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  1. Why would you change have to change the shocks or the UCA with adding a leveling kit, am I missing?
  2. Considerable difference over my 2020 AT4.
  3. Thanks for the info, sounds easy enough. Looks great!
  4. Picking up later today, I was waiting because I was trying to get it leveled before pick up. Here are picks from at the dealership.
  5. yeah that’s what I figured. Rough Country said they haven’t seen one yet.
  6. Has anyone leveled their AT4X, if so what brand kit? Not sure anything is out that will work on the DSSV struts and shocks. thx
  7. Installed my black tips tonight. It was definitely a struggle getting the first one done, it’s really tight under there. For me a 10mm ratcheting wrench was key to the removal and reinstall. First remove the top bolt with a 10mm ratchet & extension. Once the top bolt is out, you can pull down on the tip and this will allow more access to the left & right bolts. Remove the inside bolt first and outside bolt second with a 10mm ratcheting wrench. Repeat in reverse order when installing new tips. Don’t fully tighten the left or right bolt until you’ve got both bolts started.
  8. Can’t find this tire size or AT3 on Toyo’s site??? Trying to find out if this tire exists. Otherwise it’s 275/65/20 AT2
  9. Apparently the door emblems are on national back order now. ?
  10. My bad, I copied and paste my search from one of the post above and it was one digit off. Figured it out and got my order placed!
  11. Did you find the tailgate part number online?
  12. Were you able to find the tailgate emblem? I can’t find it online.
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