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  1. Did you ever figure out the footwell ticking issue?

    1. hotrdlx


      I have had no luck finding what causes the noise however it has gotten worse with the more miles i drive. Now that im out of warranty i guess im stuck listening to it until i trade it in.

  2. I just had my torque converter replaced for shutter for the 2nd time. Both time they lasted roughly 16k miles. Does anyone have high miles on their 8sp as i am very concerned about long term reliability. I see now why they decreased the powertrain warranty.
  3. Just picked my truck up after having a new torque converter installed (for the 2nd time) and once again they claim they do not hear anything out of the ordinary. I believe they just have no clue how to fix and and dont want to throw more parts at it as my bumper to bumper warranty is about to run out.
  4. My truck has the exact same issue with the noise and it starting after hitting a bump. My dealer has replaced the exhaust clamp and the drivers side exhaust manifold with no improvement. Now the dealer mechanic claims he doesnt hear it and all the noises he hears are normal. Im going back to the dealer tomorow for transmission issues with torque converter shutter and will have them look into the noise again.
  5. I am having the same issue with my 2015. The torque converter has already been replaced once for this exact same issue. The transmission tech at the dealer told me that it the shuttering was not bad enough yet and to keep driving it until the vibration and shuttering gets worse. No diagnostic tools were connected to find out the amount of slip. They were also hesitant to work on it as it had been less than a year since the first replacement. Does gm give dealers a hard time about warranty repairs if they have a reoccurrence within a year? Obviously this would not be due to anything the dealer did or did not do but just poor parts quality or design issues. I know the gm customer service people lurk on the board how about providing contact information to someone that can give us a straight answer to the ongoing issues with these 8 speeds.
  6. Your right these nagging issues make you paranoid. The truck already had an appointment scheduled to attempt to fix the noise issue it has when this started. This will be the third time they will atempt repairs for what sounds like a cracked exhaust manifold in the cab The first repair attempt they said it was the exhaust clamp, the second they said it was a cracked exhaust manifold, and this time they are thinking it could be the check valve in the fuel line. Basically the dealer just keeps throwing parts at it with no success and perform no post repair testing.
  7. The truck gets driven pretty lightly, mostly highway miles and i havent towed more than 6k lbs with it. The username is my old username from when I drove a 5.0 mustang LX.
  8. I have the same rpm fluctuation at steady speeds but also have the random shutter that feels like im running over a rumble strip.
  9. Between 40-50 mph it randomly shutters, its even worse under load. My last failure started this around 60mph and continued to get worse the more i drove it.
  10. My 2015 6.2 sierra is going in for the 2nd time for a failed torque converter. First one failed around 16,000 miles and the second one has started showing the same symptoms at 31,000 miles. My dad has a 6.2 truck as well and his tc failed around 10,000 miles. Im getting a little concerned about having to replace the tc every third oil change and the long term costs after the warranty. Are others having the same issues out of these 8sp transmissions?
  11. My 2015 sierra 6.2 has what sounds like an exhaust leak when under load or mild acceleration. It sounds like ithe noise is coming from the bottom of the drivers door. The noise increases and decreases with rpm's. Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. Sitting in my slt cc truck today in Florida and noticed my child sweeting. With the ac on auto turned down to 65 no air was blowing out the magic underseat vents i see several praising. After experimenting i found i have to turn it to the floor setting to get some air moving through the vents, not enough to keep my child cool i may add. After leaving chevy for a number of years due to quality issues i decided to come back and while i enjoy the new body style truck over previous generations my f150 that i traded was a much better designed truck. The ac seats dis not blow hot air on my child rendering them useless, the heated seats got hot, it had reae ac vents, it didnt vibrate. The frame coating didnt peel off, was much roomier, and the radio and voice commands actually worked. Many other gripes but piss poor climare control is the worst for me at the moment, until i get on the highway and start vibrating again.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    My new 2014 sierra has a vibration issue that starts around 70 and gets worse the faster i go. The odd thing is it comes and goes and is worse on smooth asphault than on rougher roads. The steering wheel and pedal are fine but the seat vibrates pretty bad. I only have 1200 miles on the truck and havent had a chance to go to the dealer yet.
  14. It looks like a hard door ding but it didnt hurt the paint. Thought about talking to the paintless dent removal people but im sure the next day some body else will hit it.
  15. Dealer called back and gave me the number of a local bodyshop to contact to have it fixed. Went by and had them look at it and they recommended i hand polish it and bring it back if i couldn't get the scratches out after the holiday. Spent 4 hours with scratch remover and compound and got most of the surface scratches out and minimized the deeper ones. Will put a 2nd coat of wax on and see how it turns out tomorrow.. Besides the paint issues love the truck but learned my lesson buying a truck 6 hours from home without a thorough inspection.

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