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  1. Folks... my wife gave me a set of red mpg caliper covers that say "DENALI" on them. It doesn't really work with my set up. So... if anyone here wants them just reply and let me know. I'll ship them to you. No charge.
  2. Not that it helps you now, but you hold down the start button without your foot on the brake for 15 or 20 seconds. All functionality other than the engine running. Ask me how I know..... Had lots of time to read the owners manual while waiting for a tow truck for the very same failure last April.
  3. Added a cold air intake to feed that new Borla ATAK exhaust.
  4. That I've done. They are stymied. Was asking if anyone else has seen same and had a successful repair.
  5. Have any of you had you forward camera act up? Not the collision camera but the one for surround vision? One start cycle it's black, the next it's got a blue hue, the next it's flickering, and sometimes it's normal. Here's a clip. Curious if anyone else has had this and if their dealer could fix it. Mine has been stumped this far.
  6. Borla ATAK catback install. This video is me surprising my wife ... I was about 75% sure she'd hate it, but she loves it. Today was the nicest day yet in the Chicago area this spring and she had me drive her around with the windows down. https://video.nest.com/clip/5803c0b019d4424784119ab4d88585f9.mp4?fbclid=IwAR3WLZ7sW1rENbAznhzCPmwenqqJpHbkVFUyuDP5mFgUDIE8PDehM3i-vv4
  7. My truck has been in the body shop (again) for nearly three weeks now; was sideswiped by a dipshit that made a left turn from a straight lane. Anyway, my buddy owns the shop and offered to install a goodie or two while its there. So.... putting on a Borla Atak today. Hoping to get it back tomorrow or Friday. Then I'll put in the factory cold air intake. My wife is, umm, not pleased I'm getting this - but I really want that classic American V8 rumble. Anyone put an Atak on? How loud is it? I do leave for my office quite early in the morning - hope the neighbors aren't upset.
  8. I grew up in Northern Maine and now live in Chicago. My wife is a physician at Northwestern downtown (about 15 miles from where we live). No matter the weather, if she has to go to work - she goes to work. In really bad storms I drive her; and so I continue doing what I've always done for winter preparedness: I have dedicated wheels and winter tires I run from about Nov. 15 to about March 15 and I add about 400 pounds of sandbags over the rear axle and keep it in place with a 2x4 frame. Is it absolutely necessary? Maybe not, but it drives like a tank with that set-up. 4x4 can get you moving and assist with wheel slippage, but traction is traction and 4x4 doesn't do anything to improve your contact with the road surface when its icy or snowy. Only proper tires and better weight distribution does that.
  9. I had the newest update for a few weeks now. No issues since then.
  10. A follow-up article on GM and the brake problems: https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2020/02/06/gm-warns-2019-pickup-owners-driving-risks-brake-issues/4654878002/
  11. Yup. There are also irrational brand fanboys that will dismiss anyone's (legitimate) complaint.
  12. I'm sorry man. Happened to me at 6k miles. I was without my truck for nearly 4 weeks while they did an engine replacement.
  13. Thanks, but I just got sick of the corporate double speak and run around from GM. I was a reporter once upon a time; had a strong sense this would be of interest to a reporter so I contacted the paper right in GM's back yard. Turned over service records, the TSBs, etc. It's a shame they wouldn't do the right thing until they were called on their BS, but I wasn't going to sit quietly while they used my family as test subjects for their faulty software.
  14. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2020/01/29/gm-recall-causes-brake-failure-potentially-thousands-pickups/4598068002/
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