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  1. Just in limbo like a chump waiting to hear back from gm. Supposed to be $5k installed for a rebuilt tranny. Does that seem expensive?
  2. Ugh. Thank you. I’ve already started a case
  3. Hey all. So my Tranny had gone on my 2017 5.3 wt (6 speed). Dealer says it was the internal pump that failed. I’m 4500 Kms passed my warranty. is this typical? Any advice? And alternative trannys that would cost about the same or less that would give me better acceleration?
  4. Oh wow. That’s significant. I don’t think they have ethanol stations around me. I’m guessing this wouldnt do anything for normal 93octane?
  5. So after driving with the new throttle body/ manifold I think I can feel a bit of a difference? Lols. It does seem to make a slightly different sound with the cai. I have the bdx hand held tuner with it. I haven’t been able to actually get a proper tune yet. It kind of seems a tad slower out of the hole...is this normal? Or does it need more gas (keeping in mind that the bdx may help with delivering more gas)
  6. So I finally installed the l86 manifold and tb. The people online weren’t lying about the Christmas tree clips for the wiring harness at the rear of the manifold cover being a bish to remove. I wouldn’t find my trim tool either. Anyways, a few knicks later and it’s finally done. I went out last night to give it a boot but there were cops everywhere so I couldn’t really give it to observe any differences. I’ll give it a go again today. Hopefully it’s noticeable.
  7. Can’t remember which is which but these numbers worked for the pv. I’ll have a look for my receipt
  8. I’ll have a look for the part numbers. I got them from someone on here. Can’t remember who. I got pads and rotors for both front and rear
  9. It’s not a night and day difference but the price is right though.
  10. I like them. Aside from having to clean my wheels every other day. But they stop well. They’ve let me know that they’re better than stock
  11. I got my parts from rock auto. They came quick but the intake manifold has a cracked port from shipping. . I’ve emailed them yesterday and filled out a replacement form. Hopefully I hear back soon. They’re usually pretty good with this stuff
  12. Oh ok. Got it. I’ve heard some guys have said they were fine without the tune. I obviously want a tune but until I can get one, it’s nice to know if the truck can function without it. I need it for work etc
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