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  1. My tail lights have the three bulbs so they are the halogens I guess.
  2. I was thinking about upgrading my tail lights to LED on my 2018 Silverado LT Z71. I was under the impression that the stock tail lights are not LED? I was looking at the Spyder 5079992 https://www.spyderauto.com/product.php?id=ALT-YD-CS14-LBLED-BSM Their web site says they fit. On other websites that sell them they say they don't fit my vehicle. These are the ones that convert the signal to LED. I thought the 2018 silverados did not have LED tail lights unless it was the High Country?
  3. Anyone have any experience with the Range Technologies Active Fuel Management override module. AFM Delete I would like to possible just keep the truck in 8 cylinder mode. I'm wondering how well these work?
  4. Thanks for the update. I do hear some additional slight whining in this mode. Glad to know its normal but what is the difference then between AWD and 4WH on these trucks? I thought 4WH would have the front engaged all the time while AWD would not engage the front until the rear wheels are loosing traction? Not sure what the difference is?
  5. I have just over 6,000 on my Z71. I decided to try AWD mode for the 1st time since it was raining. While accelerating i can feel some shaking/vibration in the steering and pedal. Don't really notice it when coasting only accelerating. I switched back to 2WD and its defiantly smoother. This don't seem normal? Why would AWD mode vibrate more?
  6. My driver seat just started doing this at 5,000 miles. When turning left or right the seat feels like it moves slightly and there is a click feeling there. I would have thought this issue would be resolved by 2018 model year?
  7. Maybe its me but when I'm stopped at red light sitting at idle in gear, every few seconds I feel the engine sort of shake like a miss. Its very subtle but you can feel it. Its hard to really call it a miss because that would be felt more it seems. I only have 1,500 miles but did it from day one. Maybe its normal? Anyone else notice this? I drove a 2017 GMC Sierra before i bought this and noticed the same thing.
  8. Thanks, I'm pretty picky on noise and vibration. I have the 5.3 with the 6 speed.
  9. Just picked up a 2018 Silverado LT with 6 speed. No issues I can tell so far. Does this issue only occur on the 8 speed?
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