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  1. Yeah I searched for a long time and Go Rhino seemed to be the closest to what I was looking for. After having them for a while they seem to be holding up okay so I’m happy. I’m out in West Marin near SF. I like the Shasta area a lot, we camp up there all the time.
  2. Glad to help man. Truck looks great! With bigger tires it will transform
  3. Nice truck! I’m digging the overland look. We have similar taste!
  4. That finish looks good, wish I went with the bedliner, mine are taking a beating on the driver side from me climbing in and out with my work boots. Your alignment is on point
  5. The steps are from Go Rihno. I would prefer to run some tight rock sliders but my wife has a hard time climbing in so it’s a compromise.
  6. I have to agree with you, the quality for the price is pretty good. Performance is still great on my set with 15k miles and 2 off-road camping trips. The finish on the shock body is holding up great. The best part is the way they make the truck handle. Way more zoom zoom on the corners now.
  7. Did some wheeling and camping out in Shasta CA. Loving this truck
  8. I have the rears but with the TB blocks.
  9. When a lift company claims that a certain size tire “will” fit take it as a general statement because there are so many variables involved, so complaining to BDS won’t help you. If you want the look of a bigger tire but don’t want to rub you need to trim the places you’re rubbing. If you don’t want to trim the places you’re rubbing you need a bigger lift or smaller tires.
  10. 17x8.5 Methods 35X12.5 Toyo A/T Eibach pro truck struts springs. TB blocks
  11. The company’s brand name is (Fifteen52). I haven’t seen anyone running those on here. Nice wheels though.
  12. That’s happened to me and I’ve read others with the same issue. The parking brake getting stuck is a function of it being electronic and relying on the battery voltage to operate it. Do you have any accessories hooked up to the truck? Even a cell charger left in the cigarette lighter over night can draw enough voltage to cause issues. If you let the truck sit for around 10 min it should reset itself, and you should be able to release the brake and drive off. The CEL will automatically reset in most cases. The dealers not gonna help you they will just jump the truck and clear the CEL and tell you everything is reset.
  13. I’ve posed before about the ride quality, the stock TB Ranchos aren’t the worst but I wanted a better handling truck. With this set up the bounce is eliminated completely, when I go over a bump and low and high speed the struts only cycle once up and down. The body roll and the nose dive on braking have been reduced significantly as well. Feels more like a controlled heavy truck now. The front is stiffer, you feel more feedback from the tires. It’s hard to say, everyone is different but I like more feedback even if it feels like the front is stiffer. You are correct on the lift height with the springs and second from highest perch ring is around 2.7 - 3 inches. I’ve put a level on the bedsides and it’s still not level (the rear end is 1/8 higher according to the bubble) but there’s a bit more wheel well showing in the front compared to the rear. This is with the 2 inch block in the back. Cv angles are perfect and I have the longer TB axles so no issues with going about .8 inches more then the stock front coils.
  14. Are you using the stock springs or the Eibach? The Eibach springs are taller then the oem springs so you’ll get about 2 inches (1.9 according to Eibach) on the 2nd ring from the bottom. Both of those tires will fit as long as you do a bit of trimming on the mud flaps and inner liner.
  15. He’s on the second groove from the top, not the second groove from the bottom. I also have mine set on that groove. It’s the sweet spot for this truck if you’re running a 2 inch block out back.
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