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  1. Thanks again! I do agree that the black side steps help a lot with the looks of the truck. We do have one unique color for sure. Chrome doesn't look bad either on some of these trucks, but it's weird how IMO the chrome needs to be on certain parts of the truck to look good.
  2. Thanks! It's a nice color, but on some days I hate it. I hate when it looks like a green color when the sun hits it, but then we mostly get grays which I love and then our truck looks black at night due to the color. It was probably their most unique color in the K2 gen. I think with the all black wheels and sidewalls on the tires, it helps bring out the color more making it look much better. Nice and you have a very nice view there. My family is from Pierias outside of Athens. Enjoy your trip and have some souvlakia for me.
  3. And forgot to post these pics here, had new wheels and tires installed last week. Here are some pics of the new tires and wheels, got them installed this past Friday.
  4. How much I miss the souvlakia in Greece, where are you at?
  5. Here are some pics of the new tires and wheels, got them installed this past Friday.
  6. Here are some pics of the new tires and wheels, got them installed this past Friday.
  7. That is good to hear, I will call a few places to see what they are charging on the install. I was reading that there is some aftermarket exhausts that due better with the drone in-cab issue. Are there ones in particular that you would recommend? I'll post some pics after the tires/wheels get installed later this weekend.
  8. Thanks @dcarl @TXGREEK @CamGTP for the help guys. On Saturday I went to Discount Tire, and ordered the Nitto Terra Grappler G2's at 275/65/18 and the Vision Nemesis 111 wheels in matte black. I do have the factory mudflaps, but the manager at DT didn't think we needed to do any trimming and sounded from what you guys said I should be good. Once I get this done, I'll have to start looking at Katzkins and any recommendations on an exhaust? I'm not looking for anything super loud, probably mid range with a dual rear exit which is what I'm thinking at the moment. Do you guys think if I were to buy an exhaust from RealTruck, would a reputable muffler shop install what I purchased? I can do it myself, but don't have that kind of time anymore to fiddle with.
  9. The salesman ended up telling me that they will road force balance these for me since I had inquired about them. They were also running a 10% off deal till today there where they give you a pre-paid MC for the 10% so sounds like I went at the right time. They were originally out of the wheels I wanted, due to all of the trouble with them I had selected another set and he ended up giving me $20 off each one too so not bad. Just have to wait for the wheels to come in later in the week and hoping by next Saturday they can get these installed. I'll post some pics, I'm happy that I can finally get the stock wheels and tires off of this truck. EDIT: I ended up going back to Discount Tire today, swapped out the order on those DX4 wheels for the Vision Nemesis wheels.
  10. I’m ordering the Nitto Terra G2s today from Discount Tire a long with this set of rims. Hoping these G2’s are good, was bouncing back and forth between these and the Ridge Grapplers. If I can get 60K out of these that will be great. We get a lot of snow and rain here where I’m at and was one of the reasons why I was thinking the Ridge Grapplers would be better, but it sounds like the Terra G2’s are really good for this kind of weather too. Do you recommend I also add the road force balancing too?
  11. It was raining here today, any time when its wet outside and I hit the gas at a stop which I agree the spinning is terrible. I have the Goodyear Wrangler Fortitudes HT's which were my stock tires, and they suck in wet weather. They are supposed to be an AT tire, but that is a joke. For the original poster, I was one of the guys that started a thread about a month ago about tires. I haven't bought a new set yet, but with Black Friday here next week I might pull the trigger then since I also want a new set of wheels too. I'm still debating between the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and the Falken Wildpeaks which looks nice too. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/229980-looking-for-new-tires-and-wheels-any-suggestions/?tab=comments#comment-2322434
  12. I don't get people that try to steal these new vehicles considering all of the tracking technology in them these days. I don't blame you, I would have done the same thing. Did you go through two sets of the Nittos on the previous Silverado?
  13. They do look good on your truck. How are those Ridge grapplers in the snow and rain? I'm debating between the Nitto Ridge's and the Tera Grappler G2, so I've narrowed it down on the tires but can't make up my mind on the wheels.
  14. Nice looking truck, which wheels and tires do you have on yours? I do see a set of Fuel wheels.
  15. Sorry, thought I had responded to you and I didn't. That really sucks that your previous truck got stolen, were they able to recover it at all or is long gone? Seems like you are split between positives and negatives which is not bad. I will say your truck does look sweet, I really like the Trail Boss and it will be my next truck when the time comes. Not sure where you live, but have you put those tires through rain and snow yet? We get quite a bit of snow here.
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