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  1. First car wash after having the window replaced. No leaks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Has your new one been leak free?!
  3. The dealership's glass company replaced my window today. It took them about half a day. They said that they have done quite a few now and none have leaked after. They did a fantastic job. Even returned my truck to my workplace for me. Waiting a couple of days before I run it through the car wash.
  4. Yes, compared to any other vehicle I've owned it was the worst by a long shot. The way the torque converter, tranny, and AFM worked together was bad. It'd downshift mid corner. Always felt like it was lugging the motor. There was a weird ticking that no one could figure out. Was not a pleasurable driving experience. Maybe something with mine was a bit off I don't know. My cousin has an '18 2500 with the allison 6 speed and the 10 speed is very comparable in smoothness.
  5. I had a 2017 with the 5.3L and 6 speed and also hated it. Actually the reason I got rid of it, liked everything else about the truck. In a 6.2L with the 10-speed now and it's worth every penny. 10-speed is a great tranny.
  6. I've also got the leak on a 2019 AT4. Took it to the dealer on Monday for recalls as well as the window leak. The window is on back order so they had me pick my truck up while we wait for the window. It's winter with no precipitation in the forecast so I'm fine there. They have their glass department remove and install a new window. Hopefully I'm good to go once they get the new window installed. Side note - I did not have any damage to the headliner or floor. Leak must not be as bad as others. Also the headliner is black so it wouldn't show like a gray one would.
  7. I had 22s on my Silverado and now my AT4 has 20s. I actually didn't want the 22s on the Silverado but the package came with it. Now, after having both the 22s and 20s, I will never buy 22s on a truck again. Too rough and hard on the truck when you are on rough roads. I personally think 20s are a perfect balance of looks and function.
  8. Agree 100%! The 10-speed is a wonderful transmission. Mine is mated to the 6.2L. Came from a 2017 5.3L with the 6 speed. No comparison, not even close. Make Driving Great Again! Get the 10 speed.
  9. Two questions regarding my 2019 AT4: 1. How is everyone's rear ride height. Seems like mine leans to the driver side (fuel tank) 1/4" to 1/2". Measured from fender to center of hub. I know it's not much but I notice it. 2. Does exhaust come out of both exhaust tips. It seems like the majority of my exhaust comes out the right exhaust tip. Thanks for responses!
  10. Traded in my 2017 Silverado Rally 2 with the 5.3 - 6 speed for a 2019 AT4 with the 6.2 - 10 speed. What wise decision that was!
  11. What tires are those? Is that stock height? Nice looking truck!
  12. I had a check engine light. The tick cane back and seemed worse. I traded it in. Couldn’t deal with the tick any longer.
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