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  1. Nice loving that front bumper. I have a similar setup...
  2. I used a real small bit, if I remember correctly 7/32nd. The screws were fine from the kit but you have to hand tighten an impact drill would strip the head. There’s a small strip of rubber around the outer edge that keeps the trim off the slightly off the fender.
  3. 2019 tb custom 5.3 with 18k miles. I now have the loud Metallic click from the drivers side axle shaft when accelerating from stop or low speeds even and also on heavy breaking. I have the same amount of play/slop if I move the axle shaft back and forth in the bell housing on the transfer case. No noise in 4wheel and less noticeable in 4 auto. Looks like I’m screwed until gm finds a fix. Seems like a longer axle shaft would do the trick, idk.
  4. No such thing as freedom of speech in this snowflake “liberal” controlled internet.
  5. I call bs...my post was deleted as well and I had a quoted reply that’s nowhere to be found. This forum sucks anyways all bullshit advertisements in between the same useless questions asked over and over.
  6. Thanks. Anything is possible! You just have to be willing to try. I had to trim lots off the mud flaps and the inner fenders and it rubs minimally on full lock sometimes. I’m about 3/4 higher in the front compared to the stock TB so not too much lift but I’m running a much stiffer spring so that helps reduce the wheel flex a bit. What I did was run the biggest tire possible with the minimum lift then drove the ****** out of it and trimmed everywhere I was rubbing.
  7. I decided to put my 1.25” spacers back on now that that I added the pocket flares to the fenders. I’ll post some pics tomorrow.
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