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  1. Picked mine up about a month ago. Loving it so far. My only gripe would be a somewhat noisy steering column. I'm not sure if it's the digital steering assist, but mine seems to make a kind of "hissing" sound when turning the wheel. Haven't been able to find others with same issue, so I'm wondering if something may be wrong with mine.
  2. Can someone give me a part number for these sensors? I think I'm gonna look for some online first rather than going through the Dealership.
  3. Thanks everyone. I can't see on my sticker where it lists PTT as an ordered option. So from what I have read here, I guess my truck isn't currently capable of reading the trailer tire pressures. Not sure it's worth the add-on expense. I can always just check them the old fashioned way I suppose. I guess I thought if you got the Advanced Trailering option it would be included. Thanks everyone!
  4. I recently purchased a 2020 Silverado 2500 LTZ with the Advanced Trailering package. Am I supposed to get a set of TPMS sensors included with the sale? I thought they were supposed to come with the truck, but my Dealer says they're not. I really want to use the trailering app in the truck to see the pressures of my trailer tires. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. So I recently purchased an LTZ with the power folding mirrors. I knew before I made the purchase that the truck wouldn't fit through my garage doors with the mirrors extended. So I have to fold them in every time I park in my garage and then unfold them every time I leave. I am just wondering if doing this daily will kill the motors. Not that I have a whole lot of choice in the matter. If they break I'll just have to fix them. More curious is anyone here had any experience with GM folding mirror issues. Thanks.
  6. I had a TPW of 4-20-20. Understandably, there was no way that was going to happen. The safety of the production workers is way more important than any truck. That said, I decided I didn't want to wait on my order. My Dealer worked with me and I ended up purchasing a 2020 2500 LTZ in Summit White. Couldn't be happier with the truck. The timing wasn't what I was expecting, but it is what it is. If anyone wants a loaded LT in Silver Ice Metallic, I know where there will be one in a few months...I think. Hope everyone stays healthy and safe.
  7. I checked today and my truck now has a TPW of 4/20. I guess that's good. At least it is progressing through the system. I also read that GM is implementing mandatory OT at the Flint Plant. Maybe it will get built sooner? I can hope anyway....
  8. So I ordered my 2020 2500 LT Gasser on 1/13/20. As of today, there is still no Targeted Build Week. I called the Dealer and spoke with the Salesman I have been dealing with. Apparently they are not building any gas trucks right now. Anyone have any idea why this might be? I was told about two months from order to delivery. Definitely doesn't look like that's gonna happen now.
  9. Thanks everyone. So it sounds like from LT up, all get the smaller, carpeted storage bin. That's really all I need to hold my straps, tow-rope, tow hook, etc.. I was thinking about ordering the larger bin but now can use my GM points on something else! Thanks again.
  10. Do all 2020 2500/3500 HD's come with the small, carpeted rear under seat storage bin or is that an add-on? I know the lockable under seat storage is extra but couldn't tell if the carpeted one was. Thanks.
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