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  1. I saw a pic somewhere of the install, now can't find it. Haven't spent much time under the hood yet and wanted to see how the lines were run and a parts list. I have just the Provent, not a kit.
  2. he is in the Qatar, are they not allowing Android Auto for some reason? Adel, That is very strange, it may be disabled by GM or at the port, however you do have it. Perhaps someone can "jail break" it.
  3. 2021 does have wireless android. If it's in my SLT , its def in your Denali. You have to turn it on in settings like th eother poster said.
  4. There are a couple midnight blue around here. One stealer had a "market adjustment" of $5k over msrp!!!! I told hm where to put it. Another has a Yukon XL, but thats a ship.
  5. Anybody put one on a 3.0 dmax yet? Curious if there was anything in there to talk about if so. I would think this mineral oil they want us to use would vaporize really quickly and get sucked all around the places it shouldn't be.
  6. Hmmm. was told to expect a 2022 end of December if lucky by several dealers with nothing in stock. So guess they had no reason to lie... but did they??? Of course with ever changing variants of the China "virus" magically appearing just as everything is going back to whatever normal will be, will slow production of everything again.
  7. Yank all that out and put a 12 bolt in there. Otherwise, yeah, these are not off roading, rock crawlers at all. Not sure how tall a tire you can go with these.
  8. Well, look at it this way, you didn t have to pay $100k for the cadillac.
  9. This must be an early build as you can delete the steering lock at order now and it looks like most do. I know if you leave the key in there and shut the door or something like that, the only way it will start is to shake the key. Its a theft deterrent thing. Emissions, well who knows. Hopefully just a weird sensor thing...
  10. You just answered the question. They can sell that in a heartbeat and dont care. I know where there is a blue XL and a blue regular one. One in NJ and XL on long island. Pretty well equipped. The yukon is at Pointe GMC in NJ and the XL I thinking of the name. Found both on the GMC site though, available inventory.
  11. only 700miles of smiles... best has been 30mpg doing 80 on NY turnpike with a lttle traffic. Things pulls, it's quiet, love it so far. Only thing I dont like is the 0-20 oil. Thats baby oil. I se no reason why 5-30 ESP wouldnt be safe for the SCR/ DPF and decrease mileage. The oil pump will be fine, everyone is all worked up about the belt driven pump. If you have to pull the tranny to replace the belt, I can see that as expensive if you take it to a shop. It is something you can do on a lift if you have access to one. Plus I am sure the belt would last a lot longer than 150k, I have seen timing belts last for 200k plus on gassers turning 3000 rpm all day. My 3.0 does around 1500 at 80mph, maybe less. The pump is variable and nobody really knows how long it will last.
  12. if it goes away under acceleration, I would look at half shaft, CV, alignment... have a diesel jetta at 80mph it vibrates, coast its fine. turned out to be the axle.
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