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  1. So I have a 2020 Silverado 2500, but I had this EXACT issue in my driver seat. Mine would squeak when I put pressure around the left side bolster. It made that same sound as in your video. My remedy may be a bit weird, but it worked 100% for me and I no longer have any squeak from the seat. I took a small rag and jammed it up under the seat by the metal frame and the bolster. It took a few tries to get it right, but eventually there was no more noise. I have no idea what was causing it, or how this fixed it, but it did fix it. I found this solution somewhere on another post on the forum. Try it.
  2. Curious what your engine operating temperatures are when engine is warmed up. I have the 6.6L gas engine. Mine runs about 198 or so. Is this normal? 210 is straight up on the dial so I thought it a bit low.
  3. The invoice said 8 quarts, but I have a feeling this was generated by the VIN, which knows the truck takes 8 quarts. Who knows what they physically put in the truck? I blame myself for not looking at the dip stick when I got the truck back. Just hope no damage was done and that I don't have a bigger issue on my hands.
  4. So I have a 2020 Silverado 2500 with the 6.6L engine. Last night on my way home from Lowe's, I got a message in the DIC that read "Engine Oil Low. Add Oil." Luckily, I was only 3 miles or so from home. I waited two hours for the engine to cool before I checked the oil level on the dip stick. It didn't even read on the stick. Luckily, I happened to have two quarts of the Dexos Gen-2 Synthetic 5W-30 at home. It took both quarts to bring the oil level the the upper mark on the stick. The truck currently has 7,058 miles on it. I did the first oil change (at the Dealership as it was free) at 3,518 miles. The truck doesn't seem to be leaking oil anywhere, as there are no oil spots under it in my garage, and I don't see any smoke while driving that would indicate it's burning oil. When I start it from cold I do get a bit of white smoke out the muffler, but it quickly goes away and does not continue. Has anyone else experienced this? My only explanation is that the technician who did the oil change only put in 6 quarts rather than the required 8. I never checked the dip stick after the oil change, which I know I should have. Could this have caused any engine damage? I have created a spreadsheet to track the mileage and oil levels, just in case I need it down the road. I'll check it again in 100 miles or so. Hoping it was just a mistake by the technician and that no harm was done.
  5. My truck came with the 120-volt outlet in the bed. Weird question, but does anyone know how long the battery would safely last if we were to plug in a small fan and run it with the truck not running? My wife and kids want to go to a drive-in movie tonight but it's baking hot outside so they asked if we could run a fan. I also have to leave the truck in the "On" position since you need to tune the radio to a certain frequency in order to get the sound for the movie. I'm just wondering if doing these two things for a couple hours at the same time would run the battery down.
  6. Mine has done this since Day 1. When sitting and idling, after the truck has warmed up, it sounds like a low hissing sound. When I turn the steering wheel the hissing sound increases. I can drown it out by opening a window or turning up the radio, but I guess I don't really feel like I should have to do that. Plus, where I live it's freezing in the winter and I don't plan on driving around with my window open! I'm not sure why GM calls this "normal". I've driven a lot of vehicles in my time and I don't recall any of them that make this sound. I feel like GM always says an issue is "normal" when they have no fix and simply don't want to spend the money to investigate. It's not the first time this has happened with GM vehicles I've owned. I know nothing is perfect, but I have a hard time believing they can't make a power steering pump that doesn't hiss and groan in a $60k truck. Just my opinion...
  7. Mine does the same thing. It's the ONLY issue I have with this truck, but it's SUPER annoying!I can heart a hissing/wheezing sound even when the truck is idling and no hands on the wheel. If I turn slightly left or right it gets even louder. Driving with a window down or the radio on (or both) drowns it out for the most part. But didn't someone at GM drive one of these trucks at some and say, "Man, this thing drives great, but what the hell is that power steering noise?" How does something like this make it through to production like that? Who knows...
  8. Picked mine up about a month ago. Loving it so far. My only gripe would be a somewhat noisy steering column. I'm not sure if it's the digital steering assist, but mine seems to make a kind of "hissing" sound when turning the wheel. Haven't been able to find others with same issue, so I'm wondering if something may be wrong with mine.
  9. Can someone give me a part number for these sensors? I think I'm gonna look for some online first rather than going through the Dealership.
  10. Thanks everyone. I can't see on my sticker where it lists PTT as an ordered option. So from what I have read here, I guess my truck isn't currently capable of reading the trailer tire pressures. Not sure it's worth the add-on expense. I can always just check them the old fashioned way I suppose. I guess I thought if you got the Advanced Trailering option it would be included. Thanks everyone!
  11. I recently purchased a 2020 Silverado 2500 LTZ with the Advanced Trailering package. Am I supposed to get a set of TPMS sensors included with the sale? I thought they were supposed to come with the truck, but my Dealer says they're not. I really want to use the trailering app in the truck to see the pressures of my trailer tires. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. So I recently purchased an LTZ with the power folding mirrors. I knew before I made the purchase that the truck wouldn't fit through my garage doors with the mirrors extended. So I have to fold them in every time I park in my garage and then unfold them every time I leave. I am just wondering if doing this daily will kill the motors. Not that I have a whole lot of choice in the matter. If they break I'll just have to fix them. More curious is anyone here had any experience with GM folding mirror issues. Thanks.
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