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  1. I'm much less likely to buy a GM car right now because of onstar and the last experience I had with them.
  2. Great review. I sat in a new 2019 Z71 the other night. And then in a 2018 Z71, they were side by side. Some things I noticed: Exterior looks great. Didn't like the center stack interior, frankly the whole interior makes the K2 interior look simple and refined. Looking into it from the side all I saw was that huge plastic piece under the steering wheel. Wasn't a huge fan on the seating position, I could barely see the hood. The K2 hood looks massive in front of the driver. Finally, they made the cab much roomier inside, although I'd have to do a side-by-side with a F-series to see if it's the same size. The new cab made the K2 seem small.
  3. First Drive Review: 2019 Chevy Silverado

    Looking forward to seeing one in person. I'm an HD buyer now and wish GM would release some information on the new HD trucks coming out, before I pull the trigger on a 2018 F350 next week. Zane, how do you feel the new Intellilink is? The current version is terrible, map resolution is horrible, and Sync3 puts it to shame in almost all ways.
  4. Awesome! I almost pulled the trigger on a 2018 2500 high country Duramax the other day, but didn't because the cab felt small compared to my 2017 Superduty. I'm looking forward to driving a 2019 to see if GM really does have the biggest cab finally. There is a huge difference in size between the current ford cab and GM cab, with the Ford cab being more spacious. But I'd rather have a Duramax than a Powerstroke if GM finally fixed this.
  5. Brought a new truck home

    No kidding - I didn't get a F150 because I don't like the front end AND Don't like the console shift they put into EVERYTHING above XLT. Keep the column shifter GM.
  6. Beautiful trucks. My dad and I did this back in 2011 - what a great memory.
  7. Brought a new truck home

    Been towing our TT with the 2011 Silverado z71 crew 4x4 with the 5.3. That has been a fantastic vehicle (the best I've owned) and has 59k miles. But it just didn't have enough "oomph" pulling 4500 lbs of TT and gear unless I had it at 4000 RPM, and couldn't get better than 10 MPG either. We also have a 2016 Yukon Denali (6.2) and it pulls the entire rig just fine at 12 MPG (and in V4 mode, too!) I had my heart set on a 2017 silverado high country 4x4 5.3 w/8L90. The sticker is right at 56k and the dealer wouldn't go below 51k++. Although it's been sitting for 4 months (I drove it back in March). I had intended to pay somewhere around 45k but they just wouldn't go down. The local GMC dealer only had 5.3 w 6L80 (wanted 8L90) but I stopped into Ford to check out their stock. We ended up in a 2017 F250 Lariat crew 4x4 with 6.2L Gas engine (6-spd auto). OTD @ 53k. This is a lot of truck for the money and we got 10.5 MPG towing on the first trip. The Ford F150/250/350 all share the same cab. This is NICE! Lots of room, love the digital gauges (like the Denalis have), the 6.2 has good power. The cab is quiet but the big thing is the rear seats have TONS of room. Sync3 is better than Intellilink/MyLink. Plan to order a 2019 Silverado when I can but damn I hope GM makes their cabs a little bigger and updates the Tech. You won't find me hating on GM trucks - still love them.
  8. Awesome, where are you heading? That is the exact same TT we have. We love ours - how do you like yours? What kind of gas mileage do you get? I get 12 MPG towing with the 2016 Yukon 6.2, and 10 MPG towing with the 2011 Silverado 5.3.
  9. I bought mine at Laura. The price they have on the website is the price you pay - they don't negotiate (unless you have a trade, and they don't want it). I didn't trade, but had a good discussion with the manager and he said they'd prefer the owner sell it to Carmax first. The STL area has to be one of the best to buy a GMC, and the other local dealers might beat a Laura deal if you must trade. I'd be surprised if they had any 2WD Denalis, they just don't sell in that part of the country. On occasion they have such low prices they won't even take deposits - the first one to arrive gets it. I was there at 9:08 AM (they opened at 9) the day I purchased. The whole process was easy and I was out of there by 11 AM. Between the $285 airfare and the gas to get back home, I saved over $10k vs. buying from the local dealership.
  10. Yes, the 6.2 is a rocketship if you're burning 93. Need to factor in the 30-50c/gal premium for premium fuel. The SLT All-Terrain package is where I'd want to be in a truck - with the 5.3.
  11. Like the GMC drawing above. Take my order now, GM!! The idea that the K2 resale value will suddenly decline in 2019 is rubbish. GM trucks have always held their value well. If you need a truck now and find the right deal, I'd pull the trigger. I've been watching a High country at a local dealership (drove it in March), and next month I'm going in and will offer about 30% off sticker and either drive it home, or I'll wait and order a 2019 next year. There is something to be said about having the last year of the current truck (most issues resolved) vs. the first year of a new design. The headlights specifically come to mind for the GMT-900 vs K2. Finally, I expect the 5.3 will be the "value" engine again, with a slight uptick in HP/TQ (~375/400) and losing some weight so better fuel economy. And start/stop technology.
  12. The only reason people say to put P-tires on a 1500 truck is because they're using it like a car. And it helps the fuel economy ratings. A truck deserves truck tires (LT), IMO. Aren't the Michlein tires P-rated? I'd just make sure the tires are balanced and aligned correctly and give it some time. Costco will take care of you if you are not happy.
  13. 2011 5.3 CC here just crossed 54k miles. No oil usage to date, BUT... Last month truck had thick blue smoke out of the tailpipe on warm start. Twice in two days, and hasn't done it since. Oil level is fine. Noticed that anytime its in V4 I'm getting serious detonation - that at any load, it will kick it back to V8 almost instantly. Also has started idling rough. Going to get the Range device, but in the meantime, 5/100k warranty just expired and I want to ask the dealer to do a top engine clean and investigate? Any suggestions?
  14. Good choice in that new color. I love the SS, had a 14 AT and now the 16 MT. It's a very nice driving car that doesn't attract the wrong kind of attention (those who know, know - those who don't, don't notice). There is definitely a noticeable power difference between 87 and 91/93 in the LS3, and I get better rmileage on the high octanes, but for general around town I stick to 87.
  15. I love my '16 Yukon Denali as well. The MSRP's are crazy high but as long as the deal is fair, it doesn't matter. In fall 2015, local Cadillac dealer had a new Escalade (think it was AWD) they would have let go for $75k, I wanted that one but the Yukon was more my style. Good friend has an expedition, it feels so 2005, and he's had some warranty problems.

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