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  1. 14 LT. RF wheel bearing at 54k miles
  2. 2014 Silverado with 55k miles. All stock. Last week I replaced the infamous AC condenser, this week it needs new front wheel bearings. I wonder what next week will bring.
  3. Scaled my 2014 dbl cab 5.3L 4x4 just a few weeks ago. 5560 w/tri-fold soft tonneau & no driver.
  4. Range device

    Apparently lots talk about how good it is but it seems no one uses one
  5. Has anyone with a 2014 or newer Silverado used the Range device (AFM Disabler) long term, 1 year or longer? Any codes or issues during that time?
  6. 2014, 5.3, 6 spd. 49k miles & no repairs needed. Tow 6k lb trailer. No issues, no lugging. Works as it should.
  7. Truck because that’s what it is.
  8. Premium in a 5.3?

    I have a 14 with 5.3 L and tow 6k lb camper. I ran 87 for a year including towing then ran another year running 89. Never noticed any pinging with either and 89 ran no better than 87. Back to running 87.
  9. I was thinking that keeping it out of 6th gear so AFM doesn’t activate keep me from the lifter issues. The higher RPM’s aren’t that much higher. This is a 14 5.3L with 6spd trans
  10. Just an Observation.......

    This is what I use. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Gorilla-Ladders-Steel-Platform-Step-with-300-lb-Load-Capacity-GLP-WP/206582004
  11. It made quite a difference in throttle response. I did mine differently than what was posted here using a piece of a paint stirring stick. I found an old aluminum C shaped clamp used for attaching a shell topper to the truck bed. I cut off one leg of it to make it an L shape. Then I cut the L shape to only be about ¾" wide. I then pulled up on the gas pedal allowing me to jam it behind the gas pedal bracket with the lower part of the L bracket at the bottom, resting on the edge of the opening. This will keep it from sliding down and out of place. Too easy!!!
  12. Oil Change Cost

    Just had it changed at the dealer yesterday. Dexos full synthetic was $58 out the door. Didn't try to up sell me any other services either.
  13. K&N wants you to think so.
  14. Why would anyone need clearance lights? Drilling holes just gives you another potential leak source for each light.

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