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  1. Pedal Commander

    I have one on my 17 Sierra, definitely makes in more responsive and you can dial in how much response you want. They have great customer service also. My controller was all scratched so I emailed them a picture of it and they sent me a brand new one super quickly.
  2. 2017 GMC 6.2L AFM

    Also, you can't tune the 8 speeds unless you buy an unlocked tcm.
  3. I can't stand the 2019s. Especially the ones that say Chevrolet across the grill. I don't know what the designers were thinking between this truck, '19 Camaros and the 2020 HDs. All three are ugly vehicles to me.

    Completely agree with your views on C&D. The only truck review that I remember that was worse was their long term test of the new Nissan Titan XD Diesel, that was brutal. I was also thinking about a 2018 Denali but more seriously considering a Ford for the 1st time ever.

    Does anyone read Car and Driver? I know its a car mag but the latest issue tests the 2019 1500s from the big 3 and the new Chevy finishes last by a significant margin. It seems they hate the interior and the new structure is flimsy. I've owned only GM trucks since '99, I currently own a 17 GMC Sierra but my favorite was my 2011 Silverado LT with the 6.2L. It just seems after reading most reviews of the new GM trucks that GM didn't really improve them as much as people expected.
  6. Thats what I found. I emailed or called 5 of the closest dealerships to me and told them I wanted a crewcab with leather, 3.5 Ecoboost and a sticker under 60k with 3.55 gearing. They couldn't find anything, so they asked if I wanted an XLT and they could have leather installed. The XLT doesn't have the options my SLT has so I didn't do it. F150s are expensive for sure.
  7. I think you should test drive both trucks and see which one fits your needs and budget. I think Fords are good trucks but I've had a GM pickup since 2001 so the Ford feels foreign to me but I was impressed with the 3.5 ecoboost, not so much the 5.0.
  8. That's what is good about Ford, you can get either engine in a lower trim truck.
  9. Also, both Fords had the 3.55 rearend. The Lariats I looked at all had more options than a 2018 Denali also.
  10. I test drove a 2018 F150 with the 5.0 and one with the 3.5 ecoboost. I was not impressed with the 5.0, the ecoboost felt similar to my 6.2. I currently have a 2017 Sierra with the 6.2L and the 8 speed. I am not too happy with my truck thats why I'm looking at Fords, problem is to get an F150 with leather, 4x4 and crewcab you have get a Lariat and I couldn't find one that stickered for under 60k. XLTs don't have the options my SLT has so I'm still trying to decide what to do.
  11. I do have your noise also, its only when the truck is cold after it warms up it stops. Dealer said it was normal. I also have another noise that sounds like an exhaust leak only under acceleration. These "normal" noises are making me consider a Ford.
  12. Laura GMC

    I also bought my truck at Banks in NH. Very straightforward and no shenanigans. I would buy from them again, their service department is a different story tho.
  13. Thanks for the info. I've been to my dealership 3 times for this noise, 1st they said bad gas then they said they don't know what it is so its normal. It's driving me nuts.
  14. I would also like more info. I read your posts on doing it, way out of my league. How much do you think the overall cost would be to have a mechanic do this? My truck is still under warranty so I might see if they will just replace it for now.
  15. Another common problem with these trucks. If you search exhaust leak, or weird noise on the driverside you will get a bunch of threads on this. I've been to the dealership 3 times for it and they have no clue what it is. There are alot of theories on what is causing it but no definite answer. This noise is why I'm considering a Ford.

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