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  1. Finished the rear lightbar install and tapped into the bed cargo lights. Works perfectly.
  2. @boettcher40 good recommendation. Will look into that now.
  3. Sad but true I do want to swap out a 35" spare mount in the rear of the truck, replace the stock bulbs, add a Mishimoto radiator, cradelpoint router, and a few other things.
  4. Here is two more images for everyone. The rest I'm saving for some content that will be seen next year in a hunting publication. @boettcher40for the lightbar mod I did this. My next and only other additional thing to complete is I've added a rear LED that will sit under the All Top Shade Cover and have a switch mounted inside the tailgate.
  5. Finally finished and trail ready for hunting and exploring the dirt. FOX 2.0 Front & Rear Method Grid Black Rims Toyo AT3 35” Tires N-fab Steps Magnaflow Cat-Back BlackBear Performance Tune S&B Cold Air Intake Westin Front & Rear Bumper Putco Venture Rack GMC Sierra 2500 switch lightbar mod Raptor Sytle Grill LED’s Pedal Commander All Top Shade Cover OffGrid Camper
  6. 35” on now, no rubbing and installed raptor style grill. Next up, remove front and rear bumper and remove all chrome.
  7. Just got the brand new Amp Research side steps put on today. Looks incredible and they work incredibly well.
  8. So magically the check engine light goes off the day we took it to the dealer. Everything is perfectly fine, no issues at all and they updated the software in the vehicle. They have no idea what or why this happened. Super odd and happy to have our vehicle back with no issues.
  9. Bought this vehicle brand new. I love it, and perfect for myself, my family, and the fact it's Diesel puts the cherry on top for me. But... now things have started. We have currently 1,137 miles on the vehicle and had the first message populated: - Service steering column lock. (see photo) Everything else worked, remote start, standard start, and the vehicle had zero issues. The following day from our road trip, we had to go to the DMV with our out-of-state paperwork to submit for plates. My wife now received a new message. - Service emissions system. See owners manual. (see photo) She drove to the DMV and left to get the smog paperwork. Then a new issue: - Vehicle remote start isn't working. (see photo) She is in the car and tries to start... Nothing. She tries again. It starts, and she drives it to a local dealer. They come to look and scheduled us for an appointment. She drives the vehicle now, and Onstar now shows the emission issue. ( see photo ) We now can't register the vehicle in California, because, the check engine light is on, emissions warning, and they won't smog it until it's corrected. Awesome... I noticed that none of these issues happened until it updated the software in the vehicle. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed. I've been looking around for answers and only finding more issues that are all pretty shitty. Sorry, no better way to say it. I've also seen a post of people saying, “deal with it, it's a new breed of vehicles,” etc. I’d challenge that answer. No one should pay this much for a vehicle and face these issues I'm reading about. So here's what I'm going to do, document everything, and I mean everything. This will be for everyone who may have this issue now or who may come across it. My opinion...but I'm not a mechanic, is that there is a massive software and hardware issue with these models. I believe GM internally has to know about this from Dealers, Customer Service, Compliance Reports, etc. I'm sure all issues are in the queue to be address or fixed. I do, however, feel with the challenges of physical hardware that they chose a vendor that was most cost-effective, which is a component of these issues a long with the capability to support the software complexity of the current models. Or maybe I'm just wearing a tin hat, who knows. So, I open this up to you. Any advice, similar issues, outcomes you've faced, and other topics, please comment below. May the journey of dealership visits begin. Hopefully, this journey isn't to long.
  10. I recently went on a road trip with the family over the holiday from Temecula, California to Antonio Colorado with the Black Bear Performance (BBP) custom tune. Round trip was 2,730 miles of driving with this installed, I'm going to say that hands down, this is the best modification you can do to your vehicle. The shifting is incredible, almost game changing and like a different truck and really pisses you off that GM/Chevy wont make those adjustments factory. Mileage I'm averaging around 17mpg HWY right now and when you need to step on it... this truck MOVES! The pull and response is amazing and really made a difference. All around... totally recommend this. I contact BBP and gave them my list of of wants and needs including my mods: Specific Areas Of Concern: Transmission Slippage at slow speeds, get that kick every once in a while. Rough Idle. Sluggish when you step on it, has a delay to throttle response. When you're on the highway and punch it, it has a delay and horrible shifting, all around shifting sucks. Spark Plugs are good but has a slow start. Any Desired Tune Changes: AFM Delete Responsive Throttle. When I touch it I want it to go. Smooth Shifting. Want truck to no have a lag when I'm on and pull hard. Not looking for a super high performance tuned truck. Most of the driving and style I do is mellow just want a smooth clear ride and power there when I need it. Gas Mileage improved. Speedometer seems a slight off due to my tires and suspension change recently. Currently my mods are: BlackBear Performance Tune FOX 2.0 Front & Rear (sits perfectly level) Method Grid Black Rims Toyo Open Country 285/70/17 N-fab Steps Magnaflow Cat-Back K&N Filter 30" Light-bar with GM-84168423 Mod with active shutters
  11. GM 84168423 ( Lots of info in the forms on this. I will do a detailed install ) Fox 2.0 so went up 2.3inches and level perfect.
  12. Baja HQ in San Juan Capistrano made her look good, really good. FOX 2.0 Front & Rear (sits perfectly level) Method Grid Black Rims Toyo Open Country 285/70/17 N-fab Steps Magnaflow Cat-Back Lock’er Down center counsel safe Lock’er Down rear bench rifle safe Next Up BlackBear Performance Tune 32” Lightbar with GM-84168423 Mod
  13. I had the Ram Mount cup holder but it annoyed the hell out of me because it sits so far back and let’s face it, takes up your spot for coffee in the morning. I found this clap on Amazon and I’m super happy with it and wanted to share. Here is the link to buy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J2E9FVA?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_product_details
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