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  1. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    Not going to lie, the rear picture actually makes this truck look like a super futuristic one
  2. Fuel Economy For 5.3L & 6.2L With DFM Released

    Just my two cents....wait at least 2 more years or for a mid year refresh before you buy this generation, the diesel has yet to come out, kinks yet to be fixed, more special trim models released, and well another sheet metal redesign in the future.
  3. Probably, since nothing major changed except the software
  4. Okay nice so it’s essentially an Elevation Edition, that should have been available years ago
  5. Elevation editions aren’t much more pricer, if anything it’s a $1k appearance option. the only thing that will cost $15k more is the all terrain editon, it’s nothing special
  6. I can kind of see this. My 16’ Sierra had to be in the shop to address a bad catalytic converter within (@20,000 miles) 6 months of ownership, then perhaps (@24,000 miles) 2 months after that the truck would start then shut off within seconds. My dealership diagnosed it to be a faulty chassis module, (wtf is that?) only after taking a literal week. The only real recall that had to be addressed was the seatbelt, in and out the same day. Mind you I’m in Houston so it’s not like the techs didn’t know what they were doing. The only issue I had with the dealership was the literal fight to get a loaner vehicle, which was rediculous because they sold the vehicle to me and it’s faulty. Luckily, I’ve had no issues other than Apple car-play messing up but that’s on Apple for a bad 11.3 update.
  7. Say Hello To The Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    Two things about this 4 Cylinder. 1) Could this be GM’s run around with CAFE standards? Offering an engine option could suffice this strict rule. 2)The fact that this 4 Cylinder gets that much power compared to Ferds V6 is pretty awesome. Makes me wonder what they have in store later in this generation line.
  8. And this is why I always have dash cams in my truck to cover my ass Incase this happens
  9. Chevrolet ZR2 Bison Prototype Caught!

    Looks like a GMC Canyon to me 😏😏😏 and im Okay with that
  10. What about Double Cab editions???
  11. Perhaps this is what GM wants, to be like mopar. Create parts that should have been stock on the truck, and charge twice the price and profit more. Either way its it’s kind of disappointing to see no real substantial change on the powertrain figures. But then again, if the 5.3 is doing great in terms of durability and performance, there’s no need to change it. My guess is GM is trying to really nail the MPG area to be competitive with Ford.
  12. Im not too loving to either truck right now, but im still truly confused how people think the Sierra Looks like a ford. If its the C shaped LED lights, GMC has had those since the Current YUKON, and 2016 Sierras. I feel like they should of at least did a LED Projection style like they did with the Silverado though. But honestly at the end of the Day the Sierra is still going to have the options that will most likely never be available to the Silverado until the next major redesign. So choose your's wisely. For me, I'll wait until 2021/2022 for the typical sheetmetal refresh GM always does. It also gives GM time to seriously think about making a Raptor or Power Wagon Fighter. OR I'll just wait to see if the next gen SUV's take my interest.
  13. RAM and Ford both offer the panoramic sun/moon roof on their top trim trucks, why hasn’t GM gone through and done it already?
  14. I’ve seen a thread about upgrading your DL3 to DL8 or to Power tow mirrors. But, what about installing Cadillac Escalade Mirrors to the Sierra and Silverado? And are they Plug and Play My reasoning to wanting to do this is because 1) the original side view mirrors on the Sierra/Silverado are literally not size appropriate for a truck, they are so small they belong on a car. 2) The styling of Escalade side mirrors are nice. 3) The more you can see the safer you are.
  15. Watch GMC Unveil The 2019 Sierra Live With Us Today

    I mean its pretty much like any door when frozen over.

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