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  1. I have reached out to WAMS with a few questions on making the cluster swap for my 2018 Silverado. I plan to trade-in the truck in 3 years or so, and it will be paid off. Do you guys think that when I go to trade it in then, that the dealer will give me a problem since I've made several different little mods to the truck? I forgot to ask, on the infotainment center, does it show the GMC or Chevy logo?
  2. I am also glad I did get my tires and wheels last November and didn't wait till this year. I've seen some Katzkin kits range from $550-800 for our trucks on eBay. Even some of the auto upholstery shops I called even told me if I wanted to buy the leather kits and they would install them, but they were still quoting me around the same price range. I will take a look like you said at non-auto upholstery shops this week to see what they say.
  3. I agree on that with almost everything having their prices going up in the last six months. I'll check a few straight up upholstery shops this week and see what they say. I just fear they may not do the same quality job as an auto shop that knows their ins and outs on vehicles especially if I decide to sell the truck in 3 years or so. BTW, thanks for the pictures. Your interior looks very nice.
  4. That is cool that you did get the heating pads installed on a non-heated truck. The heated seats are a plus and we use ours all the time in the winter months. I first had them in my Elantra a few years back and never used them. Then bought a Colorado which I used them from time to time and when I traded that in towards the Silverado they have gotten their use. Good to hear that the leather has stood up very well with the dirt, which is huge. I hear that leatherseats.com is really good too and I checked their site out too. Everywhere I have checked that stupid jump seat has taken people 5-6 hours or so which makes the whole process that much more expensive. I have 4 kids and from time to time we do use the truck to go places, so the jump seat comes in handy when all of us cram into the truck for a ride. Except when I see the 2019 and newer trucks now finally have a much nicer and safety wise jump seat when compared to our older trucks. When I get my next truck I plan to just go with a center console, they're so much sweeter than the jump seat. That is pretty cheap to install at $450 each. All of the shops I have called in my local area and even one that I called out in Indiana all want around the $1700-$2000 price point. I wonder because of being in the southwest suburbs of Chicago they are charging way more. Back in 2018, I had called a local shop and they had told me $1500 at the time and I should have done it then. Guess maybe the prices went up a bit due to that jump seat. For heated seats, though you don't need perforated correct? That is only if you have cooled seats.
  5. I've been calling around a few of my local upholstery shops to get some quotes on getting the cloth seats changed over to leather. I have a 2018 Silverado Crew with the jump seat/underneath storage. If I didn't have a regular job and a business that we own, I'd try to tackle this myself but that darn jump seat appears time consuming and I just don't have the patience. I have checked a few local shops, they are recommending going with Katzkin, Roadwire, Alea, or Nappa leather seats in this order of preference depending on how much I want to spend. Everything that I have read, best bang for the buck seems to be Roadwire. I had one shop quote me roughly $1700 for the install and leather seats (materials), they are about 40 miles away and another shop which is 5 minutes from my house in the $1800 range. I am fine with a local shop doing this as I don't have time to take these out and try to do the install myself as I've never done it before, plus I know they will do the job right. I plan to keep the truck for another 3 years, waiting to see what the 2022-2023 Silverado brings before I consider selling this one. I test drove the 2020 Trail Boss last weekend and it was very nice, but there are a few things still lacking that I hope the new redesign brings in the next 2-3 years. I have heated seats, I would only need perforated leather seats if these were cooled correct? Between price and the different types of leather seat manufacturers out there, who would you guys recommend?
  6. I've considered doing the same thing with my truck since it has the factory cloth which I am not a fan of. Some people have said its pretty easy to swap out yourself and others have said in other threads that its best to have a pro do the install. I also have the jump seat which I know is a bit trickier, so I'd probably take it to an upholstery place to get it done. I had called on place last year and they wanted $1500 which includes the Katzkins, but it seems like there might be some cheaper places if I look around a bit more.
  7. My 18 is more than halfway paid off and **Knock on Wood** has been trouble free. One of my first vehicles that I have bought new that didn't have issues in the first year. I have had my eye on the 20/21 Silverado's due to the added features, but with more changes incoming on the 2022's things could get interesting with GM. I just hope the column shifter doesn't go away, but I fear that till be after looking at the changes to the Tahoe and Suburban. My wife wanted to check out the new 21 Tahoe today, so we swung by the dealer which is not too far from our house and boy does that truck feel like a dream. They did a really nice job with the new Tahoe. While we were there, I wanted to check out a 6.2L Trail Boss but all they had left were the 5.3L. We decided to take one for a ride, and boy was I quite impressed with the drive and the 10 speed trans over the 6 speed in my 18. I think if I would have bought an LTZ instead of a higher end LT, I would be totally happy with my current truck. Whenever I decide to make the jump, I'll probably be going with a Trail Boss but like TXGreek I do like my current truck and the few mods I have done to it I have a hard time parting ways with it since it has been running so good.
  8. Thanks again! I do agree that the black side steps help a lot with the looks of the truck. We do have one unique color for sure. Chrome doesn't look bad either on some of these trucks, but it's weird how IMO the chrome needs to be on certain parts of the truck to look good.
  9. Thanks! It's a nice color, but on some days I hate it. I hate when it looks like a green color when the sun hits it, but then we mostly get grays which I love and then our truck looks black at night due to the color. It was probably their most unique color in the K2 gen. I think with the all black wheels and sidewalls on the tires, it helps bring out the color more making it look much better. Nice and you have a very nice view there. My family is from Pierias outside of Athens. Enjoy your trip and have some souvlakia for me.
  10. And forgot to post these pics here, had new wheels and tires installed last week. Here are some pics of the new tires and wheels, got them installed this past Friday.
  11. How much I miss the souvlakia in Greece, where are you at?
  12. Here are some pics of the new tires and wheels, got them installed this past Friday.
  13. Here are some pics of the new tires and wheels, got them installed this past Friday.
  14. That is good to hear, I will call a few places to see what they are charging on the install. I was reading that there is some aftermarket exhausts that due better with the drone in-cab issue. Are there ones in particular that you would recommend? I'll post some pics after the tires/wheels get installed later this weekend.
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