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  1. What year model is your truck? I had a 19 Silverado RST brakes went out on the second day I owned it which was August 23. I went through BBB and the vehicle was Lemon Lawed and took 4 months to get a new vehicle on December 23rd. 123 days without the Z71 before I picked up my 2020 GMC Elevation. GM fought me every day even though I only had possession of the first one I bought less than 36 hours. People on here don’t understand how important the brakes are until they don’t have any. It’s an uphill fight but good luck. I paid 4 payments on a vehicle I didn’t even have.
  2. I had total brake failure on August 23rd and noticed the dealership immediately. I filed a complaint with GM on the 24th and have been fighting since. I have filed a complaint with the NHTSA, Attorney General and BBB. I have been on social media and finally have arbitration scheduled on November 18. I don’t think there is a win, win situation. They want to depreciate my vehicle with 273 miles.
  3. I don’t know how here were my codes that popped up. I have arbitration set up on the 18th. I don’t know what codes the rest had. I didn’t take a picture of all my instruments panel lights on such as engine etc.
  4. The lawyer for the dealership said in a letter I don’t know what the problem is we are giving him a vehicle to ride. Mine only had 273 miles on it when the brake failure happened. It has been in the garage 77 out of 78 days and the lawyer said it SHOULD fix my problems when they get it fixed. Who wants to take a chance on SHOULD?
  5. Mine has now been in the garage 77days today. Owned it for 78 days. Good luck because GM is not going to do anything except deny. 3rd car payment and drove it 1 day.
  6. Here were my warnings along with all of the engine lights etc. In the garage 62 days now.
  7. Same here your just a number until you follow the steps provided in the glove box, with your owners manual. Limited warranty and owners assistants manual is the best to provide a response back from GM. Day 61 for me.
  8. I wish my vehicle fell into this category but the 2019 Silverados do not fall in any of these recalls. Thanks for the update.
  9. Hate to hear that. Mine went out th 273 miles and has now been in the garage 51 days. Glad no one was hurt.
  10. Has anyone had a vehicle fixed yet or what is GM doing? Mine has now been in the garage 45 out of 46 days I’ve owned it.
  11. You’re definitely right about that. They don’t care until the NHTSA get involved I think we are all screwed. You should call and file a complaint. 888-327-4236 they were the ones that made GM recall the 14 -18 models.
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