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  1. Cant complain about gas mileage

    It’s crazy that I am getting better gas mileage with my 2018 5.3L Silverado on the highway than I was when I had the 2016 Colorado 3.5L.
  2. I have a 2018 Z71, so the previous gen never did get blind spot mirrors. For some reason, I thought that the 2019 RST Z71 trim models would of had blind spot mirrors.
  3. That is crazy that they took out illuminated visors especially from a Z71 spec truck. GM just keeps taking features out. It’s like since we gave them blind spot mirrors, we need to take away these 4 features from the previous gen and also tack on the GM tax.
  4. Rear window leak

    Totally agree. The 6 speed trans in my 2016 Colorado was nothing special and I had the infamous stutter issue. Things would get worse when I would accelerate between 25-30 mph, then as you decelerate down to 15-20 mph even making a turn the stuttering would be bad. After almost 2 years I gave up and traded it in for a 2018 Silverado which I needed the extra room anyways.
  5. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Added the plugs in the rear, easiest mod.
  6. Heated mirrors question

    Yeah, true LOL! Phil and I were trying to figure out how the heating element works and it was one idea that we had come up with. I checked my infotainment and my heated seats for remote start up was checked. I did see the auto roll down features for the windows while I was in there, that has always been a cool little feature. I am in IL so the temps yest were 30 degrees and today we are in the teens. I would think if the glass gets to 70 degrees, upon touching the glass, it should feel warm and it doesn't on either side.
  7. Heated mirrors question

    Yup, I do have all 3 of those. When I place the key in the ignition, the rear defrost light is always turned on. When I get a chance I'll check my infotainment to see if anything is turned off. As for the heat element, does the glass mirror get warm or is on the assembly itself for these trucks? Thanks again guys!
  8. Heated mirrors question

    By default then, is the heated mirrors not meant to activate with the remote start until I make that change in the infotainment menu? Thanks!
  9. How does the heated mirrors work in our trucks? I have a 2018 Z71 Crew. From my understanding is if you press the rear defrost button that they should start working correct? If I use remote start from the key fob or my apple app, will that engage the heated mirrors? I bought Phil’s mod kit back in September to go from the DL8 to DL3 mirrors. Everything worked fine but I never tested the heated mirrors since it wasn’t winter at that time. Now that we have had snow and ice I don’t think the heated mirrors are working. Phil and I have been messaging back and forth since last night about this, we can’t quite figure out what’s going on. I just wanted to see if I am using the heated mirrors properly. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. I thought I had replied back to you, sorry. Thanks! How is the ride with the Nittos?
  11. This sounds rather dangerous and scary especially for me since I tend to have my kids sitting in that back seat. Is this a known issue with 2015-2017? I have a 2018 and haven’t seen anyone really being up this problem with the 18’s but man I’d hate to hear that someone’s kids got hurt sitting in the back due to shoddy rear defroster.
  12. Back on this forum since 2014

    Thanks for the pics, the back seats look really nice. Yeah I’m referring to the fold down console.
  13. Back on this forum since 2014

    Totally agree that it does look like it’s factory. Any pics you can post with them on the back seats. I have a jump seat and I worry about how they will look with that. My wife’s cousin has Katzkins that we’re put in his new Jeep and they look very nice.
  14. I totally agree that adding Z71 would be a nice touch.
  15. Back on this forum since 2014

    Those seats look awesome. I can’t wait till next year to get Katskins in mine. You picked a nice color scheme.

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