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  1. I have it on mine, no codes and very easy to install.
  2. I really like the fact that it filters better, I spend a lot of time off road. My truck is definitely not pulling that much air without a procharger, long tube headers, and a whole lot of gas. lol
  3. Without a way to test intake air temps it's hard to say. I live in the NW so 9 months out of the year temps are a non issue. I like that this design has a larger immediate quantity of air as opposed to just having the stock snorkel behind the grill. In my application better flow and sound are all I was looking for and I definitely got it.
  4. That's a good point, next time I'm at the dealer I'll talk to my service guy. I'd rather be safe than sorry, but the truck sure feels like it's running smooth.
  5. Possibly, but S&B claim 51.69% flow improvement over stock. All I can say is the sound difference alone was worth the purchase for me.
  6. I did go from the gmpp to the s&b and the truck is flashed for it. My butt dyno says it picked up some top end horspower.
  7. I just installed the s&b yesterday and the quality is incredible compared to the GMPP CAI. No data on mpg yet but it definitely sounds good. The install was super smooth too. Oh and the s&b filter itself is HUGE, its easily twice as big as the gmpp unit.
  8. I have had both the gmpp and just installed the s&b. Th s&b kit flows 50% more than the gmpp CAI it is also MUCH better made imho. The air filter itself is twice as big as the gm CAI. Install was very easy too, legitimately the nicest instructions I've ever seen. Oh and the s&b makes better woosh noises so my butt dyno says it's faster.
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