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  1. Used thebĺ Loaded the Flashpaq 87 tune and so far so better. Btw, summit has them as $406 plus $50 rebate. That's a home run.
  2. my 19 LTZ clunks every down shift. Dealer says normal LOL... Sometimes when I go it doesnt down shift and shutters as well. Normal I am told.
  3. Came of my 2017 with 5,000 miles on them, like new. GM OEM Asking $400 make offers. In CT
  4. out to 500 yards? you want a 4.5 x 25 the Viper PST would be a great choice for the money. I have one on my 308 and it bright and clear. Get a 1911 rail for both and you will not need different mounts. Also can get a quick detach throw lever for the mount or rings
  5. 2019 LD and shakes like bad u joint at 70 and up. 300 miles on it. Dealer says couldn't find any issues of course. water bottle in armrest shakes like crazy, thought something came loose the first time. bad.
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