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  1. This is an odd one. I play a decent amount of golf and typically keep a charger for my Garmin golf GPS watch (tells me yardages to hazards and greens and the like) in my vehicles. Now that its getting nice enough to play I finally have the watch in the truck. But anytime I plug the garmin charger cord into a USB port and charge the watch, the truck tells me the Nav SD card has been removed and the truck's nav won't work. I unplug the watch and the nav functionality returns. I've tried this multiple times on separate days and with different USB ports. Obviously its not going to be a common problem and I highly doubt GMC has a solution for this. I did email Garmin and they say the charger cord is for power only; the watch is not set up to transmit or receive any day through the charger. So it shouldn't be an issue with the watch sending anything to the truck. Still, this only happens with garmin. I've had multiple devices plugged in at the same time and this doesn't happen.
  2. Ceramic coating

    Yup. It wash a wash, clay bar and then mechanical polishing. They had the truck a week, most of that time for polishing. I have no swirl marks of any kind now... vary much a mirror black surface. I can't wait for spring to break so the truck isn't constantly encased in road grime.
  3. Ceramic coating

    Got mine done in January. Don't know exactly what the Modesta BC-04 cost me as I needed to have some pretty extensive paint correction done first and all that labor really added up. I had full paint correction (due to the dealer washing with an automatic friction wash), Xpel front end wrap, tinted the front side windows and added a tint "eyebrow" to the windshield. All-in it was a few thousand bucks; most of it labor to do the paint correction.
  4. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    Sorta... I've got about 450 pounds of tube sand just inside the tailgate for added traction. I grew up in Northern Maine so even though I'm in a less cold and snowy climate now I still do everything I can to make my vehicles road worthy for winter: winter/snow tires and wheels, tube sand in pickup beds, etc.
  5. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    Ha! As do I! That was my 7yo son who is obsessed with the truck. I caught him mid game.. The Toyos are great. I've driven them in 2 storms in recent weeks. One with wet slushy snow and then another with about 8 inches of dry, fluffy, stuff on mostly unplowed roads. Between the tires and 6 bags of tube sand in the back the truck handled both storms like a Sherman tank.
  6. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    I run dedicated winter tires and rims on all my vehicles. Picked up a set of these wheels: https://www.oemwheelsdirect.com/product/one-chevrolet-silverado-tahoe-suburban-oem-factory-style-22-inch-sgf-wheel-5696/ And mounted these winter tires: https://www.1010tires.com/Tires/Toyo/Observe+G3-Ice+Studdable/275-50R22 I didn't have any issues with fitment. The tires do kick off a lot of slush that clings to the wheel wells and causes some rubbing after a while. But I chalk that up to the aggressiveness of the tread and not a fitment issue. Below is a picture of the truck with the wheels and tires installed. I hate seeing it that dirty... I had ceramic coating applied just under 2 weeks ago so I have to wait a couple more days before the detailers can wash it.
  7. I filled out the safety complaint form linked upthread. I also posted the errors to Youtube and sent the link to the Fast Lane Truck guys. If we generate awareness/visibility of this issue and it starts being "a thing" in the minds of potential truck buyers then GM will really be motivated to move on this. EDIT: I was just contacted by an editor from Fast Lane Truck with a couple of follow-up questions. He says it might be worthy of a story on their website. Will keep you all posted.
  8. Radio swap

    I did a swap like this a couple of years ago in my 2015 Yukon so I could get Android Auto. It required a new HMI module, new Radio module and new USB port. I could dig up some pics of the install if anyone is interested. The parts weren't cheap... about a grand I believe after a 350 rebate by returning the old parts.
  9. Thank you!!! If you were anywhere near Chicago I'd be headed to your place right now with a case of your favorite beer. Ha!
  10. My dealer couldn't reproduce it, but then I found out they had it sitting inside for a couple of hours before a short test drive. Make sure they park it outside, let the truck get cold and then drive it. Once my dealer did that they saw the problem straight away. Also doesn't hurt to record it on your cell phone either.
  11. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    Can't show pics yet because the truck is encased in road salt and frozen slush from this weekend's storm, but I recently had paint correction, Modesta BC-04 coating and Xpel on the front clip done. Also tinted the front side windows to 35% and added a 5% "eyebrow" along the top of the windshield. Did it with these guys: Also, in time for the storm this weekend, I installed a dedicated set of winter tires/rims. Running Toyo Observe G3-Ice winter tires (almost an off-road look to them, like them a lot). They did really well getting my wife to work Saturday morning during the height of the storm. Of course, the 6 bags of tube sand in the bed probably helped as well.... But seriously, the truck was really solid and composed in the snow.
  12. No issues this morning - about 15 degrees when I left the house. I did clean all of the parking sensors with a dampened rag, scraped a little stray ice from in front of the collision/lane keep camera and used some compressed air to blow out the trailer connections before I left the house. Not sure if that made any difference or not, or if I just got lucky this morning. It's supposed to be below zero a good chunk of this week so we'll see...
  13. Just got a call from the service advisor. He said the GM engineers are still trying to figure out if this is a hardware issue, software issue or both. He said it could be weeks to months before a solution is identified but that it is a known issue and they are working on it.
  14. Mine is with the dealer for this very problem. It is incredibly annoying.
  15. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Napletons in Schaumburg. They have a few AT4s. Test drove a red one with the 6.2L.

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