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  1. $5,500 (before tip and not counting the tint work I had done). That was the original cost. This time the insurance company paid for it and got the price down to $2,500; that was a real eye opener. There are some differences... no paint correction work needed this time, and only part of the front clip needed new expel. But they did reapply the entire truck in Modesta ceramic coating.
  2. After getting the truck back from the body shop last week I got it back from the detail shop today (getting xpel wrap and modesta ceramic coating reapplied). I'll put up a pic in the daylight tomorrow.
  3. They're fun. Like that they auto on/off as you open/close the inner tailgate (in the all the way down/step position). Sound quality is pretty good when right in front of them but the volume drops off considerably to the side/behind the truck - so a rather defined area of sound. Probably a good thing as I've been using them when working in and around my front yard the last few days. The quality is better than a portable bluetooth speaker for sure, probably more akin to something like a Sonos Play 5 speaker if you're familiar with those. Install wasn't too bad. I did inadvertently disconnect my rear camera cable so I had the pleasure of trying it twice.. ha! If you do it and have questions don't hesitate to DM me. It took a couple of hours... saves me a $200-$300 dealer labor charge. I've got a brisket smoke-off competition coming up next weekend so I wanted them in before then. I'll listen to some tunes as I sit/sleep next to the green egg all night....
  4. I got this message when I was having some electrical issues (turned out to be a loosely installed electrical component related to the starter). The truck was throwing a code and they tightened everything down. The only time I've seen this message since is when I disconnect the negative terminal from the battery when doing electrical wiring for accessories. I'm told its part of the truck computer's start up process. I'm not a tech by any means, but have seen this message.
  5. This weekend I installed the kicker speakers in the tailgate. I noticed when I dropped the tailgate to start the project that it dropped without resistance/dampening. Does anyone know if there is some sort of adjustment mechanism I should check, or is this a take it to the dealer kind of issue?
  6. I had a new engine installed after an oil cooler line failed and the old engine siezed. That was at 6,000 miles. GM extended the warranty (continuing coverage letter, actually) on the entire powertrain. They also sent me a $750 voucher for accessories. The owner of a new truck shouldn't have to go through this and GM should make it right by extending the warranty.
  7. Installed the multipro Kicker audio system for the tailgate today:
  8. I did it yesterday. Think I see it in your pic. It's an intertwined pair of wires. One solid yellow, one yellow and black. Look just right of that red/white wire.
  9. I'll take one tomorrow morning and post here. I was a little lazy with how I routed it. I used a trim tool to push the wire into the seam between trim pieces on the console and along the right of the driver's seat. Then under the floor mats back to the amp. Used 3M double sided tape to mount it.
  10. I did. Mounted dead center beneath the console and above the wireless charger area. Any chance you know the amperage of the in line fuse? I'm dying to test it out but cant yet. Lol.
  11. Installed the kicker sub, but.... they didn't include the required fuse. So I'm waiting until Monday until their customer service opens so I know what amperage fuse to use.
  12. I'd have to pull the amp off the housing of the bass. Hoping someone with it can just open their hood and tell me what the fuse is.
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