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  1. For those who see my earlier posts on here, I ended up getting a 2020 AT4 and had to replace the long FM Antenna with a stubby antenna to fit the truck in the garage.
  2. Update: I was supposed to hear something today or entirely get my truck back today. I clearly am not. This has become such a joke.
  3. My dealership couldn't replicate the issue and then I got in the driver seat and got it to do it. They took it in for recalls, ran diagnostics and found the issues with a malfunctioning module tied to the shifter interlock. Get them to take the vehicle in, run diagnostics and find out if its that same module as mine. Hell I'll give you the information to my dealerships service center (just PM me) because I don't know the part or part number. My dealership didn't take me seriously at first because they just see me as some 25 year old kid. I told them to handle the recalls on my 2020 AT4 and run diagnostics and software checks to see if they could find the issue. They did according to them and my truck has been at the dealership for almost a month. If your dealership doesn't take your vehicle in and you don't get them to look at the issue you might not be able to Lemon Law the vehicle which is very important to protect yourself as a consumer!
  4. Sadly my dealership and GM know the part, I just haven't asked yet. I'm not too savvy in automotive issues. All I've been told is that it is some module tied to the shifter interlock. The part went out to GM warehouses last friday and should be at my truck on Tuesday so I'll still follow up here with news and possible parts and part numbers.
  5. UPDATE: GM called me today and informed me that they now understand the issue and have determined that new modules need to be produced and will be arriving in warehouses for delivery about sometime near next week. I will get any official parts and part numbers for the community so that we can directly identify the module / part and have your dealership replace it. Once again if I have a update I will post it here.
  6. Went in today, they closed the service center early. Going in Monday and going to take my truck back. I'll put up with the issue until they get the parts.
  7. So quick update. They found the issue (last weekend) in my truck. Apparently a module that is linked to the shift interlock was faulty. Problem is my truck has been at the service center for a week and they can't get parts for any trucks due to the strike that happened. I am going to my dealership today to see if I can just take my truck back till the part comes in. They had to initiate a national search for the part and I return to work on February 3rd so I kinda would like my truck back.
  8. Truck went into service for recalls today and the park issue. The technicians found some issues in relation to the vehicle getting stuck in park. It is being escalated to GM getting involved. Will update when I have further.
  9. The Red Quartz Tintcoat and I believe Dark Sky Metallic have been shown off so far but only in the Denali Trim.
  10. Important thing to notice...Power running boards. Edit: Update the topic, added interior photos. More to come.
  11. I will attempt to share more photos but every news outlet is crashing because of increased activity.
  12. Well its Midnight, the 2021 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL will premier today. I am pumped. I will be adding a 2021 Yukon next to my 2020 1500 Sierra AT4. Hoping they show off a AT4 Yukon or at least multiple trim levels.
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