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  1. T1XX Cost cutting

    The Sierra Lights were better than the Silverados, after 2016 anyways, Consumer Reports tested them and rated the silverados lower.
  2. Jk, just saw the "Million Mile Warranty" LOL
  3. Nice post, I've been eyeing a strut/spring install for a while now. It was a battle between Bilsteins, Fox, and Eibach, but this made my mind up. What is the warranty on these?
  4. Also what’s with the badge on the bedside???
  5. Just kinda curious, I love the announcement of the HUD in the Sierra, but one question lingers for me around that, what happens when I put a pair of Maui Jim’s/Ray Bans that are polarized. Would I still be able to see the HUD? Living in sunny climates, polarized glasses are a must, it would be a bummer if you had to wear non polarized ones or none to see the HUD.
  6. How did that poorly written article get approved to be released on such a great magazine? From the get go this guy screams out bias against the GMC? I miss the days of fair unbiased reviews, this just seemed cringe worthy
  7. I don’t know about you but that Sierra looks sexy without the rear opening window
  8. GMC Sierra AT4 Off Roading Video

    You are not the only one who feels this way, I suggest the 2wd/Base 4x4 should have the standard shocks, z71 level should get the Ranchos, and the Trailboss/AT4 should at least get a premium shock that is similar to the FOX & Bilstein shocks to what TOYOTA TRD (Tacoma/Tundra), FORD (Raptor), and RAM( Rebel w/o air suspension) have. Again, just me speculating, but I say in the next 2-3 years GM will offer something to satisfy the prerunner type.
  9. GMC Sierra AT4 Off Roading Video

    Just replace them with those then? You probably know this but they probably have a certain contract with GM to provide these shocks, Hence why you don't see any different offload shocks offered on GM's except the ones currently on the ZR2 and Camaro. I do agree though that it sucks, but hey at least they are moving in the right direction as far as offering a 2 inch lift factory warranty backed option. Clearly, they're starting to listen to the customer base, its one small step but im interested what they can conjure up in the next few years as the Raptor and TRX start pulling in the market share even more.
  10. 2019 Sierra 6.2 Crew Cab Denali WOT Runs

    Still waiting for the Day GM has to balls to decide to put its supercharged engine in the trucks. Killing me that Ford and Dodge are thinking outside the box with trucks (Raptor, Durango SRT, Cherokee SRT, Ram Rebel TRX) while GM easily can offer a trim level with such.
  11. Oh no I was referring to the over all design, I know either way it’s going to be mounted on the door like so but the mirror size and shape itself is what I hope changes
  12. To all the people whining about the towing mirrors as I currently am: Isn't possible that this is just a prototype, not the actual final design of the mirrors? I can only hope so, because this looks horrendous
  13. It’s literally just a shame that GM builds their bread and butter trucks in Mexico while Ford builds it in the heartland of America. Hell even the Tundra and Titan are built all in America. I’m sure the Trucks built in Mexico are to spec, but I’m convinced die hard truck buyers are more confident in buying an American made vehicle.
  14. Does anyone know if this center console comes with a lock compartment like the jumpseat console? Been thinking about buying one, but I like that feature of the jump seat console for storing valuable items
  15. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    Not going to lie, the rear picture actually makes this truck look like a super futuristic one

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