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  1. and in other news Ford is offering a 6.2L and 7.3L Gasser for 2020 SD trucks. So possibly GM is doing the same with 6.2L and 6.6L??
  2. I have had 2 - 6.2L half ton Denalis (2010 & 2017) and those engines were bullet proof - not one problem ever and I ran them on everything from 87-93 octane in the midwest. The photos are grainy but they were taken by a reporter or officially "leaked" so the reporter is stating they said 6.2L. Will be curious to how it turns out.
  3. Regular Cab, Double Cab configs exist in the previous gen. I think it is safe to state that a regular and double cab will be available for the new 2020 generation 2500/3500 eventually. I am sure the 2020 L5P and new gas 6.2L will have upgraded components. Only time will tell if they bring a 6.2, 6,6 or both for the gas platform in the gen trucks.
  4. So the badges show 6.2L. Maybe a base engine and an optional 6.6L gas? Also looks like gas models will have a hood scoop. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/02/2020-sierra-hd-double-cab-caught-photo-gallery/
  5. Allison is the greatest. Part of the reason I own the DMax/Allison platform is because of the drivetrain alone; even with some of the GM shortcomings like small cabs, no pano roof, offset steering wheel, lack of HVAC in rear seat of crew cab, etc. Sounds like a true Allison is gone? I love more gears and an Allison 10 SPD sounds awesome...but it will not be an Allison built in Indy (Speedway). Just a marketing strategy with a name slapped on the hood. Developing of course...True/False..or Comments? http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/12/2020-silverado-hds-allison-transmission-isnt-really-an-allison/
  6. Silverado HD revealed

    Horrible. Sitting in airports all day reading different web sites and out of the 1000+ comments floating around I think I found maybe 3 or 4 that thought is was "ok", the remainder were all negative. I really hope the Chevy design leads have been reading these. Bet they are drinking heavily this evening hoping Mary B. doesn't pink them tomorrow. What a ****ing hideous front end. Worst truck front end design I have witnessed in my lifetime.
  7. I understand your dilemma after looking online. I have a 2019 GMC Denali HD. The floor liners were already listed on the build sheet so they were an option that came with it and installed when I picked it up. They have a GMC logo in silver on them. My bet is both are the same since SLT/Denali have center consoles. Couple pics below.
  8. It is not a prototype. This is official 2020 Chevy HD from press release. It is horrendous and heinous. Glad I purchased a 2019 Denali. Only solace is GMC will look much better. The comments all over the internet today are blasting the shit out of GM on this horrible design.
  9. On my 2019 I needed the DEF filled at 450 miles. Dealer tried to argue that was not part of PDI and I said it is a fluid and I expect it at proper level. "you filled up the fuel take right?" Needless to say it was short argument and they filled it.
  10. It's black, but with a ton of metallic. So when the sun hits it has quite a bit of fleck. Look closely at the front corner of bumper. You are still going to have to wash it. Point is it was another color choice for 2019.
  11. Ebony Twilight Metallic. - Black Metallic is new for '19.
  12. My new 2019 Denali 2500 DMax in Ebony Twilight Metallic.
  13. The 1500 has AHBA, assume this option does not work in the 2500 application? You sell the lights and harnesses or just the harnesses with capacitor? thx

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