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  1. 2018 Silverado Cheyenne Big 10

    One of the dealers I think in MN where I saw another video was also doing painted as an option instead of the wrapping. This is quite cool for those that would love to do this to their truck. It was this dealership, and the owner seems like a good dude.
  2. New 2018 vs 2019 dilemma

    While the 2019's do have some nice features that the 2017/2018 should have had to keep up with the competition, there are some negatives still with the 2019. Probably best to get out there and do some test driving to see how you totally feel. It's a tough one, especially now where the 2018 stock is slowly depleting and you probably have to make a decision soon before there isn't much left. If you go with a 2018, at least try to go with an LTZ or High Country. I went with the 2018 Z71 LT and at times do regret it a little bit since the LTZ would have been the sweet spot with some of the additional features. Though I will say that some of the 2019 features I wish we had in the 2018. I promised my wife I'd keep this one for at least 5-7 years, had just traded in my 2016 Colorado that I had for less than 2 years and can't keep taking those heavy hits with trades.
  3. What have you done to your K2 today?

    How are these Westin's and what do they cost? I am looking for a set of running boards here before the winter hits and I need ones that won't totally rust out due to the fun winters here in Illinois.
  4. I was watching some Silverado mod vids earlier, and this one came up and I didn't know that they had made some limited edition ones for 2018. This looks sweet and I saw a few others with different colors.
  5. Looks very nice! You can always get them added on or install them yourself.
  6. LTZ taillights to LT trim?

    Nice, report back once you have upgraded.
  7. Driver Pillar Door Handle

    LOL! I know that’s what usually ends up happening. Guess a guy in the sales thread had one for sale and I missed it. What’s a good site to get one at a decent price? Totally agree that if it’s standard in RAM and Ford trucks, GM should follow suite.
  8. I’ll look at this brand too. Too bad the brackets weren’t totally rust proof on a lot of these kits, it would make things so much nicer.
  9. Is there a thread here with discussions on taking LTZ taillights and retrofitting them on an LT. I spoke with Phil yesterday about his harness, but wanted to read up on others experience. I tried the search and didn’t really find much, thanks!
  10. Driver Pillar Door Handle

    I totally agree as to why GM didn't include this as standard is mind boggling, but I guess they try to save every single penny they can which is not good when these little simple things are missing.
  11. Driver Pillar Door Handle

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'll be looking into doing this next since its cheap and easy.
  12. Has anyone installed a driver pillar door handle? I am thinking of adding one on the driver side for my wife. What do these usually run for an OEM, does GMpartsdirect.com carry these? The install looks very simple to do too.
  13. That is great, thanks for the pics. I'm looking at these and the Dominator D6, both look really good. I primarily need these for my wife and son, they have a tough time getting in. Myself and my other kids are no problem since we are taller. LOL!
  14. I have the same graphite colored Z71 Silverado, those Rhino's look good on there. How have these held up for those that have these? I live in IL, so snow and salt will be a concern, are these powder coated so they don't rust? How good are these for providing protection against those clowns that swing their door open leaving a dent on your side? What is the difference between the Rhino Black Dominator D6 and Rhino RB20?
  15. Totally agree, Phil is an awesome dude. He even responded back to me while he was out to dinner. Enjoy your mod, its one of the best things I've done to this truck so far.

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