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  1. I installed the auto stop eliminator after the truck turned off and then didnt restart until I put it in park and started it myself. Besides that, it’s a government mandated item, so I automatically don’t like it. Haha
  2. I see you are in Alabama. Me too. I got mine from Bentley GMC in Huntsville. Their parts department said the part was on backorder, but that there were still ways to get the part. They got every single piece of the kit for me in two days. Their number is 256-536-2475.
  3. Nice truck! Ive got 9k on mine and absolutely love the 3.0. I added the body colored “flares” and mirror caps. It just didn’t look right to me with the matte black flares and chrome mirror caps. Enjoy the truck.
  4. Has anyone put one in a 3.0 Duramax truck? My kit went in with no issues, with the exception of the cable from the battery to the fuse block. I know it's probably me, but I swear that my truck does not have the provision for passing the cable through the firewall where the directions state. It's probably there, but it's buried by a coolant reservoir for the turbocharger, the brake booster, and a couple of large wiring harnesses. Using a flashlight and inspection mirror, I just don't see that rubber grommet for putting the wire through on the driver's side. I do have one on the passenger side near the battery, which I think is on all of the trucks, and was considering just going in through there and routing the wire behind the glove box / center console to the connection point on the fuse block.
  5. My AT4 has black A pillar panels. Here are the crew cab part numbers: 84588380 left 84588377 right https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/auto-parts/2020/gmc/sierra-1500/at4-trim/6-2l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/interior-trim-cab-scat The extended cab shows different part numbers, but they are all on the linked page.
  6. No, it shouldn't matter about the fuel economy display for 25 or 50 miles. Are you filling up with the truck running? If it never shows full, I'd say it's time for a trip to the dealer for warranty work.
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