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  1. I wish my vehicle fell into this category but the 2019 Silverados do not fall in any of these recalls. Thanks for the update.
  2. Hate to hear that. Mine went out th 273 miles and has now been in the garage 51 days. Glad no one was hurt.
  3. how did the trip go? Did you make it down and back safe?
  4. Has anyone had a vehicle fixed yet or what is GM doing? Mine has now been in the garage 45 out of 46 days I’ve owned it.
  5. You’re definitely right about that. They don’t care until the NHTSA get involved I think we are all screwed. You should call and file a complaint. 888-327-4236 they were the ones that made GM recall the 14 -18 models.
  6. My vehicle is now been in the shop 40 out of 41 days owning it with a Brake System Failure. This is pathetic and like you said GM will not do anything.
  7. Don’t let them bully you around. I personally would get a lawyer or contact the attorney general in your state which is free. If the AG is good I don’t think you will have anything to worry about. We have to bond together on this issue and make them fix the problem.
  8. GM customer care is horrible. They read scripts...I finally got someone from the so-called executive office and they said they would not do anything for me. This is horrible get on Twitter and post about them they hate it. My user name is ruenviro we all need to bond together and get this out on social media as much as possible so something can be done.
  9. Best of luck. I don’t think I would tow anything with those problems. GM is going to have to do something before someone gets killed or runs over someone because they can’t stop.
  10. My vehicle has now been in the garage 35 days awaiting a Master Cylinder. They are telling me parts are not available. I’m surprised you got any parts since they are on strike. Evidently they took a Master Cylinder off another faulty vehicle on the lot to try to fix your problem.
  11. The vehicle has not been turned in over 20 days it tells me to start the vehicle. Nothing is being done no ETA on part. They were 8 weeks behind before the strike.
  12. I don’t know when mine was built I drove it home from the dealership on 9/21 then got in it the next day and haven’t seen it for 30+ days now. GM is acting’s like a butt now. They don’t take any responsibility. They want to put the burden on the dealership. I live in VA but bought mine in WV so I filed a complaint with the WV Attorney General on Friday. I hope that gets their attention.
  13. Everyone needs to call the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. They are the ones that made GM do the recall on the 3.8 million 14 to 18 models.
  14. I would call the Attorney General in the State you live in. They can revoke dealership license etc. talking about getting their attention if you have a strong AG.
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