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  1. Not worth it right now. I know the figures are different but I'm not ready to put down $15k+ to get a good monthly payment on my lease compared to the $5k I put on my 2017. They were willing to take my lease early...2017 GMC Sierra All Terrain with only 18k miles...but it wasn't worth the large down payment. I'll do it January 2020 when my lease ends.
  2. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Why not order one?
  3. Going to negotiate this weekend.
  4. 2019 AT4, tomorrow

    As a All Terrain owner currently, I wanted an AT4 but I will not get one with that interior color.
  5. Emblems

    I know the fronts are clipped on but do you have to remove the entire emblem on the tailgate to black them out?
  6. Denali Grill

    I'm upgrading my 2017 lease to a 2019 SLT and thought about buying the grille seperate. The Denali grill is available all over the place. Ebay has it already, but I think most have the camera with the wiring setup.
  7. Wait the GM app for remote start is now a paid feature? I thought other features were paid and remote start was a free option on the app?
  8. Anyone know if the x31 off road package will make the ride smoother? I find my '17 All Terrain suspension to be nice just didn't want to lose the comfort in my truck model upgrade.

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