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  1. Great info skippydog thanks. Do you happen to know the differences in thickness with the police package rotors? I installed police package calipers in my 2004 sierra denali, they were great. If anyone happens to have part numbers for those please let me know. Deciding between the brembo https://www.brembostoreusa.com/products?car=48-1220-2015-3245 pieces or the acdelco. Hawks and EBC were good in the past, but they are triple the cost of the brembo and I don't think the rotors were any better.
  2. Time to swap brakes, I have terrible rotor shake at 45k miles. Want to swap all 4 rotors and pads to whatever is best these days. Have used hawk, ebc, factory gm, dba in the past. Mostly city/highway mix driving with mountains. Only rare lightweight trailer. Any specific recommendations?
  3. I have a couple thousand miles on this setup too, still very impressed at how they absorb big bumps and yet control the truck so smoothly. I think the spring rate is similar to stock but these massive bodied shocks just absorb all types of abuse. Amazing how cheap they are compared to many of the other 2.5 coilover setups I have purchased in the past.
  4. I think they offer a great deal, still amazed how cheap they are for a 2.7” shock. Unless you need adjustability, bigger lift, or are competitive desert racing these seem to be a great option. I hit potholes and speedbumps for fun now just to feel them soak it all up. No bounce, no squat.
  5. In mine the top mount made it perfectly level, 38-38.5” at all corners. The third position would give 1.3 instead of 1.8” of lift so probably a tiny rake but largely unnoticeable. I personally dont think anything under 2” is a problem for these ifs trucks. My arm angles certainly look reasonable. More than 2 you should probably do a diff drop. And if ball joints wear out in 50k miles it makes a great excuse to get some upgraded upper a arms! Im going to stuff some 34s in here, will let you know how it goes.
  6. Thats the best part, only $600 for both fronts, includes shocks and springs etc. I bought it from battle born offroad but have no connection to them, so I would just find the best price. They had a coupon code for gmtrucks at the time I purchased. Shocks are 2.7" diameter. The rears are a bit smaller I think 2", but they have reservoirs so should even out.
  7. Installed the 2" lift kit bilstein 6112 shocks and springs on my otherwise factory 2015 gmc sierra crew cab 6.2 SLT. Kit number was 47-273702 and included both front shocks, springs, mounting cups/hardware etc. I put a set of 5160 rears on it. These showed up and wow! Shocks are huge diameter almost 3". Giant pushrods. Everything looked extremely stout, bigger and equal quality to the $2k+ set of fox I put on my last cummins. Installation went smooth, no hangups although I am surprised at how fast GMs rust given the truck is 4 years old. I've driven 80
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