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  1. 2021 3500 AT4 and the SD card has an error. I've read through this just went outside to check to see if the card was locked. As it didn't say, I moved the slider forward, that was clearly unlocked as there were more errors, so I moved it back. No fix. Onstar has attempted it as well. Dealer wasn't overly helpful.
  2. The stuff from GM is not hard to install. The toughest part is the trim re/re.
  3. PIC 24 through 29 - The finished product.
  4. PIC 23 - I installed a fuse block so to keep everything neat and tidy.
  5. PIC 22 - I drew all the wiring diagrams so I would know what was what.
  6. PIC 19, 20 and 21 - Loom, lots of it. Note that I will be installing some heat wrap on the ones that run above the block later today.
  7. PIC 16, 17, 18 - Wires, wires and more wires. I used a lot of 14 ga wire. So far 22 wires came into the cab, noting that the winch and buggy whip wires are not yet installed. I tried to map everything, colour coding, labelling and building harnesses as best I could.
  8. Morning, It was suggested that I place the write up on the custom gauge installation in this section so I will do just that. A bit of background: this truck is brand new with just under 8000 km on the clock. It has already seen -45C and some off road conditions. I am a business owner (Arrowsmith Project Management Limited) and this is one of my trucks. First: a special thanks to everyone who has discussed the upfitter switches using the GM parts. I was very excited about that and was going to go that way but with discussions at the local parts counter about being my responsibi
  9. Hello, With all the support there is with the upfitter switches, I thought I would give others another write up on a full custom switch (and light install). If this is the right location for that I will add it tomorrow. Please advise.
  10. My progress to date... Custom built headache rack to not block the cameras and for service lights and a yellow rotating beacon (tomorrow). Have the big 32" Strands Light Bar installed but not wired yet too. Company logos were today as well.
  11. Thanks. I like to tinker but also to do it right. Installed the drivers side fuse block today and did a lot of shop cleanup (all those bits go everywhere).
  12. Update, the truck is reassembled now. Still waiting for some fabricated items so I can place the lights but the interior is just about done now. I will point out that the side console trim has a slide in/out tab that wasn't identified on the write up and I broke them off. Had to glue them back and then all good. Anyway, see my 2 (1x on/off lit switch and 1 moment switch for my front light bar) and the 6 other switch locations on the side console. FYI I found another port on the passenger side in case others need more room to run wire through the fire wall. This wa
  13. You will see in the second picture there where the fit up of the dash switches is that I did some cutting to the bit behind the knee bolster. As well I have utilized the OEM fire wall port (trimmed the engine side with side cutters as recommended in earlier posts) and stuffed 10 of the 22 wires I need through it. I will have to find another way for everything else. I also have a coax for the VHF radio and another for the cell booster to come through there as well. Lastly the custom built head ache rack is getting ready for powder coating. So I am getting very excited. Cheers,
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