to mention it’s already a CC standard bed.
  10. I have the Westin Smoked one ole’ school uses 4-5 screws.
  11. Weathertech full coverage REAR linear. This was only used for 6 months. Willing to ship at buyers expense or local pick-up ( Northern IL) $40.00 https://share.icloud.com/photos/0R20FKC9YiCh-PsiwegCyjyDw
  12. No prob, I still might cut out the resonator. Not sure yet.
  13. Flowmaster 40/No flapper valve. AFM turned off, no other performance mods.. yet
  14. This is the exact set-up I have. I’ll see if I can get a video shortly.
  15. I just had my front bumper repainted. Also tri-coat in color ran me $900 out the door, no sensors. If I was to replace with new OEM Chrome bumper i was quoted around $1200-1300.
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