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  1. Ok, so finally took ownership of the 3500 AT4 DMAX on Thursday and boy is this an awesome truck! First box shorter than 8ft in 22 years so that's a bit strange but I will sort it out. What gets me is how heavy the truck is. Anyone else in British Columbia have issues with them being so heavy amd now having to get a NSC # because of it? This is a pain in a rear end.
  2. Funny how those very detailed instructions say nothing of the sort. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't look all that difficult - time consuming yet but not something that would need programming from the factory. Seems like I was supplied an excuse.
  3. Redwngr, I bought a new 3500 AT4 - pick it up Friday. No switches. What I found is somewhat disturbing and I thought I would ask you if you knew why - the switches can be ordered but apparently they can't installed as there is a BCM that must be set a certain way at the factory for these to work as intended. That to me seems very odd as to why they are even connected to the computer at all but I don't know enough about it. Short story is that it looks like if I try it without this BCM flashed a particular way, the warranty goes out the window. What I said to the parts manager was that due to my going back to work we would work on this later and he suggested that the knee bolster, the switches / bezel and the wiring harness could be ordered (but not returnable) and I would then be able to wire the end of the harness to power the simple 12V items I want. Seems very logical. Thoughts?
  4. Exactly, anything below -30 and all sorts of weird stuff can and will happen. Take for example by simple circuit overhead beacon on the existing truck; in -45 it wasn't working, now in -15 it is working as normal. Goodness knows if you add a computer to the mix what would happen.
  5. No kidding. You've got bad injectors or a buggered computer that is doing something horrible for consumption.
  6. I laugh about warming up in -50C. My truck took 45 minutes and 50km of driving and it barely hit 95 (middle of the gauge).
  7. Wow! Idling my '12 Cummins RAM all day and I was only showing 31L/100km but that was just the display not the actual burn of fuel as that barely moved. So, if you are saying it was warm and got that actually driving, that's pathetic. I can see why you would be complaining. Perhaps there is something wrong with it? have you had it scanned?
  8. You have a tier 4 diesel that sees less than 13L/100km and you are concerned? What is the new one getting? It won't get anywhere close to that on the computer in -30 or lower so I guess, please clarify. Cheers,
  9. I'm thinking the same way. Although a tad pricy I think I'm going for a BDS because of the warranty it offers. I'm not interested in blocks, pucks or other light duty junk. Thinking the BDS 3" or 5" to run a decent 35" tread offroad with no rubbing...
  10. Hard to say but the upfitter switch option in the knee bolster is very valid.
  11. That is a spectacular write-up. Greatly appreciated. Honestly, I would have thought that this would have been plug and play but as it isn't I will review once it is time. My switches will power a forward light bar, a head ache rack mounted rotating beacon, a reversing squawk box which will be engaged from the reversing trigger, but switched here so it isn't on all the time, large backup / aux lamps and lastly either some sideways facing aux lamps or i will just run the wire through the dash and terminate it so that I won't need to mess with all the dash again. Again, excellent write-up. Cheers,
  12. Fair enough. Funny thing is that they aren't ordered at all down south but are on every truck up north. It doesn't matter really as I need them there so I need to get that done either by them or myself (assuming it is plug and play). By chance do you have any other recommended GMC add-ons that one should consider? Cheers,
  13. I've seen the factory ordered switches on trucks without any dealer input a whopping $175 option. However, in this case, I will be buying all the GM parts from GM and following said directions as it doesn't look all that difficult. Regardless of who is correct, the point is I need them in there to make the truck work for what I need it to be. Anyway, my old truck is falling apart and isn't worth trading in so I likely just use it as a farm truck or something (not sure). I will have to do something soon though. Thanks for everyone's assistance here though. It has been greatly appreciated.
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