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  1. Thank you....looks like a clean fit. I like the license plate to!
  2. Thank you, what year and model truck is yours on if you don't mind me asking? I appreciate the review......wonder if you got defective one? Can you exchange it?
  3. Anybody install this light bar on there truck yet? Any electrical issues or codes thrown after?? Thank you. 60-Inch Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar by Putco - Associated Accessories Part No. : 19418352
  4. That's what the flip out storage is for in the rear seats of the AT4.....I literally have everything in there you mentioned along with a roll of TP. I You never know what will happen on the jobsite. I think they designed that storage with this in mind .
  5. I have the same truck and same year......the only bulbs halogen are the 2 license plate bulbs, which I dont understand why GM couldn't make those LED like everything else. The Lasfit brand license plate bulbs are the ones to get in my opinion, they say on there website it wont throw a code. Have had mine in 2 months and no code issues.
  6. https://gr1performance.com/product/2019-2020-gmc-sierra-1500-only-fits-at4-and-slt-2pc-black-overlay-grille/ Welcome to the forum.....great info here. I was told possibly not on the elevation grille on my AT4. I ordered and just recieved this gloss black grill overlay for my 2021 at4. I haven't installed it yet but dry fitted it and its gonna look nice. Very well made. There's a great video on this product on there website and on YouTube. I figured for $195 shipped with the coupon on G1 Performance website it was worth a try. If I don't like it can always take it off with a heat gun and look into other options.
  7. What tuner option are you thinking of going with?. I didn't think they unlocked a tuner for 2021 6.2 yet? Will the tuner your thinking of shut off DFM to? Thank you for any info.
  8. Thank you, I just ordered there rear swaybar.....looking forward to getting it installed.
  9. Thank you, they look great. I'm rubbing slightly in the front with my toyo at3 285/60R20 tires on the GMC accessories wider front mud guards I put on and wondering if these gator flaps might be better.
  10. I did the performance package and full rear bumper and was $2500 with 10 year warranty. That included the black window pillars and the front and back door sills also. They went all the way up to the bottom door line along the whole sides of the truck.
  11. Thanks again Rob.....just ordered the bkackvue dr900x 2 channel camera. Looks like a great setup. Question, where did you mount your rear camera? And what mounts or accesories did you buy? Also, did you tap into fuse panel with fuse tap kit? I noticed it's a 2 prong fuse tap kit, but my 2021 1500 AT4 has 3 prong fuses, curious on what you did. Thanks again.
  12. Your welcome, XPEL is the best film in my opinion. My guy guaranteed no bubbles on rock guard paint and he was right. Glad I could help. How do you like those gator guard flaps? Are they east to install? Any pictures of them on your truck? Thanks
  13. Lmk how that install goes.....im looking to do a rear outside mounted camera as well. Curious to see how it views with the tonneau cover. Thanks
  14. Thank you....did you have there front or rear sway bar? Thanks for the tip about the suspension limitation....I rarely would be off-road with the truck.
  15. Has anybody upgraded there front sway bar links to anything more heavy duty on a AT4? If so do you have a model and brand you used. I am looking at the hellwig heavy duty front sway bar, but it uses the stock links over. Might also buy the hellwig rear sway bar kit to prevent bed roll. Thanks for any information.
  16. No worries at all Lambo. I was looking for a radar detector to, so im glad you posted it. I hear you, lots of mod ideas on here. I actually am doing one that you did a YouTube video on for the electric retractable tonneau cover. It's due to arrive mid September. Looking forward to get that on for more protected space from the weather.
  17. Let me know what you decided on for a dash cam....I got a few great recommendations from some other members on my post. I got a vacation coming up, so I'm gonna order mine after that. Thanks!
  18. Hey Lambo...... You may want to consider moving if these things are that much of a concern. Hahaha haha! Remember, if we need dash cams we should be moving according it "it's timmy" lol. I'm sure like myself you have plenty of "personal 9mm protection" and the dash cam is more for safety. Thought I'd bust ya. Enjoy your night!
  19. Lol! I am on the top 4th floor. That Barrett 82 is savage, I like the Sig Sauer 716. The complex is full of white collar pencil pushers.....very rough crowd.
  20. Thank you sir.....I appreciate the recommendation. But according to It's Tim.....if we need dash cam we should just relocate....lol.
  21. Thanks for the advice there Tim.....you sound fun. I actually live in a gated luxury apartment complex.....but shi* can happen anywhere, heck....maybe even in your neighborhood to. I own a Plumbing and Heating company and wanted to try a dash cam on my new personal truck before installing them on the fleet. But thanks for your deep concern for my safety bub.
  22. Did you get the thinkware standard or premium model??. Looks like on both models it will record while the vehicle is parked and off for vandalism? Does the thinkware kit record the rear to? And last....does it require a wire harness....or is it plug and play? Thank you again.
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