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  1. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    This commercial is kinda Comical as President Trump loves Ford, and Ford chose an actor who has complete distain for Trump
  2. Thanks for your opinion dude
  3. Tour Chevy's 2018 SEMA Booth With Us Wednesday

    Beautiful vid man, does GMC have a booth?
  4. 2019 Silverado & Sierra Get Customized At SEMA 2018

    Really Hope Bumper Manufactures Tailor the GMC Sierra bumpers specifically to its design and stop assuming the Silverado bumper/brush-guards will look good on the Sierras UNLIKE past offerings from Westin, and ADD
  5. Another RC 2019 Silverado 6" Lift Video

    Wonder how shitty the ride quality is
  6. Possibly, but maybe dealers have better deals with third party warranties. Hence this might just help dealerships that do not have such
  7. $10 says GM will put their Auto Pilot Tech in the GMC and Escalade.
  8. Where are you getting the 28mpg? It clearly states 30 mpg for the diesel. Also this was GM’s marketing ploy all along. Force customers to pay the extra Cash for a Diesel to gain extra MPG. Hence what the whole big marketing was with the Lost Weight, because I guarantee you had the weight not changed by how much it has, the MPG figures would be lower along with the Towing Ratings. If its such such a big deal breaker about the towing figures, go ahead and buy a 2500-3500. The average 1500 truck buyer does not tow on the regular and even if they tow, they do not even bother getting near that limit. Keep in mind in’s this is the first engine of its type going into GM 1500’s, give it some time. Also, perhaps this leak is all just a facade, maybe the figures will rise closer to the release.
  9. From the looks of it, it seem's like GM didn't need to build the Trailboss/AT4 since they're going to show off the ( 2 inch lift) at SEMA if you can get it with other trims. I remember in a recent SEMA GM showed off their LT1 Silverado with that supercharged engine...and never offered it to us. At least MOPAR and Ford Performance listen to their base, GM seems to be the auto zone of customization...($5k stickers and CHROME EVERYTHING).
  10. All New 2019 Cadillac XT4 Is Automotive Goodness

    Honestly I'm quite impressed with the engine, those numbers on the power are awesome. I know this isn't a class comparison but if I had a choice to drive the XT4 Sport vs a Mercedes CLA, I'd chose the XT4 any day.
  11. T1XX Cost cutting

    The Sierra Lights were better than the Silverados, after 2016 anyways, Consumer Reports tested them and rated the silverados lower.
  12. Jk, just saw the "Million Mile Warranty" LOL
  13. Nice post, I've been eyeing a strut/spring install for a while now. It was a battle between Bilsteins, Fox, and Eibach, but this made my mind up. What is the warranty on these?
  14. Also what’s with the badge on the bedside???
  15. Just kinda curious, I love the announcement of the HUD in the Sierra, but one question lingers for me around that, what happens when I put a pair of Maui Jim’s/Ray Bans that are polarized. Would I still be able to see the HUD? Living in sunny climates, polarized glasses are a must, it would be a bummer if you had to wear non polarized ones or none to see the HUD.

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