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  1. Dropped it off at a body shop. Rough two days, back to back: first someone tries to pass me on the right at a stop light and scrapes/dents the entire passenger side. Then, the next night, a hit and run driver at a restaurant valet stand backs into the front end; tearing off the license plate mount, scuffing up a parking sensor and - thankfully - scuffing up the xpel wrap but not the paint underneath. Now my truck will be in the shop for 2-3 weeks. Requires two new doors and pretty extensive body work to the cab and bed. Ugh.
  2. $2,200 is about what I paid for paint correction (of my entire truck) to remove swirls and such prior to ceramic coating.
  3. Yup... partly why it took so long to get them to agree to a CCL: I was negotiating over what items would and wouldn't be covered.
  4. Hopefully its not the engine. The dealership that repaired my Sierra had seen this in a Silverado prior (they're a Chevy dealer). They said in that case the engine was undamaged but the failure to start was due to the oil pump burning out. Hopefully that's all it is and you're not looking at engine replacement as well.
  5. Have any of the Sierra owners done their own install of the kicker tailgate audio system? I've done lots of wiring projects to prior trucks (added 12-volt power to bed of my Canyon, installed towing mirrors with turn signal lights on my Canyon, etc). Wondering if its plug-n-play or if I need to add an accessory fuse block, run wires, drill, etc. Thanks.
  6. So GM is sending me a voucher for $750 worth of accessories and sending me a CCL for the powertain extending the warranty out to six years/100,000 miles.
  7. I get this message when I plug in certain devices to the USB port below the climate controls, especially my Garmin golf watch. As soon as I unplug the watch the messages clear.
  8. Got my truck back (again) late last week. When they replaced the starter relay after the engine replacement a terminal got loose and was causing the intermittent power issues, particularly with the auto stop/start cycles. The truck's computer was throwing a code and they immediately found it and tightened everything down. So far so good. I'm still negotiating with GM over a warranty extension.
  9. I filed a complaint and was contacted for more details, pictures and asked to provide consent to allow the NHTSA to raise the issue with GM. So perhaps it just that they haven't updated their website yet.
  10. It's going back in today. This morning it unlocked but the power running step didn't deploy. All the cabin electronics were dead and it wouldn't start. Then, as I was headed back to the house to swap keys for another car, it came to life and sounded the vehicle alarm. I started it, but all the memory settings were gone and the truck asked me to lower and raise first the driver window and then the passenger window. Then, upon driving it, it blacked out and turned off again with an auto stop/start cycle. After 10 seconds or so power comes back on, window up/down routine again, and away I went. I am so beyond frustrated. GM is getting this thing back.
  11. Scary moment last night on the way home. I've put about 125 miles on the truck since getting it back. I just got off the highway and the replacement engine stalled out on the off ramp. It shut off with the stop/start function (there was a lot of traffic) and then when I took my foot off the brake it turned off and all the electronics in the cab went dark. I put it in neutral and it took 10 seconds or so for the truck to start. It started hard but then pretty quickly was running normally again. No problems the rest of the way home or again this morning. Not sure what would have caused it, but it sure is concerning so soon after getting it back from engine replacement. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
  12. Ha ha ... yes indeed. sadly the cab stinks of motor oil. I've got a baking soda based air freshener in there now. I have to check, but I suspect the old oil may have drained past an air intake or something. Might just change out the cabin air filter just in case.
  13. They got the part in early and got it running. Returned her to me tonight. So far so good. Took it for a long drive and everything seems to be running right.
  14. I'm starting to think I'm simply cursed when it comes to this truck. I was supposed to get it back Tuesday or Wednesday. Call yesterday afternoon and I'm told that the engine install is complete but they had an electrical issue and some sort of starter relay/fuse fried. The part isn't in stock and will take a couple of days to get here. They'll "do their best" to make sure they can get back to the truck as soon as the part comes in but the technician working on it has just been assigned another huge job. Could be Saturday, could be next week. I'm trying not to lose my sh*t on them but holy hell..... I've been waiting weeks now. F'ng finish the job as soon as that part arrives.
  15. I just got an email from the NHTSA asking for more detail, pictures, etc. It said they'd be raising the issue with GM at a meeting next month and asked that I send back a reply authorizing them to share my contact information, VIN number, details of the failure, etc. Hopefully something comes from it... EDIT: In my complaint I linked this thread so they could see that it is at least a somewhat common problem.
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