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  1. No such thing as freedom of speech in this snowflake “liberal” controlled internet.
  2. I call bs...my post was deleted as well and I had a quoted reply that’s nowhere to be found. This forum sucks anyways all bullshit advertisements in between the same useless questions asked over and over.
  3. Thanks. Anything is possible! You just have to be willing to try. I had to trim lots off the mud flaps and the inner fenders and it rubs minimally on full lock sometimes. I’m about 3/4 higher in the front compared to the stock TB so not too much lift but I’m running a much stiffer spring so that helps reduce the wheel flex a bit. What I did was run the biggest tire possible with the minimum lift then drove the ****** out of it and trimmed everywhere I was rubbing.
  4. I decided to put my 1.25” spacers back on now that that I added the pocket flares to the fenders. I’ll post some pics tomorrow.
  5. Not really any issues, but I took them off because they created too much offset with the new wheels. I like the tire to be just about flush with the fender, so 0mm is perfect imo. As long as you install them properly you shouldn’t have any issues. I ran the same spacers in my Tacoma for 2 + years.
  6. Word! I always liked how the AT4 had clean minimal fender flares and thought the same thing would look great on the Silverado esp the TB with the black pained bumpers. These are actually stainless steel not plastic so they are Painted Satin Black and can be changed to any color, or wrapped if you please. Here’s the link: https://carrichs.com/product/black-fender-trim-2019-2020-chevy-silverado-1500/
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