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  1. What is everyone's thoughts about driveline fluid maintenance, ( intervals and product ) I have always done the differentials, transfer case and transmission fluids every 30,000 miles on all my trucks, I also just use the GM fluid knowing I change it often enough and who should know there vehicles better then GM right. I currently own a 2020 6.2 1500 and do drive a bit aggressive ( love the power of that 6.2) also tow 6000 lbs a few times a month. I've been a firm believer in fresh fluid is good cheap insurance. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion of my rights and wrongs. Thanks!
  2. Usually it'll come back down to "normal" "210" within a min or two after we get back to a steady lower rpm and arnt pulling a grade or running 3000rpm under higher load.
  3. Trans temp was in the area of 170 and 180 when this happened the few times.
  4. Hey everyone. Say I'm just looking for insight or advice to weather or not this is common on these trucks or not. When I've been pulling 2 SxS on an 22 ft trailer with equipment roughly 5500-6000lbs total running highway speeds and getting into some rolling hills and rpms come up a little like dropping 1 or 2 gears in the 10spd trans I've noticed my coolant Guage going up to what I would say is 230. Now my old silverado never budged past 210. Not sure if these gauges are more accurate or if yall think I have a cooling problem. According to my build I have the HD cooling. And honestly it hasn't been that warm out either, I just figure I'm only 2/3 to the capacity of the truck and I wouldn't expect it rising like that.Any input would be grateful.
  5. I have a 2020 6.2 RST that came factory with the Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT. I am a bit disappointed in the wet and snow traction. I am looking for another all terrain alternative that is possibly 3 peak mountain rated. I've always been a Bridgestone guy, however the Falkin Wildpeak AT3W and Toyo AT3 have caught my eye. I appreciate all the feed back from some real world driving. FYI I am in Minnesota and see winter climate roughly 5 months.
  6. I have a 2020 Silverado RST 6.2 and had a tapping/ticking noise heard from the passenger side front of the vehicle around the front passenger floor board I feel I heard it most or was worse the faster I drove or more noticeable at 50+ mph. The dealership found the j clip used to secure the wheel liner or mud flap on the passenger front was hitting the body side and as soon as they repositioned or adjusted the noise went away. hope this helps.
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