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  1. Me too, plus any taller and I can't get in parking garages. Lol
  2. Hey guys, thought I'd share some part numbers for those with the GM Performance exhaust so you can swap over to the ATAK system. The parts fit my 2019 Sierra 1500 AT4 with crew cab, short bed, and GM Performance exhaust. Install is simple all i had to do was cut a few inches off the front pipe and it bolted right up. ATAK Muffler - 401318 ATAK Harmonizer - 57022 Clamp - 90122 Price was $461 with shipping. Sound differences - Cold start is LOUD for a few seconds and then tames down to a nice rumble at idle (no complaints from the neighbors yet). Good growl part throttle and roars when you step on it. No drone at all, my wife even likes it and we spend alot of time in the truck off road. Video of a 4wd pull- https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVjUrWbFtn8/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. That's a solid idea, I haven't seen it done yet though. Another option would be mounting lights on a roof rack.
  4. Thanks for the reply, some good info for sure. Sounds like a badass Tacoma! I love Toyotas too, no ****** talking here I did order a custom Deaver leaf pack that that is built off of their M27 kit and it will eliminate the 4" rear block. I think this will help a lot compared to stock with an overload spring. The hard part I'm having now is finding a shock that has enough length to make use of the additional down travel gained from the leaf pack. I spoke with Accutune (who have great customer service btw) and the longest Fox 2.5 DSC they make for our trucks would bolt on, but it would be maxed out and wouldn't have any down travel. Unfortunately Fox universal custom shocks won't fit due to some weird fitment issues they had with the reservoirs. The only off the shelf shock I have found that will fit are the Rough Country Vertex shocks which will handle up to 7.5" of lift. They are adjustable and have a remote reservoirs, but I wouldn't expect the performance or reliability to compared to Fox or King of course.
  5. I think it will be possible, but I don't think it'll be cheap. I'd like to re-gear as well down the road so that will help justify the cost. If the aftermarket catches up on some lockers I think it will be way more reasonable price wise. https://overlandruffrax.com/ - Is working on some modular rock sliders for our trucks so keep an eye on them.
  6. ADV Fiberglass has it on there website, not sure who the owner is. https://www.advfiberglass.com/products/2019-2021-gmc-sierra-fenders
  7. Let's be honest though, who wants to spend all that money on a long travel kit with 37s and NOT jump it. Lol The Sierras would need some fender trimming to clear for sure. Damn square wheel wells.
  8. From what I understand, a mid travel set up is a suspension system that is stock width, but is focused on getting the best suspension performance and travel out of this configuration. The BDS kit made sense for my needs, they have a killer warranty, maintain safe angles, come with some skid plates for vulnerable areas, and includes a solid UCA. While I cannot say how much travel I've gained in the front it definitely handles way better on and off road. I feel like if I can get the rear to keep up with the front this thing will be dialed. Stock width is Important for my build because I live in Washington and our trails are crazy narrow. Any wider than I am now and I'll be stuck on the forest service roads. Now, if we're talking balls out prerunner dream build.... In order to get raptor wheel travel you'd need a long travel kit, (dirtking/bajakits) which will require oversize fiberglass front fenders and bedsides. You'll also need a bed cage so you can mpunt some bad ass triple bypasses in the back. Slap a procharger on it with a cam and long tube headers and it'll give the TRX and Raptor a run for their money. Long travel beast for example:
  9. Yeah I've looked at those, I wouldn't mind running timbrens or airbags as long as it doesn't affect the suspension when unloaded. I'm not too worried about it though.
  10. Thanks for all the replies! After speaking with Accutune, DirtKing and Fox it sounds like the best shock option I have right now is the Rough Country Vertex which accommodates 5-7.5" lifts. They are adjustable mono tubes with remote reservoirs and have pretty good reviews, but I worry about long term quality and durability. Unfortunately, Fox and King only accommodate up to 4" lifts otherwise I'd go with one of them. I did order a custom set of Deaver leaf springs today, it sounds like they'll make a big difference. I'm not worried about losing a little payload since I don't haul anything heavier than a couple dirtbikes.
  11. Whatup guys, thought I'd share my work in progress and ask for some advice: -2019 Sierra 1500 AT4 6.2l- Bds 4" lift Fox 2.5 DSC front - Fox 2.0 rear ADD Stealth Fighter Fr. Bumper Baja Designs ONX6ARC Borla ATAK Exhaust Method MR701 17X9 BFG Ko2 315/70-r17 Pretty happy with the front suspension but the rear really needs some help. Too much bouncing and bucking in washboard chatter and whoops. Planning on adding a Fox 2.5 DSC and a Deaver Spring pack to eliminate the rear 4" blocks. Hoping to take away some harshness and add some travel. Any advice is appreciated, I want to do this right. Thanks!
  12. I have it on mine, no codes and very easy to install.
  13. I really like the fact that it filters better, I spend a lot of time off road. My truck is definitely not pulling that much air without a procharger, long tube headers, and a whole lot of gas. lol
  14. Without a way to test intake air temps it's hard to say. I live in the NW so 9 months out of the year temps are a non issue. I like that this design has a larger immediate quantity of air as opposed to just having the stock snorkel behind the grill. In my application better flow and sound are all I was looking for and I definitely got it.
  15. That's a good point, next time I'm at the dealer I'll talk to my service guy. I'd rather be safe than sorry, but the truck sure feels like it's running smooth.
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