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  1. Agree 100%! The 10-speed is a wonderful transmission. Mine is mated to the 6.2L. Came from a 2017 5.3L with the 6 speed. No comparison, not even close. Make Driving Great Again! Get the 10 speed.
  2. Two questions regarding my 2019 AT4: 1. How is everyone's rear ride height. Seems like mine leans to the driver side (fuel tank) 1/4" to 1/2". Measured from fender to center of hub. I know it's not much but I notice it. 2. Does exhaust come out of both exhaust tips. It seems like the majority of my exhaust comes out the right exhaust tip. Thanks for responses!
  3. Traded in my 2017 Silverado Rally 2 with the 5.3 - 6 speed for a 2019 AT4 with the 6.2 - 10 speed. What wise decision that was!
  4. What tires are those? Is that stock height? Nice looking truck!
  5. I had a check engine light. The tick cane back and seemed worse. I traded it in. Couldn’t deal with the tick any longer.
  6. Finally got this fixed on my truck. Fuel injectors. My truck threw a p050d code and misfire code. Turns out two injectors needed to be replaced. No more tick!
  7. Madsen, Did this help with the tick/fluttering? I understand it may block the noise but have you had any luck isolating where the noise comes from? My truck has done it for the life of it and I'm at 50,000 miles. Bothers the piss out of me as well but I've learned to just live with it.
  8. Guys, -UPDATE- I dropped my truck off at the dealership because the noise was the worst it has ever been. Well as I'm on my way to the dealership of the course it goes away and they can't replicate it. I did take a video when it was doing it so I had that to show them. Well anyways they reported it to GM and asked what they should do and it turns out that GM has created a service bulletin 6 weeks ago looking into a fix. Their engineers are currently looking into all options. They claim it is related to the Active Fuel Management. Which in turn is affecting the transmission, drive quality, and everything else that is tied in with fuel delivery ect. So, fingers crossed it gets resolved soon. The dealer is going to contact me when they come up with a fix. They told me the bulletin was for 2017 and 2018 models of Sierra/Silverados. It was for the V6 and both V8. I was to the point where I was going to start test driving Fords. I guess I will wait a month or so.
  9. Is there a valve or solenoid used for the Active Fuel Management system? It seem that it is something with that since it is related to being in V4 and V8 mode. I've also noticed when the tick is loudest the truck bogs and surges. When the tick isn't present the truck runs smoother. It seems like it all has to do with the fuel delivery.
  10. Fuel feed line did nothing to fix them problem....
  11. Did you ever figure out the footwell ticking issue?

    1. hotrdlx


      I have had no luck finding what causes the noise however it has gotten worse with the more miles i drive. Now that im out of warranty i guess im stuck listening to it until i trade it in.

  12. So my truck still makes the noise. Fuel feed pipe didn’t work. It sounds like it’s literally right below my feet. Most annoying sound in the world. Bummer too because it’s such a nice looking truck.
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