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  1. So if I go to a parking lot and shift from 1st to 2nd in Manual mode 15 times at 15% throttle, the hard shifts should go away?
  2. I have an '18 Silverado with the 6.2L. From day one I have hated this transmission. First I had the dreader "shudder" which they actually did fix with the fluid flush and new transmission fluid. However, the trucl still shifts hard from 1st to 2nd almost all the time. It clunks when I let off the gas and get back on the gas. It's been to the Dealer twice and all I get is "It's operating as designed. No codes". Can someone on this forum whose mechanically inclined explain to me why the truck shifts hard from 1st to 2nd? Is there any particular reason it does it, and if there is, what can I do to fix it? I honestly don't care about the warranty anymore. This thing sucks to drive around. I would have it tuned, but from what I understand, you can't. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Unfortunately I've been through the Customer Care process twice now. It accomplishes nothing. They say there is nothing to fix with regard to the transmission. "It's operating as designed" is what the explanation is. Beyond frustrated...
  4. Since purchasing my 2018 Silverado with the 6.2L motor and 8-speed transmission I have had nothing but problems. I've been to the dealer who tells me the truck is operating as designed. I am wondering if anyone has been able to fix the following issues with their trucks: 1) Shifts from 1st to 2nd gear are WAY harder than any other shift. 2) Truck literally shakes when in Park and idling. You can feel it shuttering in the seat. 3) When starting after using remote start, occasionally truck will lurch forward. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Out of curiosity, were you able to tune transmission parameters on your truck? I was under the impression you couldn't because it was locked by GM?
  6. I hear where you are coming from. My truck is not perfect, hence why I said 95% of the issues are gone. It will get confused once in a while like if I let off the gas at the exact wrong time. I do notice more issues when the transmission temperature is cooler (below 90). As it warms up it definitely smooths out. I still have harder shifts from 1st to 2nd, but I can alleviate some of that by accelerating more slowly. Not that I should have to do that, but it does work. The transmissions in these trucks suck. I shouldn't have to buy aftermarket parts to make it driveable, but I do. Disabling AFM has made it head and shoulders better for my truck. Would I buy another GM product with the 8-speed transmission? Not in 100 years. But at least I have a truck that drives ok most of the time and don't have to lose $12k to trade it in with 6,500 miles on it.
  7. I currently have about 6,500 miles on my '18 6.2L. The transmission flush was done on mine at 1,564 miles. Since then I have not experienced any shuddering. However, my truck still shifted like crap and clunked all over the place. When I traded in my previous Silverado for this one, I was running a Range AFM Disabler. I put in in the new truck from day one, but I felt like it made the truck shift terribly. After about 5 days of using it I took it out. Then came all the shuddering issues. After that was taken care of, I never put the Range unit back in for fear it would make it shift bad again. But after about 4,500 miles I couldn't take it any more. My truck clunked and banged on downshift ALL THE TIME! I opened up a case with GM Customer Care and complained to them about the issues I was having. The dealership said there was nothing they could do to fix it, and I pretty much believed them. It's inherent in the transmission. After getting nowhere with the dealership or GM Customer Care I said screw it and tried the Range unit again. Holy crap...what a difference! I mean a night and day difference. 95% of the clunking is gone. The lurch I would feel just as the truck was coming to a stop is gone. It drives so much more smooth. It really is a drastic improvement. GM is killing the driveability of these trucks with the stupid AFM. In constant V8 mode I barely lose 1mpg. Who the hell cares about 1mpg if the truck drives like it should? If you are like me and are completely fed up with your truck, try one of these Range units or have AFM tuned out of your truck. You will not be disappointed. I actually love driving my truck now, and I was almost ready to lose my shirt on a trade in for a 2019 Ram.
  8. The Bilstein 5100's offer a much smoother and more comfortable ride. Like I said though, you still feel the bumps in the road. However, there is much less of an "impact". Your dash won't sound like someone is hitting it with a sledgehammer when you drive over cracks or uneven pavement. I found the biggest improvement is in the rear end. It doesn't feel jumpy or unsettled anymore. It has a much more planted feel to it. I'm sure there are more plush shocks you could put on than the 5100's. I was looking for a good combination of stiffness and comfort. For my personal preferences, the 5100's fit the bill perfectly.
  9. I live in Maine, so I'm pretty much at sea level. I think I'll just run the 91 from Mobil/Irving over the 93 from the local convenience store. I've tried both octanes, and to be honest, I cant tell any difference. Thanks for all the info everyone.
  10. I've had my 2018 LTZ Z71 for about a month and a half now. It's been a bitter sweet start to the relationship. Unfortunately, I had the dreaded "TCC Shudder". Thankfully that was remedied last week with the new fluid change procedure. The other issue I was having was the incredibly stiff suspension. This isn't my first Z71, so I was familiar with the stock Rancho's that come on these trucks. However, the Rancho's that came on my truck seemed incredibly stiff. Small cracks in the road would lead to heavy "bangs" in the front end and a general uneasiness in the rear. A few times the rear of the truck even seemed to come off the ground! I couldn't take it anymore, so with 1,700 miles I switched to Bilstein 5100's in both the front and rear. I don't plan on leveling my truck with the front shocks, but I hated the color of the 4600's, so I spent a little extra for the 5100's. All I can say is night and day difference. I am so impressed with the Bilstein's. The truck drives so much smoother. Yes, you still feel bumps in the road, but the 5100's take all the harshness out of them. The truck feels so much more planted. The rear feels like you are carrying 500lbs of cargo. Except there's nothing there! If it has ever crossed your mind that your Silverado 1500 seems to be stiff and uneasy over rough roads, you really should try these shocks. You will not be disappointed.
  11. Has anyone here been able to fix the hard shift from 1st to 2nd under light acceleration? Or is this just the way it is with this transmission?
  12. This is exactly what I feel as well. It makes it difficult to come to a stop smoothly. I thought the new fluid would help with it, bit unfortunately it hasn't made any difference. It's like ones the truck is ready to downshift to first gear it let's go. So you have this resistance you can feel as you almost come to a stop, then all of a sudden you dont. I've never had this in any of my other Silverado's. Man...I should get just kept my 2017. None of the issues I'm having with this one. Live and learn.
  13. I've had my 2018 Redline Edition for about a month now. I have the 6.2L engine in it. I live in Maine, and there are not a lot of places that sell 93 octane. I have been running a mix of 91 and 93 octane fuel. I can't really tell the difference in performance. I would rather use 93 in it, but none of the major fuel companies (Mobil, Irving, etc.) sell 93 up here. I can get 93 at a local convenient store, but I'm not sure of the quality. Would you guys run 91 from a major supplier or 93 from a smaller store? Thanks.
  14. I don't think GM will cover the cost of the flush if you aren't experiencing the shudder. The technician has to take the vehicle for a test drive and measure noise (or whatever they measure) with a picoscope. It essentially proves whether what you are feeling is the actual shudder or something else (like engine going from V8 to V4, tires, etc.). When the technician showed me mine, the graph looked like someone who was having a massive heart attack. I had huge peaks and valleys all over the place. GM requires the dealerships send this to them before they are reimbursed for the service. Being as it takes about 20 quarts of the new Mobil 1 fluid, I highly doubt GM will pay if it's simply "preventative". But then again, you never know. I definitely wouldn't pay for it out of my own pocket. Be thrilled you're not one of the ones with the issue!
  15. So I put another 30 miles on the truck today. I have yet to experience any shudder. Really happy that is finally gone. As far as the transmission itself goes, I'm still getting slightly hard shifts from 1st-2nd (mostly when under light acceleration). I'm thinking this is just normal operation for this transmission. Also, I definitely notice the downshifting when I'm coming to a stop. I had a '14 and '17 Silverado 1500 before this one. Neither of those trucks seemed to do this as noticeably. This is the first Silverado I've had with the 6.2L motor, so maybe that's just how it works? I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Just doesn't seem to act the same as my previous trucks. Anyone else notice anything similar when coming to a stop? It's not the Grade Braking, either. I've turned that off and it makes zero difference. Overall, I'm happy with the truck once again. I was beginning to hate the thing. Driving it was not a pleasant experience with the shudder issue. For those of you who are going through this, rest easy knowing the new Mobil 1 fluid fixes the problem. Like everyone else on this forum, I just hope it's a permanent fix and not a band-aid.
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