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  1. If the dealer offers to change your fluid, DO IT! Last fall I had the 2016 Yukon 8-spd in the dealer for a tire repair. Previously, I had a few jerky shifts, occasional bumps, but nothing worth complaining over, although the wife made a few comments about it from time to time. Still in the 5/60 warranty. Dealer tech offered to flush the fluid out since I had it in there, said the new formula fixed the issues and was pre-emptive and would take an hour. It made a huge difference. The transmission shifts like a Porsche DCT (well, close anyways) now, smooth crisp shifts, no jerkiness or anything. I went from just satisfied with the 6.2/8spd, to very satisfied. This was exactly the kind of service I expect from a $70k vehicle purchase.
  2. Currently own both (1500 5.3, 2500 Denali HD 6.6 DMax L5P). Both good for their own things. In town, 1500 wins hands down. Actually the 1500 is better for everything EXCEPT towing and fuel economy. I regularly get 18-19 MPG with the 5.3 on the highway, and 22-23 with the Dmax. I only tow toys as well (camper, ATV). And I don't get the love for the Dmax power (outside of the torque when towing). The 5.3 feels snappier, is a lot more quiet, and easier to drive. Outside of seeing the 2500 HD is a bigger truck, it's hard to tell the difference from behind the wheel. And, I wouldn't consider a gasser HD truck unless you plan to keep 10+ years and fuel economy isn't any kind of concern. They depreciate terribly, and drink gas. I learned this the hard way (previous truck was 2017 F250 6.2 Lariat 4x4).
  3. My complaints about the T1x interiors: 1. Lack of color options for the AT4/Denali. 2. I strongly dislike the 4WD controls being buttons. 3. The gauge cluster is terrible - looks very cheap. Even on the Denalis, I like the K2 graphics much better. I drove a 2019 Ram Rebel for a week. Loved the interior minus the red accents (created some glare). When I go to buy another 1/2 ton, I'd buy the Ram simply for the interior if they're all the same in price. The current Ford interior is better in layout and looks than the T1x interior. GM really missed the mark here. And I still like the interior (truck one) in my GMT-900. It's a little basic, but looks good and is functional.
  4. CONGRATS! Post lots of pics. Good looking machine. Very interested to hear about the 6.6
  5. Some dealers outsource the "internet" side of the house, so the person that is texting/calling might not even work for that dealership, but a corporation that generates leads. You'll need to go into a dealer and develop a relationship with someone who can help you out. It can be done, even at the national chains.
  6. I don't have that information. What I meant was that given the price I was able to get this truck, it was a no-brainer to do it. The local dealership matched the deal I could get at Laura, which was my backup plan.
  7. I joined the K2 (non-SUV) crowd - traded in my 2017 F250 for a 2019 Sierra 2500 4x4 Denali Duramax last week. Was going to wait for the 2020 HD's, but after seeing the pictures, specs, and 2019 1500 interiors and finally, most importantly, the price, I worked out a great deal for this truck. It will complement my DD 2016 Yukon Denali quite well. I tow a 8000 lb camping trailer and this truck will be a dream to tow with this summer.
  8. Great article. When can I order it, and pick mine up? Will GM make the 2019 k2 HD for a period of concurrent offer with 2020s?
  9. And you know what's better than both? Good old column shift! You're right though - even my wife hated the Dodge Ram I rented for a week with that knob shifter.
  10. Keep your console shift out of my truck.
  11. I currently have both. If money isn't the factor, get the SUV. You can do almost everything except haul bulk items. Just buy/borrow/rent a small trailer for those items. Dirty, smelly, wet camp gear etc easily remedied by using plastic storage totes to keep in the back. Firewood the same, coolers, etc. I've hauled one sheet of plywood in 10 years in my truck. Get what works for you based on what you actually DO, not what you MIGHT DO. The pickup will have lower ownership costs. If I had to pick one, I'd keep the SUV because that works best for what I do. Good luck.
  12. I like the K2 interior better than the T1X. I'm not a fan of buttons over knobs (4x4 switch).
  13. Great looking truck and well written review. It's nice to hear something positive about these trucks. Why did GM take away the brown interior for that combo? it's a great looking combo.
  14. I'm much less likely to buy a GM car right now because of onstar and the last experience I had with them.
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