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  1. They are lying to you and must not want to correct the issue. I don't see it here...
  2. Cheapest price is $112. They turn on when you turn on the bed lights via the button in the cab. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/bed-products/2019-sierra-1500-multipro-tailgate-step-lighting-set-two-led-lights/84347814-p-92301001.html
  3. Dealership installed the Kicker Audio System but cut corners and decided not to install the lights. (Many dealers do this apparently) I didn't really care for the system but if they put it in there and I have it... I wanted the lights. So I bought the multi-pro tailgate lights kit and popped the lights out of the frames and put them in the kicker system.
  4. My lease honestly wasn't good at all. Sadly I won't disclose the numbers because I will catch some serious flak for what I put as a down payment because it happens every-time I discuss it. My payment is $420 a month. That includes Taxes, Paint and Wheel protection. MSRP: $65,525 Final Price was about $59,000 after discounts. 12k Miles a Year. 36 month term. I'm 25, single with no kids or a family working in a high paying industry so I felt like I could dump cash into something I truly wanted. If you want exact numbers, go ahead and message me. Just prepare yourself before hand haha.
  5. In with the new AT4 out with the old All-Terrain. Definitely a major upgrade from last generation. (Ignore the mess, house just got hit by a really bad storm)
  6. A note I forgot to add technology wise...my AT4 came with the Kicker audio system in the tailgate. I did not want this but they gave it to me for free. They also didn't put in the tailgate lights into kicker audio system so I had to order them myself and I'll be putting them in next week. Unless you are a tailgater for sports or whatever (I'm not) then I don't recommend the $600-$800 that this thing costs.
  7. Dang that's a shame. The trucks are beautiful, if I ever had a reason to buy one I would deck it out.
  8. I assume you mean for the 2500 & 3500? My 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 has adaptive cruise. Did they not put it into the 2500s?
  9. Monthly price isn't bad. I will be honest my AT4 deal wasn't great but I couldn't resist them buying my lease. Heres one of the deals for an AT4 at my dealer for reference compared to your Denali deal. Lease is about $10k MSRP less and its still $638.
  10. Well took delivery today. Already had to decide to replace the FM antenna because it won't fit in the garage. The cameras are amazingly helpful, especially on the mirrors as I used them to see if the truck would be a tight fit in the garage. The camera mirror is TOTALLY worth it. On the way from the dealership I turned on the adaptive cruise control and someone cut me off while cruising and it did brake and drop the speed from 55 to 48 and saved me from the idiot. The HUD is something to get used to but can be turned off, but I like it. The lane keep assist works well on the small Rhode Island roads but heard you should turn it off in the winter. I'll keep updating as time goes on.
  11. I have the 20 Inch AT4 rims on Dueler A/T's. The more aggressive style of rim and tires would definitely mean more road noise and a less comfortable ride and I don't want any of that.
  12. Well for me my 2017 was a rough ride with terrible shifting, acceleration and braking. The 6.2 and AT4 have been night and day with my 2017 Sierra All Terrain.
  13. I'm picking up my AT4 in 9 hours. When I test drove it, for a first time HUD user, it felt a bit odd and in the way but I didn't adjust it at all and know that the navigation turn and information projection information will help. As for that camera mirror, TOTALLY NECESSARY. The field of view on that thing is crazy and I don't see myself using the normal mirror when I pick up the truck. You can turn off the mirror camera and go back to a normal mirror but the mirror can't see anything right on your bumper with the 2 inch factory lift. Another technology / driver alert package item I love in the 2020's (not available on 2019 GMCs) is the cargo bed camera. I'm going to utilize that a lot. My AT4 has a sunroof and I'm so happy because my 2017 doesn't and I miss having one. For me all the technology is perfect and the driver alert packages both level I and II are necessary. Just keep in mind with the safety driver vibration modules in the seats they can be a bit stiffer and it also is that way because of the addition of A/C in the seats. Keep in mind, I'm 25 years old, I worked hard to get this truck and I love all things technology so I am a bit biased.
  14. As a previous owner of the 5.3 2017 engine...you're going to want the 6.2. I test drove that baby and it felt like butter...fast butter.
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