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  1. Yep,seems to be a thing on all of these new trucks with the DFM.....put it in "L" mode on the shifter and bump the shifter "+" up to like L7 and drive around to see if that sound stops, mine did. Got this idea from another member here on the gm forum. When you have it in L shift mode it shuts off the DFM and that sound seems to stop. I had mine into the dealership for the chirp sound and they refused to acknowledge it.....they know it's this bullshi* DFM causing it.
  2. Yes, they are the ones with the carpet mats inserts. Has the gmc logo on them. They are black in color.I can get some pictures when I get the truck back the end of this week. If u want to messsgae me ur email ill get those over. Ill save the boxes from the new ones to ship them in if we make a deal. What state u located in? Thank you.
  3. I had my film done by a reputable company in my area with Xpel film and you cant even tell its on that rock guard area.....its just as smooth as on the regular paint. I'll get some pictures when I get the truck back this week from getting it ceramic coated and then it's gotta go to the gmc body shop for a bed alignment....sticks out overd a half inch on passenger side by the cab and the bed lines and the door lines are not level. Check yours out to.....there's a gmc bulletin for it.
  4. Installed mine a month ago. 2021 gmc 1500 AT4. Fit is perfect and clean. No codes as of today. Clamps and parts are solid. It does give better sound. I have the gmc performance exhaust and it made it gave it a better tone. Definetly can tell its pulling more air. I researched a lot of CAIs and glad I went with rotofab. Just remeber to disconnect negative battery terminal during the install....its all in the step by step instructions.
  5. Have it painted and then get paint protection film on lower half of the body......i just had mine protection filmed. Shouldn't have to do this...but seems like the paint quality just gets worse and worse.
  6. Try Your welcome, try summit racing.....i got mine there in stock, and they are sn official bilstein dealer.
  7. I just bought the AT4 logo all weather front and rear rubber mats off gmc accessories, selling my stock at4 rubber/carpet front and rear mats with gmc logo if anyone is interested in buying them.
  8. The UCAs are fine.....asked bilstein tech support about that before doing them. I want with fuel 20" wheels with +1 offset....tire is a toyo AT3 285/6020. Just have a tiny slight rub on inside of front mud flap at full lock in reverse. But I have the bigger gmc accessorie ftont and rear mud flaps...i bet with the stock mud flaps there would be no rub at all.
  9. Once you go from Ranchos to bilsteins you will also be saying the stock rancho suspension was junk.....night and day difference. Mine was only 1.5" off so I settled for the 1.2" level with the bilstein kit to get the better ride and the level. But each At4 is different, some guys are saying there off by 1.5" and others 2" and over. You will really like the new stance look with that 2" level kit and not having to replace the UPA is key, anything over 2" and your gonna be blowing thru front end parts. Good luck with the install and post a picture after...id be curious to see what that kit looks
  10. On my 2021 1500 AT4 I went with the bilstein front strut/coil kit. Put the circlip in the number 3 spot on the bilstein strut which brought the front up 1.2" ....leveled it almost perfect. With this kit i was able to get a huge upgrade on front struts to get rid of those junk stock Ranchos, and it leveled the truck off without any need for UCA swapout and no clearance issues. Also, i highly recommend a set of the bilstein rear shocks to.....night and day difference over the Ranchos, gets rid of the bouncing and hopping in the back end. Here is a pic of the truck and the bilstein part numbers
  11. Your welcome. I bought thru Summitt racing.....best price, free shipping, and they are an authorized bilstein dealer.
  12. I went with the front strut/coil kit part number 47-309524. And the 24-309516 for rears. Set the circlip on front struts to #3 setting and it leveled the front end almost perfect. Highly recommend them.
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