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  1. My 17 Sierra 6.2 had a leaking heater core. I could smell coolant in the truck when I was driving and couldn't find any leak under the hood. Dealer found the leaking heater core.
  2. I have a 2017 Sierra that for the past month I can smell coolant every time I walk by the front of my truck. I'm not low on coolant, can't see any leaks and haven't ever noticed steam. I know my dealership will just say its normal as they have with almost every issue I've had. Do the bad radiators and thermostats extend to 17s?
  3. My noise is back and more annoying than ever. I'll be bringing my truck back to the dealership. It was fixed for about a month
  4. I've had this noise for a year and a half. I recently had my vacuum pump replaced and the steering shaft boot. The noise was gone for a month but it is now back but not as loud. So either my new vacuum pump is starting to crap the bed or the steering shaft boot is not seated properly. I personally think it's the boot
  5. I have the vitesse version of this, it's a lot cheaper but it works. Definitely makes a difference with how responsive the gas pedal is and they have great customer service. It also won't void your warranty, I brought my truck in twice and they didn't say anything. I did uninstall it before I brought it in tho.
  6. I had this noise for over a year on my 2017 Sierra. I had the steering shaft boot replaced and the vacuum pump replaced and I am happy to report that the noise is gone!!
  7. I have recently driven both a 2019 Ford Crew cab Lariat with the 5.0 and the 3.5 EcoBoost. I currently have a 2017 Sierra with the 6.2L. The 5.0 did not feel nearly as powerful as my 6.2 or the EcoBoost. The EcoBoost definitely felt comparable to my 6.2 but it definitely didn't sound as good.
  8. I had my vacuum pump and steering shaft boot replaced this weekend and I'm happy to report that the noise is finally gone. I don't know which was the culprit or if it was a combination of both but the noise is gone.
  9. So I finally got to the dealership about this noise and it is finally fixed. They replaced the vacuum pump and the steering shaft boot and the noise is gone. I am sooo happy, I will be keeping my truck for awhile now.
  10. Is your noise most noticeable on the driver side of your truck. I have a noise that sounds like gurgling or an exhaust leak that only happens under light load. The range device didn't fix it, it's not the flapper valve or bad gas. I think its either the vacuum pump or the steering shaft boot from some of the threads on this forum. I've brought it to the dealer 3 times and they can't figure it out. I will be bringing it back one more time to mention those two things and see it I can get it resolved.
  11. I have one on my 17 Sierra, definitely makes in more responsive and you can dial in how much response you want. They have great customer service also. My controller was all scratched so I emailed them a picture of it and they sent me a brand new one super quickly.
  12. Also, you can't tune the 8 speeds unless you buy an unlocked tcm.
  13. I can't stand the 2019s. Especially the ones that say Chevrolet across the grill. I don't know what the designers were thinking between this truck, '19 Camaros and the 2020 HDs. All three are ugly vehicles to me.
  14. Completely agree with your views on C&D. The only truck review that I remember that was worse was their long term test of the new Nissan Titan XD Diesel, that was brutal. I was also thinking about a 2018 Denali but more seriously considering a Ford for the 1st time ever.
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