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  1. Another common problem with these trucks. If you search exhaust leak, or weird noise on the driverside you will get a bunch of threads on this. I've been to the dealership 3 times for it and they have no clue what it is. There are alot of theories on what is causing it but no definite answer. This noise is why I'm considering a Ford.
  2. I had this issue on my 17 Sierra, the only fix is to bring it to the dealer and have them update the nav. Its a common problem, search it up, there are a bunch of threads on this.
  3. You need to go back to the dealer and get an update. Only way to dim it.
  4. Guy at work has a Rebel, he had a Chevy. Another guy bought a 2019 Ram and got rid of his Chevy. 5 other guys at work have a GM truck all K2s, 3 out of the 5 have issues and are looking at a different truck. 4 guys have Rams and love them, no issues to report on them but all are fairly new. Only one guy has a F150 with the Ecoboost and he loves it.
  5. I've owned a GM truck since 99 so the thought of buying a Ford almost feels like cheating. And it isn't the normal direct injection tick. Its different.
  6. I just read all 37 pages of that thread, I don't think that is this problem. The 1st half of the thread was dealing with this exhaust leak sound then it changed to a ticking sound. My truck ONLY makes the sound driving under light load. It does not make the noise idling or in neutral reving the engine. The 1st guys in that thread mostly appeared to just trade their truck in for a different brand. I have been test driving Fords for the last week but I'm having trouble pulling the trigger.
  7. Just got my truck back. Dealer said all the noises I'm hearing are normal. I'm going to a different dealer to see if they can figure out this noise. It drives me crazy. Does anyone with a tune from Blackbear hear this noise? Im wondering if a tune would help somehow.
  8. Just dropped truck off for the 3rd time to fix this noise and a few other things. If they can't fix it this time, I'll try one more time at a different dealer then I'm getting rid of it. They told me the clunky 8spd is normal, the noisy front seat is getting fixed for the 2nd time, if they tell me this noise is normal I'm going to trade it in on something. My friends 17 Denali doesn't make this noise and both loaners ive had don't make the noise. A $57k truck should not sound like a 2001 F150 with 150k miles and an exhaust leak.
  9. I've only run 93 from top tier fuel stations, got rid of the flapper valve and use the range device and my truck still does it. Brought it in twice and dealer has no clue. Might try a different dealer but after that I'm going to punt. Maybe trade it in on a 2020 Bronco if its a 2 door and the top comes off.
  10. Nope, you buy an autocal programmer from them. You do some datalogging send it to Blackbear they make up a tune for you email it back and you install it with the autocal. If you go on there website it will explain everything.
  11. I have the 6.2 and have only used 93 octane from top tier gas stations. Usually mobil or shell.
  12. Mine is a little worse with AFM active. When I have my range device plugged in, its not as bad.
  13. I also had a 2018 Sierra with 18 miles on it for a loaner all weekend. I put 500 miles on it and it didn't make the noise at all. It had the 5.3 in it but I don't know what tranny it had. It was an SLE.
  14. I got my truck back from the dealer, they could not duplicate the sound but they said GM is aware of the issue but has no fix right now. The noise I have is on the driverside by the door/ footwell area and sounds like an exhaust leak. It only happens during light to moderate acceleration right around 1800 rpms. As soon as I got on the highway I heard the noise. I did notice if I drive in M5 it doesn't make the noise. Could it be something to do with the transmission? I have the range device so its not that and I had the flapper valve removed.
  15. Dealership couldn't find anything as far as the noise goes so I might have figure it out myself. My noise is on the drivers side so I don't know if its the clamp you guys are referring to.

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