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  1. So does any one else have a squeaking passenger seat in their brand new 2019 or 2020 rst. So i took my truck in to the dealer to get it checked, and yeah its "normal " there's nothing they can do to fix it as there are no parts for it blah blah blah. Same as all the other noises the truck is making. Its a normal POS . 20201112_185220_1.mp4
  2. I used 0w20 amsoil signature series on my first change at 1,500 miles.. currenty has 2,500
  3. I can maybe accept the clicking...But this loud tapping sounds like a lifter is not getting enough oil on a cold start. 20201108_143522_1_1-1.mp4
  4. Yeah not only thay but inside the cab the front passanger seat squeaks. Driver side wood grain handle creaks when you lightly squeaze it 20201105_180118_1.mp4 20201109_073607_1.mp4
  5. I had a 2013 silverado 5.3 with 187,000 miles on it and it never made ticking clicking noises. Wondering if i made the right choice getting this truck ?
  6. Yeah its the dealer now. Its pretty disheartening that a brand new truck makes these noise with only 2,000 miles on it.heres another video 20201108_143522_1_1.mp4
  7. Hello im new to this forum. I have been searching for silimar sounds my truck is making on here but i can't seem to find one. So my truck is a 2020 silverado rst 5.3 8 speed crewcab 4x4 and has 1,600 miles. It makes this clicking sound similar to a clock. I went underneath the truck to listen for the sound and it appears to be coming from transmission area. Any thoughts of what the sound is? Ill attach a sound clip. Its a cold start but it also does it when its warmed up. 20201103_053649_2_1.mp4
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