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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net/thedrive/news/24917/the-general-motors-blackwing-v-8-everything-we-know-so-far%3fsource=dam
  2. If the GMC Multi-pro tailgate fails at least you still have part of the tailgate being functional doing the job of being a tailgate. If the Ram 60/40 tailgate fails...like one tailgate door fails to close/connect, your bed is essentially screwed from keeping things falling out.
  3. So I had this issue with my 2016 GMC Sierra 5.3L, it happened maybe 3 times total within 2 years of ownership. I had told the dealership that such had happened, but they couldn’t diagnose it at first. Fast foward a month later, I’m about to leave my friends apartment underground garage, when all of a sudden my truck died. It wasn’t the battery, because the truck was able to start and stay on for a good 20-30 seconds before abruptly shutting off again! Had it towed to the dealer, turns out the “chassis module” had completely failed. I’m assuming it’s that module that could be the issue, it’s a vague diagnostic but it fixed my issue. I haven’t had such thing happen since.
  4. Yeah those who say they don’t bother adjusting the headlights after even a small lift are 100% doucheworthy, it’s a simple fix that doesn’t take but 10 minutes of your time and a simple Alan wrench. I’m constant annoyed at trucks that get lifted yet they don’t bother finishing the job and ensure that the lights perform at their peak.It keeps you safe so you can still see the pavement, it keeps me safe from being blinded,and it makes the person who hasn’t bothered adjusting theirs look like an ass but they deserve it if the fix is super simple like GM made it. Thank you for doing your part!
  5. Did GM drop the ball again at a world renown auto show just like they did at sema? Or is the show still not over and we can possibly see more GM reveals?
  6. Cadillac Shows Of Its First Battery-Electric Luxury Car

    The board has to kick out Marry Barra, she hasn't really raised share price since she's been hired, literally the stock price has stagnated . It is appalling with that 1) Eliminating workers jobs, 2) Completely feminizing Cadillac (watch a new Cadillac commercial especially the XT4 one it seems like a makeup cosmetic brand compared to Lincoln), 3) deciding to replay the Electric game again and after failing miserably with the ELR and the Bolt, she thinks allowing the Cadillac brand to move to completely electric will help and not hurt the brand? If anything, make a completely new brand and label it GM. I just do not see this playing well. The only reason the stock price went up lately was mainly because of guidance figures, not the announcement of electric tech. If GM can produce a true competitor (acceleration, tech, etc.) to Tesla at an affordable price, and durability then by all means try it out. Given the past attempts though, I do not see such success unless its show stopping. Quit it with the Concepts GM, the Cadillac 16 was the best it'll ever get.
  7. Tailgate LED light bars

    Well a lot of things on this forum scream aftermarket in a bad way i.e. Strut Spacers, wheel spacers, block lifts, cheap chrome side steps. Depending on what light you have obviously it might look bad but the Putco and Opt7 are the better looking led lights. It doesn’t hurt to enhance safety imo.
  8. Tailgate LED light bars

    How's it holding up so far? I purchased it yesterday, currently waiting for it to be here already.
  9. Maybe in China or Europe, just not America
  10. Here it is! Take a look at the 2020 Chevy Silverado HD

    It’s okay man, GMC will make up for that ugly design, at least their trucks will most likely come full LED no matter what trim unlike Chevy where you’ll have to shell out a mortgage payment to get the same full LED treatment.
  11. It honestly goes to show what ever Ford introduces first, the competitors follow suit lately. Ford releases the Raptor, GM does the ZR2 & AT4, Ram does the Rebel. Ford puts a step in its tailgate, GMC puts one 7-8 years later. Ford unveils it’s newest GT, GM soon starts to test out the Mid Engined Corvette. Ford puts adaptive cruise on its trucks, Ram follows, but GM well they’re too focused on making the whole Cadillac lineup to appeal to the millennial feminist. Now im not saying GM hasn’t initiated some first like a step in the bumper (which you can get with 3rd party manufactures), or the cylinder deactivation, or stabilitrak, but nothing big like a performance option has came from them. If they’re trying to cater to the loyalist like their whole campaign was on the new Silverado, (hence the lackluster interior which honestly suits me fine) then they kinda fulfilled the job of “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. You see how this backfired when you look at the evolutionary design of the Ram. But, after that bail out , can you blame GM for being afraid of being radically first to the show? They’re stuck, it’s a bad battle, and certainly shutting down the US/Canada factories was a poor option, but keeping foreign ones open wasn’t a good choice either.
  12. Hell no, seeing what the hell they did with the Blazer... Let those cars rest in peace and let their legacy be untarnished
  13. Motor Trend Names Ram 1500 Truck Of The Year For 2019

    LMAO as If GM doesn't have bucket kickers themselves http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/11/2019-chevrolet-silverado-trail-boss-breaks-down-at-detroit-red-wings-game/

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