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  1. Didn’t know about the crew standard. Yeah could be the photo it’s a crew short bed.
  2. Yes they are, it just looks different because of the headlights.
  3. I wasn’t aware they came in different wheelbase lengths. It’s a short bed if that’s what you’re asking.
  4. I like that a lot! Wish it was a full shot of the rear so I could see both of them. Currently the only chrome on my TB is the tips. I didn’t want to black them out because the bumper is already black so I may do this instead. Do you think the powder coating is necessary? I was thinking of sanding them down, coating in zinc, then some good flat spray paint.
  5. Good point. The GM lift CV shafts are longer? The ranchos where just too soft for me, but different strokes...
  6. I tossed mine in the trash when I upgraded. I would feel bad trying to sell someone such a crap product.
  7. You can use a lift-mate and a jack stand. It’s just a strap with hooks that lift the vehicle from the wheel then secure it with the stand. The best way is to get some steel rock sliders and weld them to the frame that way you can jack the whole side of the vehicle up at once.
  8. Sweet! Looks like you were lucky and got the order in before things shut down.
  9. Nice! Yeah these trucks look great with the 35s and 1.25 spacers. Just enough to give the stuck an aggressive stance but not too extreme. The Eibachs are a great choice. Let me know if you have any questions on the install if you get them.
  10. She didn’t complain, she just didn’t notice a huge difference. That’s a good thing. She would tell me if she felt the front or rear all the sudden become harsh and jarring compared to those Ranchos. I used to have a Ford Focus ST and even the stock suspension was too stiff for her, she would feel sick when I drove fast around corners. I loved that car! So going from that to the bouncy nose diving TB was not okay with me, I didn’t feel safe driving the truck around twisty roads. These struts and springs changed all that, the rear end is planted now and the tires no longer hop going up hills around sharp steep bends, the front end stays planted when you brake into the corner and the truck has less body roll. On the freeway they are nice and tight going 80 mph plus with 35 inch tires. Off-road I’ve only been on some fire roads so far and I haven’t aired down or really gunned the truck but I’ve broken the rear loose on corners and again everything is tight and controlled.
  11. I read those instructions and they are a joke, they don’t have instructions for the TB, that’s why I was taking a bit of a risk installing these but it’s not that big of a deal I’ve done this on many cars and trucks. Ride quality is objective anyways, my wife told me she didn’t notice any ride difference in my truck when she rode in it after the new suspension...
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