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  1. So you have both traditional cruise control and adaptive as an option to use?
  2. Can anyone tell me if ACC can be disabled and normal cruise control be utilized? If the 2020 only has the ACC available and it works as well as the Yukon did I am going to snatch up a 2019 quick. I am not a fan of GM's adaptive cruise control at all. Had it in both of my wife's 2015 & 2016 Yukon Denalis and it was horribly inconsistent. Overall ACC defeats the purpose of setting a speed, if it varies with all the left lane idiots in front you become one of the left lane sheep. So, I am looking at end of year deals on 2019 Sierra Denalis and know the 2020's have ACC. Any insight is appreciated.
  3. Q1 of 2020 so less than 8 months until they hit dealerships. Reveal by end of CY19.
  4. Hey Moderator - Better change this section to 2021...Not 2020.
  5. Well - pretty much confirmed next gen is 2021 per order guides released and available now. The 2020 Slade, Yukon, and Tahoe are already posted with no changes. Need to wait another year...
  6. Any ideas or info on when we are going to see more details like reveal dates or launch dates? Post it up!
  7. I do not believe you can check to see how full it is; either mileage or percentage. It notifies at 995 to empty. If the tank senses it has adequate DEF it just displays "OK" until you are at 995 or lower. Shitty setup.
  8. Interesting...I have a total of 7800 miles on my '19. Dealer filled at at about 600 because it was not topped off at delivery as noted above. Had it serviced at 6600 miles as oil life indicated, dealer was told to make sure they top it off with service and they said they did. Now at 7800 miles and got a notification I need DEF in 990 miles which would be only 2400 miles with this tank of DEF, not the 6000-7000 like it should be?
  9. Where is Satin Steel Metallic like on the MY19 All New 1500 Sierra? I wanted a 2500 AT4 or Denali in that color. Dam It Man. I have Ebony Twilight Metallic Denali now so assume that is the same as MY2020 Carbon Black Metallic.
  10. Same thing on my 2019. DEF was not full when new from dealer and had to take it back at 700 miles. I took it back and made them fill it. Should last 6000-6500 miles and lineup with oil change intervals.
  11. and in other news Ford is offering a 6.2L and 7.3L Gasser for 2020 SD trucks. So possibly GM is doing the same with 6.2L and 6.6L??
  12. I have had 2 - 6.2L half ton Denalis (2010 & 2017) and those engines were bullet proof - not one problem ever and I ran them on everything from 87-93 octane in the midwest. The photos are grainy but they were taken by a reporter or officially "leaked" so the reporter is stating they said 6.2L. Will be curious to how it turns out.
  13. Regular Cab, Double Cab configs exist in the previous gen. I think it is safe to state that a regular and double cab will be available for the new 2020 generation 2500/3500 eventually. I am sure the 2020 L5P and new gas 6.2L will have upgraded components. Only time will tell if they bring a 6.2, 6,6 or both for the gas platform in the gen trucks.
  14. So the badges show 6.2L. Maybe a base engine and an optional 6.6L gas? Also looks like gas models will have a hood scoop. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/02/2020-sierra-hd-double-cab-caught-photo-gallery/
  15. Allison is the greatest. Part of the reason I own the DMax/Allison platform is because of the drivetrain alone; even with some of the GM shortcomings like small cabs, no pano roof, offset steering wheel, lack of HVAC in rear seat of crew cab, etc. Sounds like a true Allison is gone? I love more gears and an Allison 10 SPD sounds awesome...but it will not be an Allison built in Indy (Speedway). Just a marketing strategy with a name slapped on the hood. Developing of course...True/False..or Comments? http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/12/2020-silverado-hds-allison-transmission-isnt-really-an-allison/
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