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  1. It's black, but with a ton of metallic. So when the sun hits it has quite a bit of fleck. Look closely at the front corner of bumper. You are still going to have to wash it. Point is it was another color choice for 2019.
  2. Ebony Twilight Metallic. - Black Metallic is new for '19.
  3. My new 2019 Denali 2500 DMax in Ebony Twilight Metallic.
  4. The 1500 has AHBA, assume this option does not work in the 2500 application? You sell the lights and harnesses or just the harnesses with capacitor? thx
  5. Just soooo many misses with this truck I cannot understand who their audience is? Oh and how bout them fender wells on the GMC. Guess the designers could not make up their minds..."go back to rounded, no everyone like squared, hey I am new here let's incorporate both so we do not offend anybody that way everyone will be happy." Geez MC.
  6. Actually, you are missing the point. I also have never had a leak in over 30 years of driving. They all dont leak. A pano roof is a chick option - nut up and be happy with a rectangle which is plenty vitamin D for a dude... Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  7. Don't forget: 1. No Pano Roof Option. Some have no need, I like them, and the competition offers as an OPTION. 2. No Ventilated Rear Seats - Ram has them coming 3. Lower TQ numbers on the 6.2L - 450 vs. 460 on previous gen. WTF? 4. Poor placement of outside mirrors = FUGLY. Oh wait that was an improvement for visibility...glad I needed this so I can now see objects in my mirrors and out my side windows for the first time EVER. Really...C,mon GM who do you have in your focus groups? Ohh.,. and the GM adaptive cruise in their trucks and full size SUVs is the biggest POS in the industry so that is one thing I do not want in an option package. It can be an option for people that want it like I mentioned in bullet 1 but don't force that crap on people. I got rid of two Yukon Denalis because it was such crap. Sigh.
  8. What a joke. I have only had 6.2L and they are great, but for them to go backwards is asinine. Only reason I purchase GMC is for the 6.2L and they go backwards...Back to Ford it is. And BTW - You can keep those stupid looking mirrors that have been relocated for "visibility." Must have put the summer interns on the this truck platform. So Disappointed.
  9. I want one. Remember it is on option for all the haters of Pano or Sunroof. I want the option to make that decision.
  10. So I am pretty pissed. I just realized they brought back Quicksilver for the Sierra Denali 1500 at the end of the 2017 model year. 2018 order bank opens in June. I tried to order one in Sept 2016 and was told by 2 dealers it could not be ordered. The color was even removed from the GMC configurator when you selected Denali trim. So I took a black one off the lot since I needed a truck. I hate GM's black (non-metallic) paint because it scratches if you look at it sideways. So anyone have any idea when they brought this paint option back? WTF gives doing this right at end of a MY? Sincerely pissed at GMC.
  11. GM twins have the WORST paint selection of any vehicle. The trucks and SUV color palette is a joke. No black metallic, no charcoal gray, no dark blue and that is just a start. It is even worse when you go to Denali and even less colors. $70K rig with shit colors, no two tone. I left the brand for Ford a few years ago just because of the pitiful colors GM offered. The Onyx black scratches if you look at it. Glad I leased my '17 Denali for work and don't give a f*ck what the paint looks like when GMFinancial gets it back. Please...for the sake of humanity expand your color lineup. Charcoal gray, metallic black, dark blue metallic, and silver on a Denali!!! Iridium is purple and WTF is pepper dust, dark slate metallic, and mineral metallic!! God Dam.

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