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  1. My suspension and UCA's are no longer stock but check out the UCA bolts and make sure they're tight. I noticed a popping noise occasionally when I would turn and 3 days later I got on in my truck and could barely turn the wheel to the right, it was like the electronic steering went out. I got out and looked quickly and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so I went to work and just took right turns slow. Stopped for gas on the way home and noticed the driver side UCA was shoved way into the engine compartment because the bolt and bushings were completely gone.
  2. Thanks for all of the tow info. I'll have to get that hitch setup. I originally wanted to get the BDS 4" or 2.5" but after the differential is dropped I won't really have all that much more clearance on the undercarriage I feel lol. Any idea how far the diff. sits off the ground with the 2.5"? Also trying to avoid 20" wheels, I was looking at going 17" w/35s or keeping the stock with 35s for the time being.
  3. Is anyone here running the 1.5" - 3.5" Icon coilovers on a Trailboss or even a stock Silverado? I'm looking at getting the stage 3 kit to level out the TB but have seen many people say that Icon is extremely stiff on road and you feel every little pebble. I'm still opting for Icon since I tow a trailer and boat quite frequently and they are not a progressive shock like Fox and King which would require getting air bags installed as well for towing. If anyone has experience with the Icons your input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. How do you like the ATX? Do they do well in the snow without chains?
  5. They have all gone forward nearly a foot just before a complete stop then jerk back at least 6"? I have never been in a 4wd vehicle that has done this nor do I see anyone else trucks lunge forward and back when stopping on the beach... It's not just a little jerk, and I don't think any car manufacturer wants to give the occupants whiplash in 4 low. My 2019 LT Trailboss didn't do this, that one just had repeat brake failures to the point I was going to lemon it until they agreed to buy it back in full without the hassle ?.
  6. I did a couple of days later and it still lunged forward and jerked back before coming to a complete stop.
  7. I went to the beach this past weekend and put it in 4 low due to the deep sand. Every single time I would brake to stop the truck would lunge forward and jerk back before coming to a complete stop. It does not do this when I am in 2wd or 4 high. Is this a transmission issue or a programming issue that can be easily fixed? It's a 2020 LT Trailboss. I had a 2019 prior and this never happened.
  8. Ahh, man that's unfortunate. I just looked into it a little bit and it does seem quite a bit harder and tend not to go in favor of the consumer. If they do it on a contingency basis and nothing comes out of your pocket it still may be worth a try.
  9. Contact a lemon law lawyer. 5 attempts is most likely a lemon in every state. Get rid of it ASAP. I had 3 brake failures on my 2019 and 3 repair attempts for the failures I experienced. The dealership experienced one on a repair they did (technically 4 repair attempts which is a lemon in TX) but, did not note the repair on my invoice. The dealership denied ever doing the repair when I asked them to put it on a repair order for me. When I sent them a voicemail they left me stating that the repair did not work as well as forward them an email that was sent from the service advisor that they changed the vacuum pump but I would NOT see it on my repair order the dealership offered to buy my truck back in full because they knew they were caught in a lie and I was going to lemon the truck. I work in construction and need my truck so to save time and hassle I took a 20 on an MSRP swap. So far no issues on the 20. If i have any issues before it's titled they will buy the new truck back in full.
  10. Nice truck, did you re-gear for the 35" tires? If not, is there a noticeable loss in power and gas mileage?
  11. I bought a set, same part #, and unfortunately they don't fit. I don't believe they have made a set to fit the '19 or '20. The M14 x 1.5 is correct but the seat of the lug goes straight into the wheel. It doesn't hold your wheel on in any way. Sent them straight back to Amazon. Edit: They were installed on 18" OEM trail boss wheels and not the 20"
  12. Very nice truck! If you don't mind me asking, what does the monthly plan run for on the tracker? I assume less than OnStar but I may be wrong lol
  13. Thanks for the input guys. I'll definitely be getting the tilt sensor and glass break added for now. I see you guys are in Dallas, is the wheel theft on the Chevy's high there? I'm in Houston and for some reason these guys seem to be targeting Chevy's heavily.
  14. Hopefully that's all it is but did you have them do a water test or did they say if they did? A month after buying my 2019 I would randomly hear water sloshing and could not figure out where it was. At first I thought someone had left a water bottler in the truck or something but never found one. Came out to my truck after a very hard rain and and my driver side mat was COVERED in water. My windshield had been leaking for a month without me knowing it as the dealership said the seal was not completed on the windshield and the sloshing was water in my dash.
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