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  1. It was raining here today, any time when its wet outside and I hit the gas at a stop which I agree the spinning is terrible. I have the Goodyear Wrangler Fortitudes HT's which were my stock tires, and they suck in wet weather. They are supposed to be an AT tire, but that is a joke. For the original poster, I was one of the guys that started a thread about a month ago about tires. I haven't bought a new set yet, but with Black Friday here next week I might pull the trigger then since I also want a new set of wheels too. I'm still debating between the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and the Falken Wildpeaks which looks nice too. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/229980-looking-for-new-tires-and-wheels-any-suggestions/?tab=comments#comment-2322434
  2. I don't get people that try to steal these new vehicles considering all of the tracking technology in them these days. I don't blame you, I would have done the same thing. Did you go through two sets of the Nittos on the previous Silverado?
  3. They do look good on your truck. How are those Ridge grapplers in the snow and rain? I'm debating between the Nitto Ridge's and the Tera Grappler G2, so I've narrowed it down on the tires but can't make up my mind on the wheels.
  4. Nice looking truck, which wheels and tires do you have on yours? I do see a set of Fuel wheels.
  5. Sorry, thought I had responded to you and I didn't. That really sucks that your previous truck got stolen, were they able to recover it at all or is long gone? Seems like you are split between positives and negatives which is not bad. I will say your truck does look sweet, I really like the Trail Boss and it will be my next truck when the time comes. Not sure where you live, but have you put those tires through rain and snow yet? We get quite a bit of snow here.
  6. Which tires/wheels do you have, nice looking truck.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was doing is looking on realtruck and discount tire.
  8. I never knew that they would test fit at Discount Tire, that is very helpful. I heard they also give you 30 days if unsatisfied. I've only ever bought tires from them in the past. Are there any good sites that allow you to visually place tires and wheels on to see what they look like? I've toyed around with a few, but they haven't been that great. Ευχαριστώ! I'm also Greek. LOL!
  9. Thanks for the feedback on the Terra G2's, they seem to be a pretty popular tire. That 2019 looks nice and so does your tires/wheels. How are you liking the new ride compared to the K2 gen? I've been tempted a few times to trade for a T1, but know deep down inside best to just wait it out since my truck is a bit over a year old and has been a champ so far.
  10. Good to know about the Wildpeaks. Agreed on the dedicated snow tires, would be nice if I had the option to just swap them out for the seasons. I was looking at Fuel, Moto, Vision and a few other wheels. I just have to figure out which one to go with. I'd probably order at my local Discount Tire since they are also pretty good with the certificates too. Did you guys also get the same tire and rim for the spare or keep your spare the same? I have to figure if I stay with 265/65 that I keep the current spare or if I go 275/65 then I'll need to get another spare/wheel. Hell, a few weeks ago I was even tinkering of trading this 2018 in next year for a 2020 Trail Boss, but having come from a 2016 Colorado that had some issues to a 2018 Silverado that has been running pretty good so far is hard to give up. Plus its cheaper to do most of these mods then losing money trading in on a bit over year old truck. That is not too big of a difference then, might just go with the 275/65 to get a slightly bigger tire.
  11. Thank you guys for the feedback. I think for now then I will just sick with the size that I have or looks at the 275/65/18. If I were to go with 275/65/18, do I need to also tune my speedo/tach? Where I live we do get a lot of snow, ice, and rain as I am in the midwest Chicago suburbs. I'm looking for a bit more aggressive tire, but something that will also be good for all year round including the snow and rain. Do you guys recommend the Falken Wildpeak AT3W or Nitto Terra Grappler G2 as I'm also looking for a smooth ride. In terms of wheels, which brands are good to also look at?
  12. Cross posting here too since I just found this helpful thread as I've been trying to find some posts with graphite and black wheels/tires. I've had my 2018 Z71 LT Crew now for a bit over a year with about 13,000 miles and I am thinking of finally changing out my tires and wheels. Good thing is that with such low mileage, I was looking around and my tries can still fetch a few bucks and of course I'd be selling the current wheels. I currently have the Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT's, and these past few months I haven't felt like they have been that good in the rain and with winter on the way, plus I want to have a bit more aggressive looking tires/wheels especially in all black. My current tires are a 265/65R18, I was going to go with some 20's but then I had a reply in another thread where the ride would be not smooth at all. I also plan to also get Katzkins installed later this Fall. I'm considering the Nitto Ridge Grapplers or Terra Grapplers G2 and the Moto Metal Black MO970 or Vision Nemesis wheels. This is my current setup. Any other thoughts or suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the recommendation on the 20" wheels. What size can I get on here without any rubbing occurring since I don't have any kind of lift at the moment and would I need to have my speedo re-calibrated if I went with a slightly larger tire? I'll be looking for a smooth ride for sure, my wife drives the truck too and she will complain if this thing is all bumpy as hell on the road. LOL! Are the Nitto Grapplers good or should I be looking at the G2's? I do like the look of the Nemesis wheels, never considered those and will add them to the list now. I just found these on Real Truck and like this set of wheels too: https://realtruck.com/p/ultra-matte-black-nemesis-wheels/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2018/#
  14. Thanks for the feedback, guess losing only 1 or so MPG is not too bad.
  15. How much MPG did you lose and is on the highway or local driving that you primarily drive? I'm considering the Nitto Grapplers, so looking to see any feedback.
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