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  1. Differences between tuners

    Nope, you buy an autocal programmer from them. You do some datalogging send it to Blackbear they make up a tune for you email it back and you install it with the autocal. If you go on there website it will explain everything.
  2. I have the 6.2 and have only used 93 octane from top tier gas stations. Usually mobil or shell.
  3. Mine is a little worse with AFM active. When I have my range device plugged in, its not as bad.
  4. I also had a 2018 Sierra with 18 miles on it for a loaner all weekend. I put 500 miles on it and it didn't make the noise at all. It had the 5.3 in it but I don't know what tranny it had. It was an SLE.
  5. I got my truck back from the dealer, they could not duplicate the sound but they said GM is aware of the issue but has no fix right now. The noise I have is on the driverside by the door/ footwell area and sounds like an exhaust leak. It only happens during light to moderate acceleration right around 1800 rpms. As soon as I got on the highway I heard the noise. I did notice if I drive in M5 it doesn't make the noise. Could it be something to do with the transmission? I have the range device so its not that and I had the flapper valve removed.
  6. Dealership couldn't find anything as far as the noise goes so I might have figure it out myself. My noise is on the drivers side so I don't know if its the clamp you guys are referring to.
  7. Im bringing my truck in tomorrow for this noise and also a very noisy drivers seat. I had an exhaust shop check my exhaust for leaks or anything loose, they didn't find anything. I also had the flapper valve removed so thats not it.
  8. Also the 12909 is exactly what I was looking for, just bit louder than factory. I can see why some people think its too quiet but its pretty close to what my 2011 stock exhaust sounded like so I'm happy.
  9. Well I finally have the muffler I wanted installed. I went to a different exhaust shop and had the correct muffler installed. The 1st shop completely hacked up my exhaust system. They installed a generic straight thru 15" muffler and cut off about 2 feet of the factory 3.5" pipe and installed 3". They also installed the wrong muffler backwards so the offset and center sides were switched meaning they had to bend the 3" pipe they installed. Anyway, after the right muffler was installed I went back to the 1st shop with the piece of crap muffler and demanded my money back. They gave it to me but they jerks about it.
  10. Just got around to measuring my muffler, they installed the wrong one. The body is about 15 1/2". So looks like I'm going back to have the correct muffler put in. Not too happy.
  11. Thanks, I'll have to get under the truck and measure the muffler.
  12. No I have a 2017 GMC Sierra SLT with the 6.2L. Maybe I'm just getting old but I think its a bit too loud but the factory exhaust is ridiculously quiet, I can't hear it running from inside my house. I'm wondering if the gm performance exhaust by corsa would be quieter inside the cab because they tune the ANC with the exhaust. Its just an expensive price to pay if it's still too loud.
  13. I still have the resonator. I just had the muffler replaced and the flapper valve removed. Does magnaflo make a louder muffler that would fit the 6.2? Is it possible the muffler shop put in the wrong muffler?
  14. I recently had the magnaflow 12909 installed and the flapper valve removed and I think its actually a little too loud. I was looking for something just a bit louder than factory that is quiet in the cab when cruising. I thought my factory exhaust on my 2011 6.2 was perfect. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at the gm performance exhaust made by corsa that comes on the all terrain x. Would this be louder than what I have now?
  15. I agree that the stock exhaust is to quiet, I can't hear it start in my driveway when I remote start it. I went with the 12909 because everyone said it was a little louder than stock but to my old man ears its alot louder. If this gm performance exhaust is close to the sound from my old truck I may go for it. By the way, the factory exhaust doesn't get any louder, I have 11k on my truck and still too quiet.

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