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  1. I agree, Airstream should have checked the plug/lights/brakes.
  2. Hi Shawn: I pull a large equip trailer. It was plug and play, no problems. I used to pull a 26’ Passport. I would check fuses on RV and truck first. If all good there, then dealer. Hope this helps.
  3. After dealer reprogrammed post first recall for brakes; my truck has been fine regarding ESC errors/codes check in with Shawn O’Leary https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/195914-shawn-oleary/
  4. Can u explain where this leak is located n the cab? And what tail light again
  5. Awesome article. I really appreciate all you did!!! so far mine is good. I hv driven GM vehicles for 15 years and I do not want to change. But, I have to have brakes & steering. They need to test the recall software updates On their test vehicles first. I pay attention to all updates now. thank u again for having the knowledge and courage to take this on!
  6. Video tape it. my engine light stayed on after event. After software updates good w my truck. but I need to go Back to dealer to get Onstar diagnostics working.
  7. I’m on day 3 no issues after software update. But, Onstar still cannot get diagnostics w probe. So I need to go back to dealer. thank u all for yur help. We better stick together. Great forum.
  8. No new errors, but called Onstar and they are unable to probe for vehicle diagnostics??? back to the dealer.
  9. Day 2 after Dealer installed the new new post recall software. Remote start- no issues.
  10. Hmmm. I thought they stopped using soy products in wiring. Honda makes a red pepper tape I hv to use on my 2006 GMC because of squirrels. How can I get those texts sent fr my truck??
  11. Tell them to reload new software fr TDB SL gave us. Took 2 hr. mine ok so far. If same issue as mine. this site is a God send. Thanks for all yur help. we hv mechanics and engineers and now computer people. One typo cud affect us all. I do not want to buy a Ford or Toyota. But I don’t want to walk either. so far software update and I am good today. I will note each time my software updates auto on my truck. settings system updates
  12. Picked up fr dealer. used app to start. no issues yet. they updated software. said that fixes it.
  13. I shared the TSB from Shawn O’Leary and the Service Rep had it too. They are updating software now. This affected those of us who had recall done in Dec/Jan. update should fix it. I’ll do a remote start after update and let u know what happens. thank you all for your help!!!!
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