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  1. I was having this issue with the loaner Acadia that I am driving. Yep, still driving a loaner while GM drags their feet to replace my truck. Once i did the update to the infotainment system this stopped.
  2. It is even more frustrating now that I have read the article because it becomes painfully honest just how long GM has known about this problem. Ugh! My brakes failed at 6500 miles on December 21st and I haven't had it back since. I refuse to put my family in this truck! I don't have any faith in the fix either. They claim it was caused by the recall but some had this issue prior to the recall being done. Also claiming that the app is the problem?? Some have had this issue without using the app!
  3. Start sending emails to whomever will listen! Maybe if they get tired enough of listening to it they will do something! https://craft.co/general-motors/executives
  4. PIT 5730 is for the 2020 the PIT 5728B is for 2019. Per my dealership
  5. https://dealers.gmfinancial.com/contact-us/corporate-office.aspx
  6. You don't need to hire a lemon law lawyer. In the book in the glove box it explains everything you need to do to pursue a lemon law case in your state. I will tell you it is long, frustrating, and more frustrating but hopefully worth it for you in the end. Most states require at least 30 days in the shop with 4 attempts to fix as well as a final repair attempt. Start by filing a case with the BBB. Send a certified letter to GM with: FINAL REPAIR NOTICE (This statement is very important!!) Date Name Address Phone Vin # detail every time it has been in for service, what has been done, and how long each time you have been without the truck. What you would like as an outcome (buy back or exchange for something else) Signature with Date again Keep copies of everything! Make a file and buckle up you're in for a long ride! I have spent hours and hours and hours on this. GM will assign a rep who will ask for your patience and act like he is on your side. I am currently in the final repair attempt stage ugh I feel like this is going to drag on FOREVER!
  7. Yes, please let me know. GM told me for weeks that they were going to offer me a settlement... now that the "fix" is out they have changed their recommendation and I have not heard back at all.
  8. Dealerships are only allowed to fix the issue per instructions from GM. GM has told them to replace master cylinders, bleed brakes, reprogrammed brake modules, and so on. None of these fixes worked and the brake failure reoccured. That is not the fault of the dealership and the liability surely doesn't sit with the dealership if they did exactly what they were told by the manufacturer would fix the problem.
  9. I completely agree! GM is currently claiming that this is a voltage issue from using the app to start the truck. Problem with that is some owners have had brake failure without using the app. Owners are being advised to not use the app or the key fob to start the truck and they "should be fine". GM is knowingly putting consumers at risk!
  10. A little food for thought here... Hypothetically speaking... You are driving down the highway at 65mph to a red light. You apply the brakes and find that you have no brakes. You get into a crash and someone dies... This brake failure is only good for one ignition cycle which means after the vehicle is turned off and back on the lights all go away. How many have had dealerships tell them "cannot duplicate"? Now it just looks like you have been negligent and ran a red light causing a crash. Welcome to the lawsuits with no way to prove brake failure! Is it worth getting back in that truck again!!!??? We cannot let GM walk all over the little guys!!
  11. Who did you contact? do you have the phone number? I am being met with huge resistance and have hit a dead end.
  12. I have read some who have had the brake module reprogrammed and the problem reoccured. Same with the Master Cylinder being replaced. Ive also heard some had the brakes bled. I don't think they have a fix and are currently throwing "fixes" out hoping for the best. It would be awesome to have actual numbers on affected vehicles, as well as the number of accidents and if there were any injuries. Hope they figure it out soon!
  13. Correct me if I am wrong but I read this as.... If the brake failure appears the telltale warning lights will NOT illuminate warning the driver of the issue therefore possibly causing a crash. With most of us, the lights illuminated prior to losing brakes. I had a brake failure on December 21st AFTER this was supposedly already communicated to my dealer and AFTER whatever brake recall was done to my truck. Was this the recall they already performed on my truck before the failure?? Or is this a new one???
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