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  1. I need to find a place that can do that locally.
  2. I need to keep a bit of a rake. I use my truck for work and always carry a little weight. Can u do flip kits on 2017’s? A spring guy told me he can’t
  3. I ended up ordering the pursuit vehicle police pads and rotors from rock auto. I should have them by Wednesday hopefully. I was having a tough time finding a place that sells the k36’s. Every time I tried to order some, they would say the product doesn’t fit my vehicle
  4. I’m going to go that route. Thanks so much
  5. Noted. I’m gonna do that ASAP
  6. Would it be a straight swap pads and rotors? Or would I need callipers as well? Would they also be from the same year?
  7. That’s great to know. I wasn’t sure how much of a difference just pads and rotors would make
  8. I’ve been hearing about those. Did you just go with rotors and pads? Or did you do your callipers too?
  9. Hey all, I need to change my pads and rotors which are factory at the moment. I was wondering which is the best direct fit replacement for this? Or, if it’s possible to upgrade the caliper and rotor and pads to something larger like on for Camaro or something. I’d like to beef them up a bit
  10. meirikm

    My 2017 WT

    Thanks a lot man
  11. That’s French to me haha. I need to get brought up to speed. Pardon the pun.
  12. I agree. I’d also like more pep out of the truck. I don’t have turbo money at the moment so anything I could do to make it fun would be great
  13. meirikm

    My 2017 WT

    I’m so not a techy. I downloaded a photo compressor app from the App Store and it was pretty straight forward
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