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  1. Vacuum booster pump going bad? Take the serp belt off and run engine momentarily to see if the noise quits.
  2. The dealer usually needs to reprogram the BCM if you add electrical options which your truck wasn't originally equipped with.
  3. You might get a better response to this if you post it in the Gmt900 section for 2007-2014 trucks.
  4. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.berrymanproducts.com/products/maintenance/berryman-intake-valve-combustion-cleaner/&ved=2ahUKEwirlrf4pK3tAhXPVzABHQTzBSsQFjABegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw0FFNs5k8m61RWrCF9T6uFo This has a nice setup with a curved injection tube.
  5. Please, please try a different dealership for repairs before you get too discouraged. They are not all the same by a long shot....
  6. Just FYI, seafoam is a great product but doesn't have the stronger chemicals needed here. Use Berryman's or a CRC product instead, something with PEA in it.
  7. At that mileage a rough idle could also be caused by carbon build-up on the intake valves. There are products you can spray into the intake to clean them.
  8. I would not install pre rusted plugs but that's just me. Seems like something went wrong with the welding there
  9. Thanks for posting this! I've been searching the net looking for a bolt on delete and couldn't find anything. Why in the world wouldn't they market this for the previous gen trucks as well??? There's lots of them on the road and not everyone wants to booger weld their exhaust.
  10. ^^^This. Remote start and heated seats have been discussed at length for the K2's and it's just a fact that while they are turned on when remote started, it is on low and with no butt sitting in it to hold the heat in there is just not much heating effect. The newer heated seats are no where near as good at heating as the older vehicles since they go for more "efficient" stuff now.
  11. Mods should add this to the pinned topics. There is lots of good info piling up here regarding what seems like an ongoing issue with the door wiring.
  12. I have the garbage 8 speed in my 5.3L Silverado and it has been horrible since day 1. Vibrating and slamming gear shifts both up and down but not all the time and usually only when cold. (It is especially well behaved if a GM tech is driving to diagnose!) ? Its been flushed and reprogrammed several times with no help. Last winter on a very cold day (-20F) I was running with the DIC set to trans temp just on a whim and noticed it read just 2 dashes for 5 miles or so then really erratic when it did read. I thought it was weird but hell the trans wasn't acting any worse than usual so what the heck. So Recently, I see this issue with the temp. sensor on the 8 speeds and it all makes sense now. I have been watching the trans temp much more closely now and it seems to read pretty stable when temps are summer time warm like 60 and above but the colder it gets the worse it performs and the more temp readings bounce. Now I know why this trans has been so horse sh**t and of course it's not covered for the 5.3L engines. GM is losing me with this truck I think.
  13. I would remove the serpentine belt, then start it up cold and run for a few seconds to see if it still does it.
  14. Malleable. Perfect word for all the body parts on these new trucks! All so they can fall apart at the slightest touch for 5 star crash ratings.
  15. Nope. Just regular black gm shocks. The passenger side shock only dampened about half its travel then nothing. No resistance and no sign of leakage. We think it wasn't filled with fluid properly and it's probably a widespread issue but people don't usually think about changing out virtually new shocks on a new truck.
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