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  1. Late in adding the pictures. Made some upgrades in preparation for the Airstream I have on order. Added the Brembo brakes and two 1,000 pound leafs to the leaf packs. Considering changing to 20-inch wheels with E load rating/10 ply tires as well both for towing as well as the fact that I'll be spending some serious time on the dirt roads of northern Maine this summer. If there are any 20-inch wheel guys in the Chicago area looking to swap into 22-inch wheels we might be able to work out a trade. The wheels and tires in these pictures wouldn't be the ones I'd be swapping; these are my winter wheels and tires.
  2. I found a set of winter tires that match the factory size for 22 inch wheels. Mounted them to a set of suburban take off wheels. Toyo Observe G3 Ice. I've run them three winters now and they work much better than the stock tires (I also toss a few sandbags over the rear axle when I know bad weather is inbound). They can be studded as well; sadly I can't do that in Illinois (I miss having studded tires from my days in Maine). Edit: This appears to be another stock size option for you as well: https://www.1010tires.com/Tires/Continental/IceContact+XTRM/03477130000?vehicleid=185582
  3. I'll add some pictures later after I've washed the truck, but I added a couple of mods for towing to my 2019 Denali. First, added the Brembo brake upgrade. It's pricey, but wanted the added stopping force. Love the look too. Definitely a lot more grab and a lot less pedal squish. I also took it to a suspension shop and had a 1,000 pound rated leaf spring custom molded and added to both of the stock leaf packs. It definitely rides a little stiffer; not harsh, but stiffer. Added rake to the stance which I'm good with since the truck sat pretty level prior anyway. I'm towing a 27 foot Airstream, max weight of 7,600 pounds and tongue weight loaded of 870 pounds. To that I added a ProPride hitch which, when loaded and on the trailer, upped the tongue weight to 910 against my 930 limit. That's before cranking up the weight distribution bars. Note, I won't use the added spring as an excuse to overload the rated hitch weight or payload; I'll be keeping the pickup bed pretty much empty when towing. But I anticipate a reduction in porpoising effect I still had on occasion even with the weight distribution bars cranked up. I won't be towing again until spring so it will be a while before I can report on the experience.
  4. They did, it's the truck not the trailer. Fuses are present and all good. Going to the dealer Tuesday.
  5. Didn't think of the fusebox (slapping my forehead). Will check that next before taking it in.
  6. Hi Guys: Bought an Airstream to tow behind my 2019 GMC Sierra Denali (added a leaf spring package and the Brembo brake upgrade to assist with it, but that's another topic). Anyway, the truck doesn't recognize the trailer nor any tester units. Only the 12v power works; none of the signals/lights (rechecked with a multimeter and the same). I've checked the connections and grounds and as far as I can tell everything is fine. I've checked it both with tow/haul on and off; same deal. Before I throw my hands up and make an appointment with the dealer is there anything obvious I'm missing? Thanks!
  7. Folks... my wife gave me a set of red mpg caliper covers that say "DENALI" on them. It doesn't really work with my set up. So... if anyone here wants them just reply and let me know. I'll ship them to you. No charge.
  8. Not that it helps you now, but you hold down the start button without your foot on the brake for 15 or 20 seconds. All functionality other than the engine running. Ask me how I know..... Had lots of time to read the owners manual while waiting for a tow truck for the very same failure last April.
  9. That I've done. They are stymied. Was asking if anyone else has seen same and had a successful repair.
  10. Have any of you had you forward camera act up? Not the collision camera but the one for surround vision? One start cycle it's black, the next it's got a blue hue, the next it's flickering, and sometimes it's normal. Here's a clip. Curious if anyone else has had this and if their dealer could fix it. Mine has been stumped this far.
  11. Borla ATAK catback install. This video is me surprising my wife ... I was about 75% sure she'd hate it, but she loves it. Today was the nicest day yet in the Chicago area this spring and she had me drive her around with the windows down. ? https://video.nest.com/clip/5803c0b019d4424784119ab4d88585f9.mp4?fbclid=IwAR3WLZ7sW1rENbAznhzCPmwenqqJpHbkVFUyuDP5mFgUDIE8PDehM3i-vv4
  12. My truck has been in the body shop (again) for nearly three weeks now; was sideswiped by a dipshit that made a left turn from a straight lane. Anyway, my buddy owns the shop and offered to install a goodie or two while its there. So.... putting on a Borla Atak today. Hoping to get it back tomorrow or Friday. Then I'll put in the factory cold air intake. My wife is, umm, not pleased I'm getting this - but I really want that classic American V8 rumble. Anyone put an Atak on? How loud is it? I do leave for my office quite early in the morning - hope the neighbors aren't upset.
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